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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
August 14, 2006

Solution 2

This is the second article in Part III, of 11 articles total on illegal immigration, and continues through article eleven. This commentary offers suggestions for solving our illegal alien problems.

1. Pressure the media to show the true pictures of the damage of massive illegal immigration instead of manipulating Americans with how badly the aliens must feel, how they need food, shelter, medicine, and education, and our empathy. Insist that the so-called pundits� handling of illegal immigrations images be accurate, and to stop making Americans feel guilty for wanting to save their country. Likewise, pressure the media to stop giving voice and promoting the illegals� political actions and speechifying so as not to give them more power. This should be true especially for their marches, boycotts, and protests.

2. Reverse the flow. Deport the illegals, and send their criminals back to Fox�s world where his government can pay for them, and not we Americans. William Gheen of ALIPAC, offers, �[If deported] Illegal aliens will have trouble finding employment and services. They know if they are deported that getting back in will be more difficult than ever and when they are caught by the police for crimes, drinking and driving, or driving without a license they are immediately placed in the deportation line and local officers are sent to their residence to determine the status of others living at that location.�[1]

3. Secure the borders. It�s better to build walls than bridges in this case. offers, ��Interior enforcement�" means detecting, detaining and deporting illegal aliens from America's communities in all regions, not just along the borders. �Any alien that makes it in now is almost guaranteed a life without interruption by INS or the Border Patrol.�"[2]

4. Eliminate census-taking of illegals so as not to give them political power as a special group or bloc.

5. Pressure President Bush and his cronies to annul standing orders to release captured illegal aliens caught at the border; instead, enforce the law.

6. Report any person/business/corporation providing employment to illegals. Even if it�s just a small mom & pop operation, turn them in. We need to start somewhere in getting businesses to stop hiring illegals. And we definitely need to go after the big corporations.

7. Fine and imprison employers who hire illegal labor, but also employers should be given a simpler and more straightforward method for determining which job applicants are illegals.

8. Remove incentives and benefits illegal aliens are permitted, such as licenses, in-state tuition, free medical treatment, welfare, and so on.

9. Empower border patrols and local police to enforce immigration law. Reporter Eric Shawn said on the O�Reilly show that �the head of the U.N.'s immigration agency is a Mexican official. �It's ironic,� he told O'Reilly, �because Mexico has some of the toughest laws against illegal immigration.�"[3]

10. Have the IRS chase down illegals who pay no taxes rather than harass honest taxpaying Americans.

11. Mandate and enforce the speaking and reading of English as America's national language, and stop withdrawing funds from American�s paychecks to hire translators or put material into foreign languages.

12. Don�t buy products made by or representative of the Latino culture to let the illegals know that we, too, can carry out boycotts. �Americans of all stripes vote for immigration by who they hire to clean their homes and offices, the restaurants they patronize�and the complicity they tolerate from the state government�..With widespread complicity by individual citizens and state governments, U.S. immigration laws have about as much meaning as speed limits on highways.�[4]

13. Put a stop to illegals bastardizing American patriotism through their saying our Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish or other language; the Pledge�controversial or not�represents our vow to our country�s sovereignty, freedom, and rights, and isn�t meant for mutation by other nations. Sadly the presumably hoped-for potential presidential candidate Condoleezza Rice �likes the multilingual anthem.� The site has four Spanish versions of our anthem.[5] And, oh by the way, we might want to explain to the Mexican illegals that our national anthem does not begin with �Jose can you see�.�

14. Impress upon these illegals a sense of appreciation for our country by forbidding them to raise their flags on American poles.

15. Demand our right to display our American flag or American insignias, or any form of American patriotism without harassments and threats.

16. Only give �Illegal aliens currently in the United States�a one-time opportunity to leave the United States without penalty and seek permission to reenter legally if they qualify under existing law. Those who do not take advantage of this opportunity will be removed and permanently barred from returning.�[6]

17. Urge illegals to become American citizens the right way�the way it has been done for decades and decades�and to hold up their end of responsibilities just as Americans do, and to start taking accountability for their actions. Once they are legitimate Americans, we can start talking about parity.

18. Let�s support the Minutemen�s fight to halt illegal alien migration while the government sits backs and watch. They have a major caravan event, and will follow the schedule below as presented on[7]

19. Press for the passage of HR 688, which �would enact comprehensive immigration reform by providing more resources for our legal immigration system while reducing workload levels, strengthening our borders, increasing screening and tracking of aliens, removing alien terrorists, criminals, and human rights violators, and expediting removal proceedings. Rep. Gresham Barrett is the bill's main sponsor� (from Terrorists should be a primary concern, especially since clothing has been found on the borders with Arabic military insignia and the like on it, as well as 51 suspected terrorists having been caught in 2005 crossing into the country from nations such as Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Egypt, along with explosive devices. The borders are often like military zones with thugs, gangs, aliens as individuals and groups shooting at Americans and officers.[8] Wasn�t 9/11 enough of a lesson on terrorism�whether Elite backed or not? Also support Rep. Nathan Deal�s HR 698 which would end the process of granting automatic citizenship to the children born to illegal aliens in the United States.�[9] Examine and support Rep. Tancredo�s position on the rights of illegals in our homeland. Too, tell your congress-people to reinforce the cessation of the allowance of pregnant mothers to bear their children in the States to ground them and their newborns (anchor babies) as Americans with all the rights of citizenship, which in turn is accorded to the child�s family and relatives.

Check out for other bills, such as Senator Frist�s S.2454, that you might find worthy of pushing for passage, as well as studying the list of bills that will continue only to further destroy our sovereignty by giving illegal aliens more latitude.

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These include H.R. 251 (would grant amnesty to certain illegal alien children under the age of 18 and allow illegal alien students to receive in-state tuition rates for their postsecondary education, as sponsored by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee); H.R. 884 (would create a massive agricultural guest worker amnesty, allowing approximately 860,000 of the 1.2 million illegal aliens currently working in agriculture�plus their spouses and children�to qualify for this amnesty, thus pushing the total to three million or more, as proposed by Rep. Chris Cannon); S. 1033 (would give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, increase legal immigration by almost half a million each year, and create a massive new worker-importation program. Sen. John McCain is the bill's main sponsor); and S. 2XXX, sponsored by Sen. Arlen Specter (would increase the cap on family-sponsored immigrant visas and exempt the spouse and children of employment-based immigrations from numerical caps). For part 10 click below.

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Reverse the flow. Deport the illegals, and send their criminals back to Fox�s world where his government can pay for them, and not we Americans.