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By Jon Christian Ryter
February 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich's critics in the House in 1998—on both sides of the aisle—saw Newt as a hypocrite for pushing for the impeachment of Bill Clinton over an infidelity with Monica Lewinsky while he was engaged in the same conduct with Callista Bisek. But his sexual indiscretions were only part of the reason the GOP turned on him. There were two other reasons.

First, most freshman members of the 105th Congress wanted Clinton impeached over Chinagate, not Monicagate. They viewed the Clinton Administration's taking what appears to be about $600 million in campaign contributions from the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China as treason. They wanted him charged with high crimes and misdemeanors since taking money from an enemy of the United States is nothing short of treason.

Had the Freshman Class of 1994 had its way, they would have waited on the documents compiled by Judicial Watch founder and then chairman, attorney Larry Klayman, who proved that the Clintons used White House offices to host fundraising functions in violation of federal campaign laws; and that they solicited illegal contributions from foreign nationals who cannot legally donate money to US political campaigns. Clinton would have been successfully removed from office and probably charged with treason.

Before the midterm election, Newt helped contain the mess and minimized the damage to the Clinton White House as well as any good "Democratic" caretaker Speaker would have done. Clinton was charged with perjury and not treason. Nor were about 20 of social progressive Democrats who were also guilty of the same crime. Which is why they needed Clinton charged with pig-wallowing in the White House and not in China.

Those Democratic Congressmen and Senators who had also been taking Chinese money since 1988 breathed a sigh of relief. That was one they owed to Newt. Chinagate could have—and should have—been a bigger scandal than the Credit Mobilier Scandal (the Union Pacific scandal) in 1872) when the wholesale buying of politicians in the United States began. The Credit Mobilier Scandal ended the political careers of some 30 House and Senate members. Among them was the 29th Speaker of the House and 17th Vice President under President Ulysses S. Grant, Schuyler Colfax, who was forced to resign to avoid impeachment and likely imprisonment.)

In July, 1998 it was Speaker Gingrich who almost undid the efforts of Congressmen Ron Paul [R-TX], Bob Barr [R-GA] and Mac Collins [R-GA] to defund the Nazi-style national identity card that was adroitly, and very unconstitutionally, enacted in patchwork fashion when it was left in the Immigration Reform Act of 1996 (Senate version only) because they House refused to vote on it; and the Omnibus Budget Bill of 1996 (where the House version was hidden a few months later). In a rare midnight session (thieves always work best at night) while American slept, Speaker Gingrich ordered the amendment to defund the National ID Card that had now been reassembled by the NHTSA, stripped from a Transportation bill being voted on that night. Barr went to then Majority Whip Tom Delay and told him what was happening with Congressman Lamar Smith's Transportation Bill. Delay told Gingrich if he stripped the rider from the legislation (which Gingrich assured Smith he would do) Delay, Ron Paul and Bob Barr would be on every talk show in the country the next day telling the American people how the Speaker of the House of Representatives stuck them with a national identity card. Gingrich backed down, and Barr-Collins-Paul Amendment remained in the bill. Implementation of a national identity card was returned to Limbo.

Those three catalysts brought Newt Gingrich down at a time when Newt believed he was going be the 43rd President of the United States. The GOP leadership told Newt that not only was there no support for his election as Speaker, there was none for his election to any leadership post in the Republican Party. Newt won reelection in Georgia, but within a few days of his victory, he resigned from the United States House of Representatives.

Speaking out about Marianne Gingrich, Newt's openly gay lesbian sister, Candace Gingrich-Jones, said during an interview on Sinius XM radio's "OutQ" that she understood why Marianne came forward. Candace Gingrich said she knew it would come out sooner or later, and that Marianne just wanted to be in control of it when it did. She chose a time that she thought it would impact her ex-husband most, although Gingrich was able to defuse it. "People who are adjacent to those people in the spotlight," she said, "have decisions to make every single day about coming forward, speaking up, not speaking up...People are saying that she's doing it to get the spotlight [to] somehow benefit from it. I'm sure people are wondering if she's writing a book."

Candace has pointed out the flaws in her brother's campaign and said she endorsed Barack Obama's reelection several months ago. You have to wonder about the worthiness of a candidate for president when his own sister is voting for the other guy.

Because what we now know about the personal history of Newt Gingrich, his proclivities suggest he would have been looking for a sexual diversion from Callista as soon as the newness of that marriage wore off—and maybe even before it did. We have the right to assume he did because, historically, that's what Newt does. He's a serial philanderer. We know about the mistresses Newt married (all three of his wives), but we don't know how many times he cheated on his mistresses with either one night stands, afternoon dalliances or quasi-long term secondary romances, but its a safe bet that zebra hasn't changed his stripes—even with Callista's statement that Newt no longer likes sex. Perhaps she has scared the lust out of him. Or, perhaps his libido surrendered to an enlarged prostate.

According to Dr. Stanton Peele, Ph.D., JD, in a Psychology Today article, the "new" Newt hates sex—and he has the wife to prove it. Peele said it was Callista's six year illicit relationship with Gingrich that contributed to Newt's political downfall, his ousting as Speaker and his decision, days after the 1998 mid-term election which he won, to resign from the House of Representatives. (And, while Newt's midnight battle with House Majority Whip Tom Delay and House members Barr, Dr. Paul and Collins to defund Bill Clinton's National ID Card was, and still is not commonly known, it played a key role in the universal loss of support for Gingrich's playing any leadership role in the House of Representatives.) Gingrich was replaced by another serial womanizer, Congressman Robert Livingston [R-LA] who also resigned and was replaced by Dennis Hastert [R-IL].

Now a K-Street lobbyist, Livingston was the very powerful Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee when Gingrich was forced out of the Speakership. Both House Majority Leader Dick Armey and Majority Whip Delay wanted to become the Speaker, but when Livingston decided to challenge them for the job, they both opted not to contest it since the Republicans, while in control of the House, did not have enough of a majority to win the Speakership if Armey, Delay, and Livingston were all fighting for the job—particularly if there was no GOP agreement when it came time for a floor vote for Speaker.

It could have been the first GOP Congress ever to have a Democrat Speaker. With a leadership feud on the right, Dick Gephart [D-MO] could have become the Speaker of the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

Ironically, someone leaked a story to the media that Speaker-elect Livingston suffered from "Gingrich Disease." On Dec. 19, 1998 Livingston acknowledged that he had an affair and resigned as Speaker-elect. He said he would resign from the House of Representatives in May, 1999. He used the disgrace to challenge President Clinton to do the honorable thing and resign as well.

Livingston's 1st Congressional District seat was won by David Vitter who went on to become the first popularly elected Republican Senator from Louisiana since before the Civil War. Vitter was also involved in a sex scandal. Around July 9, 2007 Hustler Magazine revealed that in the phone records of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the "DC Madam," was Senator Vitter's cell-phone number. Hustler contacted Vitter's office. Vitter issued a statement to Hustler, admitting his indiscretion. A week later, on July 16, 2007 the Vitters held a press conference. The Nation predicted that the GOP would "forgive" Vitter because if they forced him to resign the far left governor of Louisiana, Kathleen Blanco would appoint a Democrat—perhaps herself—to fill his seat.

When New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced to resign in June, 2011 for posting pornographic photos of himself on his website, the far left—which saw no pressing reason for him to resign—renewed their demands for Vitter's resignation. The social progressives' seemingly indifference to infidelity committed by Democrats goes back to Bertrand Russell's anti-Victorian societal views. Russell, in 1929, wrote Marriage and Morals in which he postulated that illicit sex between a man and a woman is not immoral. (Interestingly, while even social progressives were repulsed by homosexual sex, Russell was a supporter of the Homosexual Law Reform Society). Russell advocated trial marriages where young couples could legally experiment with sex without being expected to remain coupled if they wanted to "dos-si-dos" and then change partners. The book suggested that since marriage is supposed to be a lifetime commitment, and that cuckolded spouses—if they have children—are supposed to tolerate the infidelities of their mates and remain married. That view came from Russell's personal life experience. His second wife, Dora, who was openly having an affair, became pregnant by her lover. Because Russell was concerned how divorce would affect his son and daughter, he remained married to Dora. Republicans, on the other hand, have traditionally eschewed infidelity and are quick to distance themselves from philandering Republicans. Democrats, for some reason, are guided more by Russell's social progressive moral code.

As Newt Gingrich hammered both CNN's Jan. 19 GOP debate moderator, John King, and Fox News' Juan Williams on Jan. 21 for questioning his infidelities, in what the media called "the best thing that ever happened to Newt Gingrich," the reality is that Gingrich cannot escape the toxic combination of his own multiple infidelities and his sermonizing that he is the Christian alternative to Mitt Romney.

Publicly—and only publicly—Gingrich ascribes to the patriotic tenets of the Founding Fathers because his shrinking audiences believe in limited government. Privately, like the rest of the social progressives, Gingrich's lifestyle suggests he believes in a class system in which the rich and powerful rule the subservient human capital in a society where the middle class is being systematically blended into a classless working class society, leaving what the Islamlofascist protesters around the world call the "One Percent"and the 99% they rule—globally. Those building Utopia are forging a new type of socialism. Unlike Soviet-style communism, the new form of Utopian elitism is called Islamofascist socialism. Make new mistake about it, Gingrich is a member of this new global club.

On the day that Newt won the US House seat previously occupied by 10-term Congressman John James "Jack" Flynt, his annual earnings were $10,000.00. By the time he was named Speaker of the House in 1994, he was earning $675,000.00. When he resigned from Congress in 1998, his earnings totaled $7,500,000.00. Eighty-four ethics complaints were filed against him during the time he was the Speaker. Before leaving office, Gingrich was forced to pay a $300,000.00 fine for lying.

Since leaving office, Newt became a what we are asked to "tongue-in-cheek" refer to as a "non-lobbying lobbyist," earning some $350 million not lobbying Congressmen as he "lobbied" (used for the lack of better adjective to describe what he was doing) his peers on behalf of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae during the subprime housing crisis—even though his contract with both organizations included a phrase saying he would not lobby members of Congress—which, of course, we know solidly affirms that he never asked members of Congress to funnel even more money to Fannie and Freddie. Scouts' honor.

On Feb. 8, 2012, Bloomberg News uncovered Gingrich quid pro quo ties to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac going back to 1995 when he was Speaker of the House. Bloomberg said the ties existed from 1995 to 1999, questioning the relationship Gingrich might have had with the home mortgage companies as a historian.

The New York Times reported that in 1995 Speaker Gingrich, a supporter of Barack Obama's subprime mortgages that welfare recipients who received them would never be able to pay off, traveled to Atlanta in 1995 to lend his presence to the opening of a Fannie Mae office promoting home ownership for underprivileged minorities—who were, according to the far left, "denied to the right" to own their own home. In 1998, before he left Congress, Gingrich visited Ireland on a trip that was in part sponsored by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When he returned and resigned from Congress, Fannie and Freddie were snugly tucked in his money pocket. He was their new "non-lobbyist" lobbyist. According to Newt, he filled them with reports about the history of the United States and they filled his pockets with money. Newt's "history reports" netted Fannie and Freddie about $153 million in taxpayer dollars at a time when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were hemorrhaging taxpayer dollars.

Bloomberg News was the first to report that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac paid Newt Gingrich at least $1.6 million for his "history reports" from 1999 to 2007. While former Gov. Mitt Romney has disparaged Gingrich as a "Washington influence peddler," Gingrich still insists he was hired because of his training as a historian and a strategist.

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Once again: the American people need to understand that the US Congress is bought and sold legally 24/7 by laws enacted by Congress that allow themselves to be bribed by the princes of industry, the barons of banking and business and the special interest groups they employ to funnel taxpayer dollars into their pockets in the form of grants, contracts, and waivers that Mom and Pop America are not eligible for. Campaign donors who give candidates hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars are not supporting the electoral process out of patriotism or the goodness of their hearts. They are buying access—and results. For part two click below.

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Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

Today, Jon is an advertising executive with the Washington Times. His website, has helped him establish a network of mid-to senior-level Washington insiders who now provide him with a steady stream of material for use both in his books and in the investigative reports that are found on his website.

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America lives with the illusions that are painted by the left-owned media and social progressive historians from the far left academic centers who, strangely, have become the "trusted" caretakers of America's past. The first illusion the left maintains is that the GOP is the party of the rich "fat cats."