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By Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
July 30, 2010

I look upon our current administration and their term in office; hence, I offer my outlook to you.

The following then are entirely my thoughts, and I am open to your comments and suggestions.

The Effect the Obama Administration has had on our country is bone chilling. I realize he was voted in by the so-called masses (if we discount any election fraud), but I believe that much of the presence of Barry Sotero resulting in Obamamania is due to intensive grooming and preening, over a period of years, and that he is answering to someone other than the American people. Not all of our nation’s populace and mainstream media haven’t yet fallen out of love with him, but wait until Obamacare takes root.

Americans had better wake-up! Never in our history have we allowed a Congress and the President to drive us down the path of Communism, but we are now, not only allowing it, but also encouraging it. Our compatriots want this, want that, want everything handed to them on a silver platter, but once they take a bite of the food under the domed lid, they will spit it out, even though it has already rotted their bodies. This is what is ongoing now with our government; they have hidden the decaying food they’re feeding us and we have swallowed it all. And we are at a loss as to how to purge ourselves of the rot.

Don’t scream at me when you read this. It’s only my opinion—one based on years of ongoing research, interviews, analyses, and investigation. Just pull this serial essay out in the future, and re-read it; then you’ll be screaming at yourself, and not me.

What has gone wrong? Just about everything.


No, not all of it is Mr. Obama’s fault, but his plan for “healing” is worse than the malignancy that had been there and festering. He is slicing us off at our knees and imposing chaos and destruction on us. It’s time he quit blaming former president George W. Bush who has been ascribed a boatload of blame—and rightly so in many ways—but Mr. Obama’s errors are threefold that of Bush’s. He has created and enforced fraudulent legislation, bribed others to get his way, and is rushing us down a path to tyranny. The buck stops with him—the all time initiator and promoter of evil against America. It’s one poorly conceived strategy after another, each rushed through to prevent those against his plans from having enough time to challenge and fight him. To be honest, the buck doesn’t stop with our president—it stops with us; after all, it presumably was the majority of Americans, via our delegates, who voted him in. We only have ourselves to thank for what we have and what he and Congress are yet going to give us.

The Obama administration has blamed everything and everyone but himself for our ills: The White House Budget Director blamed old computers for ineffective government; dealers wee faulted for the clunker fiasco for not doing it right; the battle over Obamacare was attributed to the people who Obama thought were too stupid to understand the benefits (in reality, those who opposed it were the brightest of the bunch); the remiss in acting on the Christmas Day bomber was due to a system failure of communications by different agencies; the banks and financial institutions were upbraided for the economy (but Mr. Obama has never given the returned money to taxpayers who bailed them out). Another systemic failure was his picture-taking with a couple who sneaked into his state dinner for which he condemned them instead of assigning the liability to Desiree Rogers for her lack of knowledge on how to handle events, and her unwillingness to listen to the former secretary who had many years of experience. His administration chastises us for being racist against the illegal immigrants, and yet it is our administration who is the racists, giving favoritism to people who don’t work for benefits but use those who do work; instead, he discriminates against American citizens. He blames homeowners who have guns for violence but fails to impose severe punishment on criminals who use guns to hurt others. He blames our own country for the failures of other nations, and he overlooks radical Muslim terrorists while blaming us for their behavior. He blames BP for the oil fiasco—and properly so—but he dismisses his inactions for days on end. It is everyone’s fault but M. Obama’s….

Threats & A Matter of Trust

“They” keep us at bay by threatening us, by shredding our rights, by allowing drugs and gangs to eat us alive, by brainwashing us, and making us so frightened that, we, like babies, cry for protection…getting much more than we bargained for, and then are stuck with it.

The Elite threaten us with food and water shortages, as well as through harassment and punishment by the IRS, and other means, when we don’t obey them or when we speak out against them or the government. They use crises and false alarms of global warming and H1N1, and other malevolence to instill fear in us, creating czars to control us, and managing trade through climate change legislation. Obamacare’s nitty-gritty bills embed threats throughout, as seen in Obamacare:

URGENT NEWS ALERT: According to Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto, “the taxpayer may be charged with a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to $25,000 and not more than ONE year in jail.” Cavuto then went on to say that “a key democratic staffer” had confirmed “in a hand written note that Americans who fail to buy heath insurance and can’t afford the additional $1,900 dollars, will then face a $25,000 fine, or 1 year in prison.”[1]


Additionally, the threat of Satanist Saul Alinksy’s evil [2] methods of mass organization for power to bring about their goal of stepping us into the boot of Communism to be kicked into hell is inherent in Washington where Mr. Obama appears to be modeling after Alinksy. While Russia advances toward capitalism and parity, we are moving to the opposite end of the Hegelian Dialectical pole and becoming Totalitarian. E-mails have claimed that Russia has even warned Americans that if our country continues in the direction we are going, we will be what the USSR was years ago.

Threats and perils lie in dark corners, preying on us. Several researchers believe that we should consider our own government both as a threat and an endangerment to our lives, as their shadow activities leave many wondering whose side they’re really on, how we are expected to trust them, and how much have they put us in jeopardy, as seen in this quote:

The FBI has been investigating congressional leaders Rep. Jane Harman and House leader Nancy Pelosi in espionage with AIPAC for Israel. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli military veteran whose father was part of the Israeli terrorist Irgun organization, is under suspicion as well. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may be under investigation, too. A month ago, she announced the engagement of her daughter Chelsea to the son of the Jewish Mezvinsky congressional family, including former Congressman Edward M. Mezvinsky, convicted of swindling in 2002.[3]

This bespeaks of the low caliber of people in our White House, not only back then, but also throughout the years, but especially during the Obama reign. Not only are Pelosi, Harman, Hillary, Emanuel, and Geithner of questionable morals, Pelosi spends money as madly as the Obamas (Mrs. Obama has a host of highly paid secretaries when nearly all other First Ladies had fewer than two) and more than other government agents. Add to this the character of those in influential positions under Obama: Kevin Jennings: Gay education director; Janet Napolitano: believed Lesbian, and various other prominent gays and transgenders. How do these people in their positions not influence critical decisions? How do they not largely influence school curricular co- and extra-curricular activities, and right to prayer and free speech? How do they not influence our children?

Harry Hay, who “inspired” Obama-appointed Education Department official Kevin Jennings to lead a life of homosexual activism, was not only a supporter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) but a prominent member of the Communist Party USA and “Radical Faerie” who believed in the power of the occult. Hay’s influence is relevant not only because Jennings is a top Education Department official, but because Hay is considered by homosexuals to be the founder of their movement. A Stalinist and Marxist until the day he died, Hay defended NAMBLA’s participation in “gay rights” marches and its membership in the International Lesbian and Gay Association.[4]

The issue is not so much how they choose to live their private lives, but rather how much they intentionally impact our future leaders by their words, actions, and by the very school programs they promote in schools. If we cannot trust our own leaders, if we are defenseless by their actions in shrouded backgrounds, if we are caught off-guard by their alliances with questionable parties, then we are certainly threatened by them and immobilized to react to what they have done and continue to do, and as to how we should protect ourselves and save our nation.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will face a congressional grilling later this month about the suppression of details on deals that funneled billions to big investment banks while he was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York…. [E-mail] exchanges show the New York Fed wanted AIG to withhold information about deals that sent billions from the taxpayers' bailout of AIG to Goldman Sachs Group Inc… [and] other major banks.[5]


Did that ever happen? If so, why hasn’t the mainstream media inform us? If not…then why not? Because they are too powerful? We cannot trust the people in charge; we cannot trust our government; we cannot trust big business…we are a nation constantly deflecting threats and lies and disinformation.

Who would have ever though that the men and women who went to war for our country and our allies would return to a nation of cloak and dagger by their own leaders?

My father, a legal emigrant to America from Italy, fought in WWII as a Merrill’s Marauder, faced rats as large as boars, hand-battled not only the enemies but also the insects and reptiles while cutting his way through the massive jungles of Borneo, with a finely honed machete—all for the freedom of America and other nations. If he were alive today, he would weep for our country, for our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren. This would be true for all those other military who put their lives on the line for our freedoms.

America, the Weakling

Once the cornucopia of the world, the richest, prevailing nation in the universe, America now poses as a dimming silhouette of herself, presenting a blundering, ineffective Congress, misguided foreign policies, weakness in military strength, and appearing as no more than a strawman in countering third world countries’ nuclear weapons power.

When the mainstream media get out of their bubble of Obama worship, they occasionally spotlight the truth, such as higher-ups getting caught cheating the IRS, stealing from r citizens, having affairs behind closed doors, secretly conniving against us, stumbling over policies and programs, making deals behind closed, the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, and ignoring terrorist threats. Thus, we look pathetic and fragile to both our enemies and allies, and, hence, we lose respect.

That the Elite want us to cater to third world countries, to terrorist figures, that our president and judiciary originally intended to allow the 9/11 terrorists a civil hearing (allowing them to look at classified documents in their defense) instead of a military one, that we can’t cut our deficits, or curtail the ongoing moral debauchery and lone nuts out killing people, or that our own president seems to deliberately driving our nation into bankruptcy, sends signals to the world that the greatest country on the globe is teetering on a societal, financial and moral breakdown.

Ignoring Voters

What upsets me most is the lack of awareness by our representatives, or their deliberate failure to listen to their constituents and instead vote the way that best suits them personally. The health care issue is only one of many where the American majority has stated in poll after poll that they do not want Obamacare—which will result in an immense transfer of power to the Executive Branch that has ever happened; yet, Congress ignored this and instead voted in a way that would help them and their states. What has come out of Obamacare—the arm-twisting, the pay-offs for votes, the greed, the righteousness, the veiled secret meetings in the dead of night when we were promised “transparency”—gives us a true picture of what our Congress really thinks of its American people. “They” chose to vote against the majority for the benefit of a few. I have written my representatives a dozen times, and I know I am not the only one who has appealed to them, but they entirely ignore what the majority want.

Consider this:

President Obama’s health care legislation is riddled with constitutional problems. The individual mandate, the employer mandate, even the buyoffs for Senators Nelson and Landrieu—they all raise constitutional issues, ranging from the limits on Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce, to the taxing and spending authority of the government, to a little known—and from the commentary thus far, very little understood—General Welfare Clause…. The Senate version of Obamacare includes a possible violation of the Tenth Amendment, which provides that any powers that are not expressly granted either to the federal government, or are not expressly denied to the states are reserved to the people or to the states.[6]

Ask yourself if our Constitution gives our government the authority to:

1. “Use tax money against dissenting Americans
2. Abuse taxpayers of future generations
3. Audit books of all employers that self-insure
4. Ration healthcare
5. Limit doctors’ earnings and hospital expansions
6. Regulate the rental and purchase of power-driven wheelchairs
7. Bribe, coerce and buy Senate votes
8. Fund abortions
9. Form and pass laws in secret without giving due notice and transparency?”

The list goes on.

We have been deceived and lied to on ever key issue, from illegal immigration, to stimulus packages and quick bail-outs, to clunkers, to an unneeded hate crime bill, to health care, and to global warming (of course we should be good stewards of the Earth and reduce pollution, but the ruse of Gore’s climate change is used as a mantra to make money and to unite people under one cause—albeit a false one). They’ve passed bills on phony notes of “urgency,” so no one will be quick enough to counter their actions; they’ve taken away our industrial base, outsourced our jobs, increased our taxes, sent our money overseas for reasons many Americans don’t believe in (i.e. care for terrorist Muslim groups, provide abortions for young women in third world countries, and help the poor when we have poverty in our own country). We Americans are being manipulated, marginalized, and forsaken for the needs of other people in other nations, over our own needs and desires.

What should we do?

Vote them all out of office! Impeach every single, corrupted and “good ol boy” politician in every single office. Tell them to go to hell and put in people who would be true to our Constitution; respect Americans and their freedoms; uphold the rights of Americans and not illegals; bring our budget into the black, and listen to their citizens! We need to STAND up to them now before we become a nation under a dictator! It’s not too late to save our country and return her to how God intended her to be.

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� 2010 Gianni Hayes - All Rights Reserved

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Additionally, the threat of Satanist Saul Alinksy’s evil [2] methods of mass organization for power to bring about their goal of stepping us into the boot of Communism to be kicked into hell is inherent in Washington where Mr. Obama appears to be modeling after Alinksy.