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By Betty Freauf

December 6, 2008

I occasionally turn on the liberal KGO radio talk show out of San Francisco at night when the signal is good. On November 26, 2008 Christine Craft, an avid swimmer, part-time radio talk show hostess and worker’s comp attorney was still crying the blues over the passage of Measure 8 in California that overturned the earlier California Supreme Court’s decision allowing same sex couples to marry. She told of a lesbian friend, unhappy with the black community, not to judge all blacks by the 70% who, according to the polls, voted for Measure 8.

We got rid of the “white” guilt on November 4th when American voters elected the first black President and while the black community is being praised for bringing in that victory, in California they are being vilified for the Measure 8 victory. The name of the game by the homosexual community is to begin to apply “black guilt” in an effort to help change the minds of a sufficient percentage of those 70% votes for any future vote. The liberals are hoping the California Supreme Court will once again over turn Measure 8.

The Directory of Associations in the library doesn’t show any homosexual organizations until 1970 and even then the groups consisted of only a President, a Secretary and perhaps a couple other members. However, they would ever so quietly put some legislator on a guilt trip and get him to introduce bills that would promote the homosexual agenda. Then using quiet leverage, this small group of progressives would appear before legislative committees with their manufactured sob stories about discrimination. But how would anyone know about a person’s sexual orientation unless they brought it out in the open? They also knew how to manipulate the media by sending out press releases and TV cameras rolled at committee hearings making them appear on the evening news as they were a big group. The media neglected to do any investigative reporting, as usual.

The homosexual community first hijacked the word “gay” and then in 1977 in Dade County, Florida local “gay” activists, under the banner of Dade County Coalition for the Humanistic Rights of Gays, framed a “non-discrimination” amendment as “civil rights versus bigotry” which the County Commissioners passed. Celebrity Anita Bryant countered with a referendum which prevailed with a 69.3% to 30.6% vote and militant homosexuals in all big cities chanted through the streets: “Two-four-six-eight, gay is just as good as straight!”

In the months following the referendum vote, Anita and her friends organized Protect America’s Children and Anita Bryant Ministries. The battle lines were drawn. She was never a homosexual hater. She just didn’t like the idea of using the law to guarantee “rights” to homosexual or any other groups that might organize on a platform of brazen, flagrant immorality. But she paid a high price. In time, the struggle took a horrendous toll. She lost her marriage and both of her organizations after radical homosexuals harassed her financial backers. This is when the “gay” community hijacked the “Civil Rights” movement from blacks and now they want to hijack the word “marriage.”

Then according to a 10/23/1998 Human Events newspaper, Comedian Ellen DeGeneres in 1998 declared war on the steps of the U.S. Capitol along with a bipartisan demonstration led by congressmen and senators using Matthew Shepard’s death in Wyoming as a “cause”. Hate legislation has been the result.

Christine was having a conversation with a black man named Jim. He was intense and upset because the homosexual community has been trying to attach their movement to the coattails of the Civil Rights movement. Attorney Christine tried to explain to him the difference between the things that belong to the religious sphere and things that belong to the civil sphere. She said they were two separate entities and were not to mix. The “marriage license” is the civil part of the argument. She kept bringing up religion and Jim kept saying it had nothing to do with religion or the color of the skin but everything to do with sin. They volleyed back and forth and talked over each other so much it was hard to hear as I recorded. He said God made his skin black. Forgetting that every breath she took was from God, she told him to prove there was even a God, which she calls “imaginary beings.” I learned long ago arguing is futile and a waste of time. (Matt. 7:6)

I was reminded of the college professor who played the same taunting head game with his students. I doubt it was true when I read it on the Internet but it’s worth repeating. In an effort to get his students to disbelieve in God, he’d say, “If there is God, come down and knock me off this platform.” He repeated this over and over again. A few minutes later a big 260-pound football player heard what he said. He walked into the classroom and hit the professor knocking him off the platform. Picking himself up he asked the football player, “Why did you do that?” The Christian young man smiled and said, “God was busy so he sent me!”

In a further attempt to put Jim on a guilt trip, Christine told him there were homosexuals and lesbian attorneys who fought for the Civil Rights of blacks and so why was he against them having the same rights for them? The Civil Rights preceded the “coming out” of homosexuals in the early 70s and there were few, if any lesbian attorneys. Jim stuck with “It’s a sin!”

Following the caller by the name of Jim, another black caller was 100% in agreement with Christine and opposed those 70% of black voters who voted for Measure 8. He admitted he was a teacher and he talked to his class about Measure 8 letting them know that Measure 8 was not right and regardless of what their parents believed or how they were brought up, they were to make their own decision. This is the very thing Anita Bryan feared thirty years earlier. Political indoctrination in the public schools with a captive audience is illegal. Several other callers during that segment agreed with Christine, including a police officer that was able to marry his partner when it was legal. They had a big wedding for which he is still paying. His partner stays home with his two children.

Jim continued to debate from a logical viewpoint that he can’t change his skin and that is what the Civil Rights movement was about. Christine, on the other hand, avers a sexual preference or predilection cannot be changed but can she prove it is an “immutable characteristic,” to use her term? No she can’t, because many have given up that alternate lifestyle. The super intellectual community believe they are far smarter than Joe the Plumber types. So the debate continues.

It’s been 30 years since hundreds of trusting people followed cult leader Jim Jones to Guyana to meet their fate. Jim Jones was a religious leader and a community organizer. He got accolades from political leaders in San Francisco because he could bring out large crowds for rallies. The San Francisco liberals continue to bring up the subject of the lost lives in Iraq and yet these same people who once praised Jim Jones forget that he took more than 900 people to Guyana including 260 children where they seemed beyond the reach of government and they drank Kool Aid – a cocktail of a cyanide-spiked fruit drink while his henchmen armed with guns and stood at the edge of the crowd and threatened any resisters. I remember this was the discussion around our Thanksgiving dinner table that year (1978) and wondered how people could be deceived like that.

Were they uneducated bumpkins who simply wanted to follow a leader to a better world? There was also the Heaven’s Gate Suicides but California doesn’t have a corner on these false teachers. Thousands of intellectuals from around the world followed the Bhagwan to the Rajneesh Big Muddy ranch in Central Oregon in the 80s where followers dressed in red and were openly encouraged to transcend stereotypes but fortunately no mass killings. In his believers, the Bhagwan not only valued traditionally feminine traits – such as intuition, emotionalism and sensitivity, but he also openly admonished men to nurture their feminine side and praised women who acted assertively. The liberals would like to equate these foolish followers of some religious cult to Christians. However, Christianity is a relationship, not a religion, and under Christianity we’ve been offered more freedom than ever before.

Check out “To think the intelligentsia is less controlled and deceived than the mopes who leave their nests daily to toil and labor for their keepers and then return to the nest to partake of the electronic and chemical opiates that keep them mollified is silly. Those who congratulate themselves on their superior intelligence and flaunt their worthless degrees to prove their transcendence are no less deceived than the working stiff that they condescend and look down upon, they are just a more advanced type of robot,” says Schwiesow.

While things haven’t always been 100% perfect, in the best days of our Republic, Americans were fiercely proud of the fact that rich and poor of all color met on such friendly terms in so many ways and without the slightest trace of hostility and then the intellectual snobs and power-drunk, corrupt bureaucrats of our recent years set out to make everybody theoretically equal (except to themselves) by legislation and coercion and the battle lines were drawn resulting in today’s divisions. United we stand, divided we fall. That’s the name of the game to destroy America.

Liberals hate America because it was founded on Christian principles so Christ must be eliminated. Humanist liberals believe everyone is basically good (except Christians who are evil) and they determine what is good! Christianity operates on redemption. While it was “white” guilt for many decades, now the blacks are being targeted in California for voting for Measure 8 as well as the Mormon Church for its financial support. So much for tolerance.

As I listened to Attorney Craft explain what she deemed the correlation between blacks, the Civil Rights movement and the current homosexual agenda, I finally got it and all fingers point right back at our government first intervening in areas which it was none of its business, like today’s financial bailouts. I’m sure people fell in love and married on those long, long trips across the country on the wagon trains. The wagon master married them before witnesses. In God’s eyes, they did not need a marriage license but later government needed the revenue. (Estate and inheritance taxes followed) The marriage was entered into the family Bible and that was all the record required and the old ladies in the community began counting up to nine months! The old ladies don’t even count any more because our country has become so depraved and so many people living alternate lifestyles that hardly a family remains unaffected.

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Oregon now has a “man” who gave birth to a baby. Silverton, Oregon with a population of 8,000+ elected a person who very well may be the first openly transgender mayor in the U.S. Portland, Oregon elected an openly gay homosexual mayor. It’s former Police Chief had a lesbian daughter and her father marched in the homosexual parades with her. Naked bike riders in Portland have made the national news. San Francisco followed. With some exceptions, Christine Craft admitted San Francisco was Sodom and Gomorrah by the bay but still indicates all is well. Neither Massachusetts or Connecticut have fallen into the ocean and they allow same-sex marriages, so she’s confidently assured that San Francisco won’t either when the California Supreme Court overturns Measure 8. God is patient so all seems well… before the obvious storm. I wrote about KGO talk show host Bernie Ward in this article, Every Knee Shall Bow. Since then, Bernie is now in prison on child porn charges.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









Oregon now has a “man” who gave birth to a baby. Silverton, Oregon with a population of 8,000+ elected a person who very well may be the first openly transgender mayor in the U.S. Portland, Oregon elected an openly gay homosexual mayor.