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By Jon Christian Ryter

April 9, 2008

In the late 10th century AD the Norse Icelandic Vikings settled Greenland. In that land they found fertile fields, an abundance of trees and navigable rivers teeming with cod and seals. The summers were long enough to grow bountiful crops. By the mid-12th century the Viking communities were thriving. In its heyday, there were about 5,000 people living in two major settlements in Greenland. One settlement was located along the coast on the southeast. About 80% of the settlers lived here. About 1,000 settlers lived in a smaller settlement on the southwestern coastal area. Over a period of about 350 years, the land was stripped of lumber. When settlements were founded, many of the trees were cut to build primitive log homes.

Within 300 years, most of the trees were consumed as fuel. A major temperature shift known today as the Little Ice Age began around 1300 AD. By 1378 AD almost all of the Vikings were gone. Those who remained died of starvation, froze to death in the devastatingly cold winters, or were killed by Induit Indians. Around 1350 AD as the Vikings began to leave, the Arctic Induits began migrating South as temperatures in the more northern regions plummeted quickly and dramatically transforming their lands into an uninhabitable frozen desert of ice and snow. What happened?

Climate change. In 1350 AD a Norse bishop was sent by his church to the western settlement of Garoar, Greenland. When he arrived he discovered, with the exception of a few Induits, there was no one there. The settlement had been abandoned. By the first or second decade in the 1500s the climate had became dangerously inhospitable. Only a handful of Europeans remained in Greenland. By the middle of that century only the Induits, who were able to adapt to the inhospitable climate, remained.

The contemporary writings of ecoalarmists suggest that Icelandic Vikings—in particular Erik the Red—wanted to fool Norwegian and Danish settlers into believing that the barren inhospitable terrain of Kalaallit Nunaat (the green land) was hospitable, and that it had moderate temperatures suitable for farming and for community life. According to "The Book of Icelanders" and the "Saga of Erik the Red," (extracted from the oral history of Iceland) Erik the Red named the glacier island "Greenland" saying that settlers "...would be eager to go there if it had a good name." If Greenland was really so barren in the 12th century that settlers would have to be tricked to go there, the only value Greenland would have to the Icelandic Vikings would have been as military outposts to keep their enemies from building forts and staging areas in southern Kalaallit Nunaat to attack the Viking settlements in warmer Iceland.

The archeology of the area suggested a hurried departure. Scientific excavations in the two settlements were revealing. The diggings in the Greenlandic garbage heaps show a shift in livestock from 1000 AD to 1300 AD. The early Greenlandic farmers raised cows and pigs. As the winters began to lengthen and the farmers suffered colder temperatures, there was not enough hay to get the farmers through the increasingly severe winters. The farmers switched from cows and pigs to sheep and goats. In the more temperate regions along the coast where the air was still warmed by gulf stream, settlers ate both cattle and caribou. By 1400 AD there were no more traces of domestic livestock, nor even, of caribou. The settlers—probably all Induit—ate seals and fish. It is very likely that those Europeans who remained behind in Greenland after 1378 AD were killed by the Induit since archeological digs of Induit sites reveal many Viking artifacts— materials made of metal and wood, two staples not possessed by the Induit.


Oxygen isotope core samples taken from the Greenland ice sheets reveal that the Viking inhabitation of Greenland took place during the Medieval Warm Period from roughly 800 AD to about 1300 AD. The temperature was 1.4 to 3.5 degrees Celsius higher than it was in 1450 AD. The Little Ice Age lasted until 1850. Cooling periods on Earth—like warming periods—are caused by one thing and one thing only. Cyclic solar activity.

The scientific reality of Greenland runs counter to the fables about Greenland generated by ecoalarmists to benefit politicians who want to persuade the gullible of the world that humankind is responsible for what the ecoalarmists believe is carbon dioxide-generated global warming. In their minds, the current warming trends in Greenland is proof positive that catastrophic flooding that —caused by man—will erase the coastal lowlands around the world within the next 100 years.

Watermelon Red

Shortly after former Vice President Al Gore, Jr. received an Oscar for his largely fabricated movie, An Inconvenient Truth, blaming what science knows to be a cyclic event caused by solar eruptions on humankind, he announced that the debate was over. Global warming was settled. While Gore may believe that scientific consensus agrees with his position, in point of fact, it does not.

Before we start looking at the scientific numbers—those who believe global warming is caused by man verses those who know it is a cyclic event caused by solar eruptions—and the physical evidence that disputes the ecoalarmists, it is important for the layman to understand one simple truth about global warming: green is the new red. Yesterday's socialists are today's environmentalists. Green is the anti-capitalist, antihuman agenda of the Vietnam Era far left hippies who finally overthrew the Rooseveltian democracy of the 1930s and 40s beginning in 1992 when the politically-correct antiwar hippies Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton came to Washington and their vice president, Al Gore, became the doomsday Prophet of Utopia.

When communism became unpopular and appeared to collapse in 1991, the taskmasters of Utopia simply discarded their red uniforms and donned environmental green. Funded by the same transnational bankers, industrialists and merchant princes who financed the Bolshevik Revolution, the watermelons used taxation and costly bureaucratic regulations to prevent new-generation-wealth from overtaking them in the economic marketplace. Today the communists have become environmentalists. Now, as greenies instead of reds, Hollywood, the media and the wealthy elites can openly pour millions of dollars into their socialist advocacy while appearing to be concerned about our planet and the people they blame for the cyclic sunspot activity that actually creates the 1,500 year warming and cooling weather cycles on Earth.

When working class Americans look at one another, each sees another human being with equal rights who is a member of the world's greatest free enterprise society. When members of the environmental elite looks the "human machine" they don't see flesh and blood but human capital that disproportionately consumes the world's natural resources and proliferates waste. People, the pawns of the rich in the promulgation of wealth, are viewed by the watermelons as chattel of the State—the same view held by the Soviet and Chinese communists. We are simply human capital, a commodity of the rich.

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Despite their abhorrence of humankind whom they believe is destroying the planet, it is the view of the elites that the unborn should not be born and the elderly should volunteer to be euthanized. The watermelons all have one thing in common: they expect the human chattel, not themselves, to make those sacrifices. Look in the private papers of the wealthy and one thing you won't find is a living will that will allow the healthcare bureaucracy to euthanize them when they become old and feeble and can no longer produce enough to sustain themselves. When a person consumes more than they produce, they have a negative societal value. In the event they are hospitalized for anything—even a minor illness or injury—they will be pressured by the health care facility to sign a living giving that facility the right to euthanize them if they are viewed to be terminal. Need I remind you that old age is a terminal condition? No one recovers from it. Plastic surgery may conceal age, but under the youthful wrapper, age is still there. For part two click below.

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Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

Today, Jon is an advertising executive with the Washington Times. His website, has helped him establish a network of mid-to senior-level Washington insiders who now provide him with a steady stream of material for use both in his books and in the investigative reports that are found on his website.

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When working class Americans look at one another, each sees another human being with equal rights who is a member of the world's greatest free enterprise society. When members of the environmental elite looks the "human machine" they don't see flesh and blood but human capital that disproportionately consumes the world's natural resources and proliferates waste.