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Coach Dave Daubenmire
November 1, 2007

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
Big bad wolf, big bad wolf?
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
Tra la la la la.

You may think I am nuts, but Hillary Clinton cannot win the presidency. Not unless there is a whole lot of cheatin� going on, and of course that is always a possibility. See DVD on vote fraud "Hacking Democracy."

But if it is a clean election, I am here to tell you that she can�t win.

I know, I know. Who am I to make such a statement? I�m certainly no Dick Morris, James Carville, or any of the other �political experts� that are constantly being held up to us as those with the finger on the pulse of �the American people.� I�m just a guy in the cornfield with a little bit of horse-sense.

I don�t care what the handicappers are saying, you can relax, Hillary Clinton cannot win.

You�ve got to give both sides credit though. They sure have done their best to get us to think the way that they want us to think. From the get-go in this race the �top tier� candidates have been pre-selected for us in this charade of a political process

For some reason the king-makers want Rudy to be President. I don�t know the reason, although I have my suspicions, and they are using one of the oldest tricks in the book. At some point the old �bait and switch� will soon take place.

Hillary Clinton cannot win and they all know it. This election is not about her, it is about Rudy. The forces at work want Rudy to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There is no way any clear-thinking conservative would ever vote for him and the �men from U.N.C.L.E.� know that. He is pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, anti-gun, and a scallywag in his personal life. But he can beat Hillary, at least that�s what all of the �experts� say. And that is the goal, you know, beating Hillary. Hillary is the wolf, �she�ll huff and she�ll puff�� Please Rudy rescue us from the wolf!

I wrote back last December that we needed to keep our eye on the ball. That something was at work �behind the curtain.� I thought then that John McCain would lead a revolt out of the Republican Party and throw the election to Hillary. Forty-three percent was the most she could ever get. Her husband never reached fifty. McCain is toast, so I have re-evaluated the game plan. It is Rudy they want. Hillary makes Rudy the �lesser of two evils� they hope the �three little pigs� will choose.

I�m no expert, but here is what I DO know. Call it sexism, call it chauvinistic, or call it bigotry, but the fact is men will not vote for Hillary. Oh, they may say they will, being good union guys and all, but that is why they put curtains around the voting booth. You can say one thing and vote another. Men will not vote for Hillary.

Name one thing attractive about her. We�re used to the pretty info-babes that we see on TV. If Hillary looked like one of those pretty little things she might have a chance. But I�m here to tell you, men will not vote for someone who reminds them of their Senior English teacher. One year was bad enough with that marm, they will never risk four more. She reminds them of the condescending know-it-all in their Chemistry class. Men don�t mind smart women but they do hate women who let you know they are smart. It is even worse when they aren�t really that smart. Hillary doesn�t have a snow ball in Florida�s chance of getting men to vote for her.

Well, maybe the sissy-men. You know that type, the kind of guys who march in Women�s-Rights parades. They are a about as masculine as Hillary is feminine. I call that the �role-reversal vote.� Some men like bossy women, but not real men. Pipe fitters, bricklayers, electricians, and truck-drivers are not voting for Hillary. Oh, they may say they are, but when they step in the booth they know the American-ship needs a man at the helm. Testosterone is still a good thing.

They look at Bill Clinton and wonder, �What the heck is wrong with that guy? What was he possibly thinking when he took a liking to her?� There is not one feminine quality about Hillary. She probably reminds Bill of his bossy mother. �Battle-axe� is the term we used before the days of political correctness. No wonder Bill chases skirts all around the world. Talk about kissing your sister. Most guys would rather kiss their brother than Hillary.

Trust me, the white male vote is not going to push the �queen of crap� into the Whitehouse.

And neither will the women. I know the pollsters are all assuring us that women love Hillary. But not all women do. Maybe the lawyers, the Planned Predator crowd, and the Ivy League witches support her, but real women don�t. She doesn�t play well in red-state America. She is a female Eddie Haskell, saying whatever she must to please the Cleavers. Well June ain�t fooled. Down-home folks know the aroma of manure and she doesn�t pass the smell test. Not all women listen to Rosie and Ellen, and watch �The View.� They are worried about Wally and The Beave and will not trust America�s future to someone who agrees with Madelyn Murray O�Hare.

Let�s face it; Hillary slept her way to the top. I know that sounds crass but she rode Bill all the way. She didn�t earn it, she survived it. When he bucked like a bronco, the good cowpoke hung on to the reins. Now she thinks she is Teddy Roosevelt.

Deep inside women don�t like bossy women. We all know that there is nothing like a cat-fight. Men punch each other and go on with life. Women never forget. No one knows that like another feline. Ever work for a power hungry woman? No rest for the weary. Women in fly-over country instinctively know that.

Half of America admits that they would NEVER vote for Hillary. I think those numbers are low. She can never win. It is all a charade. Sean Hannity can relax.

But why do they want Rudy so badly? What is it that makes him so attractive? Nothing except one thing, they say he can beat Hillary. Status-quo Republicanism supports him. Hmmm? Sort of makes you wonder�.

Anybody can beat Hillary. She is a paper tiger, a media-made celebrity, a one-act play,an empty suit. Time will expose her. The empress has no clothes and she carries a lot of baggage. Four more years of the Bubba-Brigade is too much to stomach. Some Americans may have born at night, but it wasn�t last night.

So the Republicans should relax, take a deep breath, and nominate a real-Republican. Someone who represents their values, someone they would trust their child with, someone they can be proud of.

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The election is over a year away, half of America can�t stand the woman, and her closets are full of skeletons.

Wouldn�t it feel good to vote FOR someone you believe in rather than AGAINST someone you fear?

Who�s afraid of the big bad wolf? �She�ll huff and she�ll puff�.�

Hillary is not a hurricane, she is a wind-bag.

Hillary can�t win. You heard it here first.

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So the Republicans should relax, take a deep breath, and nominate a real-Republican. Someone who represents their values, someone they would trust their child with, someone they can be proud of.