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By Stewart Nicol
November 28, 2009

Victims – 270 dead (11 from Lockerbie) 16 crew and 243 passengers (1 ) missed the plane. The families friends and seekers of justice, some police lost their careers at least one judge had a nervous breakdown for sending an innocent man to jail (or so I have been told by reliable sources I can never reveal) a Scottish Inspector of Police hounded and accused of perjury wrongly. Eventually being given a public apology and 750,000 GBP all victims of this pa 103 cover up of colossal scale. Like topsy it grew! Read the book by the inspectors father, himself and policeman, entitled "The Age of Innocence."

It all started several months before December in July of 1988. An American state of the art naval vessel the U.S.S. Vincennes was under ‘clandestine’ orders to attack what was a commercial airliner Iran air 655. The quest to murder one person, thought to be onboard, resulted in 300 dead. The USA tried to state it was a mistake! They mistook the aircraft for a fighter or attack aircraft. If this was not so serious a matter it would be laughable. The most advanced technological radar, the best trained crew and they could not tell the difference between a commercial airliner and a fighter plane? Even “cock up theory” would not dare to suggest such a scenario!

Admiral Crow lied to the American people as well as to the world. An American documentary entitled “The other Lockerbie”, outlined this unofficial war attack on Iran. The commander of that ship was decorated by President Reagan in his last few months of office but after all, in their eyes, he did no wrong! They suggested later the man was targeted by a pipe bomb from Iranian terrorists, However, I learned from another reliable source that the attack was an angry husband's attack!

The Ayatollah Khomeini was in power in Iran at this time and he was outraged at the deaths of so many heading for a religious ceremony just four days before the Hajj. He vowed the skies would rain American blood. In the latter part of July I have documentary evidence that Ahmad Jibril and Hayro Karabitain and a number of others of the PFLP-GC group met with the Ayatollah in Tehran. Jibril took on the “difficult task” of bringing down the great Satans of America but it had to be an Intekam operation. This means ‘an eye for an eye’ type response.

Pan Am 103 was a plane full of people returning – four days before Christmas - for a religious festival. (Christmas)

It held nearly 300 or so passengers and to target such a plane would fit the bill in the thinking of a measured response in Islam. As soon as the USS Vincennes shot down the plane the U.S. were in a state in the echelons of power as they realized what the retaliation might be as was hinted 10 for 1. In the Arab street that would be likely accepted. Indeed is it ironic that they said it was an act of revenge they got that right, but instead of blaming Iran they turned on Libya.

Their revenge was supposed to be for the bombing of Libya in 1986, but why would Gadaffi wait two years? No one has answered that question satisfactorily.

Even academics who study international terrorism are surprised at Libya being blamed in the winter of 1991.

It was well known that their forte:- was giving a hiding place, training camps, even arranging weapons deliveries and of course money laundering, but rarely did they act as the direct bombers. One UN source I spoke to in New York joked they tended to mess it up!

There are several witnesses who never appeared at the court. Another policeman I spoke to would not give evidence as he would not tell lies! Yet another, a friend of his told me, was really badly done by and pushed out of the force as what he saw at Tundergarth that night he found abhorrent and wanted to say so. He was left for at least 17 ½ hours on duty without a break! He was, like many, shocked at what has been described as hell on earth around him. To compound that the whole area was being violated by Americans who although they wore hats with FBI or said they were air accident investigators he suspected they were CIA. Things were removed and as this was a crime scene nothing not even a body should have been moved. All this was at Tundergarth which the Fire brigade did not know about until a couple of hours after Sherwood crescent went up in flames.

Why did the American Ambassador fly up so quickly? With his entourage how did he get them together so quickly? Indeed it took a couple of hours before the military, who had volunteered immediately on hearing the disaster, were deployed.


They reached Lockerbie after midnight. The emergency teams from Edinburgh Royal Infirmary were dispatched immediately by helicopter and a back up team by road by Landrover. Due to an aerial blackout zone being immediately enforced - not for C.I.A. or certain military Chinooks - the Emergency team were unable to land until the team by road had already reached Lockerbie.

There were thousands of volunteers over the next few days that helped bring in the dead and the debris. Apart from a youngsters body none were moved the first night as it was being treated almost immediately, according to the top pathologist Professor Anthony Busuttil, as a murder scene. Just six months in post Prof. Busuttil was called to the scene along with a number of other pathologists from the RAF.

The first HQ was the Town Hall, but then the Lockerbie Academy soon became the hub of a massive investigation under Strathclyde police. The temporary mortuary moved also from the Town Hall to the nearby Ice Rink. The man heading up the Police detail was John Orr, Strathclyde Police. He would be taking on his largest task and he would go on to be knighted and promoted to Chief Constable. His right hand man was Detective Harry Bell, (who later became head of the S.C.R.O. hence the McKie affair – to bolster his credence), just before the trial, who became mired in trouble over illegal wire tapping in Malta and also later was involved over the mis identification from Tony Gauci. Bell met with the witness Tony Gaucci at least 50 times and discussed rewards of millions of dollars for the identification of Megrahi. Money for identifying someone in such an important case must be wrong morally and certainly illegal under Scots Law.

The conflict of interest it arouses would suggest a jury would have to discard totally that identification. Bell’s Diary was at the heart of disclosure arguments with the defense, in the most recently SCCRC ordered appeal, who sought in be put into the domain of the court in total. The Crown delayed for months over this at first not mentioning its existence and then seeking to suggest it was a private diary. They suggested to the judges it would not be fair to put it in totality into the court as many candid remarks about colleagues and people Bell came across in the case were included. Redacted extracts were all they sought to allow. The first forty eight hours saw thousands of people involved in this major disaster which in the first 24 hours was not designated a terrorist act or an accident.

The smallest police force in Scotland in Lockerbie were about to be joined from every part of Scotland as well as by the Military to deal with the the tragic and horrific aftermath. The 259 on board the Jumbo Jet were strewn over the hillsides, golf course, the streets and roofs of Lockerbie and at nearby Tundergarth less than 200 yards from a small rural Church of Scotland lay the Cockpit itself surrounded by bodies of the victims of this disaster.

In the first 24 hours it was to be treated as a crime scene and so no bodies were supposed to be moved all needed to be photographed in the location they fell to earth. The distribution of bodies suggested breakup of the aircraft as did the cockpit landing at Tundergarth. The local farmers were all affected by this disaster hitting their land. They were very much involved whether they liked it or not and at least one was paid to keep silent about a suitcase full of drugs which he phoned the police about several times according to one of his friends. He was concerned for his sheep. This case was removed by the CIA. In another incident I was told about the removal of another case and an empty case returned to the same spot to be ‘found’ later.

The local doctors were quick to be on the scene and one even reached Tundergarth early before the blockade of the area. The American Ambassador Charles Price along with his wife and an entourage of people including the FBI legate arrived via Carlisle and then by car, while the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher arrived the next day. The military helpers under Col. David Hills were there shortly after midnight and were deployed to help find the location of the victims bodies around the area and indeed help the police in the carrying out of their duties in this ‘multiple murder case’.

The victims who would fall foul of the Lockerbie Disaster after the event would include: bereaved families of those killed in this incident, journalists, a police doctor, Dr. David Fieldhouse, and many others who sought to tell the truth of that horrific night. They would have to wait nearly a decade before a trial took place.

Those who sought to find the truth too became victims to the powers seeking to cover this up. One such victim in America was Juval Aviv, an ex Mossad intelligence officer, he was hired by Pan Am to find out what really happened. His six month investigation was unwelcome as it pointed the finger towards the black ops CIA and Palestinian terrorists. He was accused of being a spy. He successfully defeated that but it cost him much time and effort not least dollars to exonerate his name and company Interfor.

A few years later a rich Washington DC Lobbyist William Chasey got involved in the case. He traveled to Libya, met with the two accused while they were under house arrest and with Col. Qadaffi and saw that the case was incorrect. He returned to the U.S. and met with President Clinton who had promised to do more to clear up the Lockerbie issue, but found he did nothing. When this happened Chasey Published a book called Foreign Agent 4221 and later under the title “Pan AM 103 The Lockerbie Cover Up” Shortly after that he was arrested accused of fraud and ended up with a three year jail sentence on trumped up charges. Nothing new in this cover upon as witness Les Coleman ended up in Jail and had his book pulped although I managed to find a copy in a church sale that missed the net! When he gave away information about the case and Khalid Nasir Jaafar as a double agent working for DEA so he would hardly have had a bomb in his suitcase!

The police who did not agree with the case and the Crown office core group determined to move the blame to Libya were to base their careers on it and as is so often the story corrupt people beget corrupt helpers and sometimes sadly scum rises to the top! The result in this case was that those, who were involved in the crown office early on, were trusted by those who sought to hide the truth. According to one source one man even ended up as Lord Advocate, despite there being according to one law source in Edinburgh, many more qualified for the post.

But Boyd was a safe pair of hands for the Script as some describe the official story. A source very knowledgeable of the Legal world of Edinburgh, a professor of Law confirmed to me that when Colin Boyd became Lord Advocate, it was something of a surprise to that person as he was not the most likely candidate for the post. He was not as able as many others, but he was on the “in group,” who would prosecute two innocent men, so he got the post. He hated if anyone challenged his story and so two innocent men were imprisoned no one ever identified Fimah at all! He and Megrahi were named by a co worker who claimed to be Libyan intelligence, but was not!, and worked with CIA who took Majid illegally out of Malta and then MI5 put him up in London till his girlfriend arrived then they went into a witness protection programme. Majid only gave the two names when he was threatened with being returned to Libya! Claiming he knew who was involved with the Lockerbie attack on Pan Am 103.

The identification of Megrahi was done by Tony Gaucci, a Maltese shop owner who had a shop Mary’s House in Tower road, Malta. However, if you look at the description of Megrahi that he gave the nearest he came to an identification was that Megrahi resembled the man who bought the clothes the charred remnants which were found at Lockerbie. He also said it was raining on December 7th and that the man bought an umbrella. The man was supposed to be 6 foot tall and about 50. At that juncture Megrahi was too young 36 and was 5’ 8”. Later Gauci recognized a mug shot of Abu Talb. The identification would ironically have been inadmissible south of the border according to one legal expert, from Matrix chambers who had been hired between the end of the trial and the first appeal to assess Megrahi’s defence teams work. Mr. Julian Knowles.

Knowles and Manson’s audit the work of the two defence teams found the work of Magrahi’s team woefully inadequate. They were puzzled why they were not replaced prior to the first Appeal. The cross examination of Megrahi’s team was inadequate on several occasions and in at least one incident Mr. Keen QC for Fimah, got to his feet to finish what should have been asked of a particular witness.

They also were puzzled why Murtaghand another U.S.A. lawyer from the Defence department Dana Biehl was practically leading the Scottish prosecution.

In a Scottish court in Edinburgh they would not have been allowed to even be there. The star witness for the prosecution Majid was often reprimanded even by the judges when he sought to check with the us attorneys if he should answer certain questions. Nowhere in the court proceedings was there any mention of these two U. S. Lawyers and in Scottish courts all taking part must be named in the documentation. It took me a couple of years to track down their names with the help of U.N. Observers to the Trial. Muragh even arrived at the most recent appeal hearings “to see that everything was progressing correctly.” He said.

This plus the fact that a 100 page document (written by a former army engineer with much explosives experience John Parkes of Edinburgh), which took apart at the seams the air accident report was lost by them and never used in the first trial and then they did not use it at the appeal. This document is a fairly important one. Written by an explosives demolition man and a former military man with many connections he outlined that the bomb described could not do the damage to the Jumbo jet that occurred. He also was at the autopsy of a young girl aged about nine where he pointed out clear evidence of fragmentation to the body in her back and calves, but not on her thighs or buttocks Her socks, which were pitted with burn marks round burn marks, he felt should give valuable information on what caused the blasts. He should have known as his military experience included blowing up a couple of planes to clear a runway! Back in the sixties in Aden.

A later victim you might say was some the of Victims families whose phones were tapped by MI6 or MI5 - not for their safety, but rather to keep an eye on the awkward questions and information they were finding out.

Jim Swire confirmed as much to me once in conversation as I had found my phone tapped at one time too and my mail opened!

The man who has suffered most since the disaster is Abdel Baset Al Megrahi who has spent over a decade in jail as well as having his name and character assassinated and worse as an innocent man handed over in the belief a fair system would exhonerate him he was let down badly. The SCCRC (the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission) highlighted several disturbing facts and pointed out that his human rights had been badly breached. They said that there was a clear case of injustice and that there must be an appeal.

It was this which began in 2009 and again the Crown Office used delaying tactics to slow the system down.

The appeal began in April/ May 2009 and the second and third sections which would have revealed much of the underhand framing of Magrahi was set for 2010!
The crown knowing his health and life expectancy was December 2009 at best!

The most fascinating aspect to me of a victim in a way was Dr. Richard Fuisz of Chantilly Virginia. He was a CIA asset in Syria in the late 80’s and according to a deposition in a Court in New York, New York, America, he was deposed by the Fimah Team's lawyers during the kamp Zeist trial. This deposition was sealed under national security in the USA immediately following the deposition, but was given to the Scottish Lawyer of Fimah . Inside this deposition is supposed to be a list of who really done it. According to one of my sources, I know the deposition took place as Eddie MacKechnie the lawyer for Fimah at the time and who later worked for a time for Megrahi confirmed such a deposition took place.

Perhaps it was this coming out at a new appeal which forced the U.S. to pressurize Gaddaffi to force Megrahi who was terminally ill at the time to give up his appeal. The compassionate release did not require him to give up the appeal at all. So Megrahi again is a victim. Yet he seeks to clear his name and a look at his web site is very educational when you read about the new witnesses they have found in Malta and of the poor quality of the identification and that Gauci got millions from the CIA and a 12000 GBP holiday in Scotland escourted by Harry Bell.

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You have to wonder what is happening to Scottish Judicial system once the world leaders in justice and who had even a “not proven” verdict for those tricky cases which relied on much circumstantial evidence like this one. However, Justice was the key victim in this according to Prof. Hans Koechler of Vienna. He supports an inquiry. For part three click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3,


1- The Firemaster’s Report on the Lockerbie Disaster. The intelligence report JPRS-NEA-89-04. SECTION “Iranian describes PFLP-GC role in Pan Am Bombing. London Al Dustur 22/5/1989 [pp15- 17.]

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Stewart Nicol has worked in Journalism for over twenty years, primarily in the freelance field. Stewart has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists since 1976. He covered the Royal Deeside area for the regional newspaper The Press & Journal for a decade. For some of that time I had a small column in the Evening Express their other title. Following that, Stewart covered the North Sea Oil industry which led to his pursuit of deeper investigative journalism. He's also spent a number of years covering the Church of Scotland and the Church of England for specialist publications.

Stewart has been on a sabbatical of sorts child minding and being a house husband as well as writing a book for St. Andrew Press on Saints. Currently he is working on a Lockerbie book. Stewart lives in the West of Scotland and has a Theology degree.

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Another explosives engineer who was among the volunteers on the first couple of days was in the crater and was puzzled that there was no real smell of burnt fuel!