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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
September 5, 2013

There are really only two races of people…Those who are racing for heaven and those who are racing for hell.

Everything else is just pigmentation.

I once heard someone say that the most segregated hours in America were Sunday mornings between 9:00 am and noon. There is no such thing as a “black” church or a “white” church. There is only Jesus’ church. Against the church that He would build, He told us, the gates of hell would not prevail.

But he also warned us that a “house divided against itself cannot stand.” Like so many others, that is a saying that deserves further inspection.

A “divided” house CAN stand. You probably live in one…a house that is divided. We call the dividers “walls.” Walls can be a good thing. I don’t know about you but I thank God my house is divided. The walls give me privacy in the restroom or bedroom. They offer me the chance to be alone. They protect me from the invasion of intruders. Yep, I love divided houses.

It was a house divided “against itself” that Jesus warned us about. A house divided “against itself” speaks of disunity and disharmony. A house where everyone is hiding in their own rooms and occasionally appear to take pot-shots at the other residents of the house is sure to fall. A house built on an un-unified foundation is sure to sink.

God’s house has become a divided house…not only doctrinally, but racially. Baptists, Methodists, Lutheran, Catholics, Episcopalians, Charismatics, and Non-denominationals…are all examples of “rooms” in a “divided house.” In fact, if my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Noble was right, a “denominator” is the number by which the “whole” is divided.

That’s right. By its very description, a “denomination” is a vehicle by which the “body” of Christianity is fractured. Each denomination believing that they have a corner on the Truth. Everyone else is wrong. Doctrine is important, but doctrine divides. Division often leads to skirmishes.

But race is the greatest divisor of all. It is almost a religion unto itself. “Black Christians” tend to see the world one way, while “White Christians”, in general, see the world another. I am sorry to say that for the most part the “White Church” and the “Black Church” have very little in common.

Actually, that is not true…they have “everything” in common, at least if they are all part of the church that Jesus is building. But once they begin to see the world through the prism of skin color, all other doctrinal issues become secondary. In regards to politics there is a virtual chasm between the Christian-races

Come on now Willis…you know I am speaking the truth.

Our loyalty should not be to a race, a skin color, a political party, or to a denomination. Our loyalty should be to the Lord. To serve anything but HIM is to engage in adultery. Adultery is a sin. Spiritual adultery is the worst kind.

Although most of my adult life I have voted Republican, I am not a Republican. Perhaps the best description of my political leanings is to be labeled a Christo-crat.” I am a Christian who votes what I believe the Bible supports.

I could never understand how ANY Christian could vote for positions that go directly against Scripture. Abortion, homosexuality, and honesty are three issues that I believe are high on God’s list of issues.

Pew Research shows that 78% of Americans self-identify as “Christian”, who includes 23% Catholics, while only 16.4 % citizens identify as “unaffiliated.”

Can someone tell my why “Christian values” are losing in the political realm? Unless, of course, “a house divided against itself…”

In the election of 2012, 60% of White Christians voted for Romney, and 39% voted for Obama. Catholics were almost split down the middle (50-49), but interestingly, “White Catholics” went for Romney (59-40). Hispanic-Catholics went for Obama (75-21). Less than 50% of evangelical Christians EVEN BOTHERED TO VOTE!

The “Black Christian” statistics however tell a far different story. Even though they serve the same God, read from the same Bible, and worship the same Savior, by a rate of 95% to 5% “Black Christians” voted for the most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, deceitful president in the history of America.

Say what you will, but the statistics support the theory that blacks are more loyal to their skin color than they are to the Bible.

Houston, we have a problem. “The Church” has become a “divided house.”

Christians must return to Biblical values. Truth should unite us. Skin color divides us.

During the election of 2008 I became familiar with a “black” minister in Harlem who was going against the flow in his own community. He was warning black Americans that Obama was a fraud. Pastor James David Manning was preaching Jesus as savior…not Obama as savior…from his pulpit in the heart of black America Harlem, NY. He continues to promote loyalty to Jesus over loyalty to skin color to this very day. And I count him as my friend. If you are not familiar with him will you PLEASE take few minutes and watch this clip below.

Will you help me help him fight for truth in Harlem?

September 20-22 Dr. Manning is holding a conference at his church in Harlem. He has invited me, along with Dr. Jerome Corsi and others, to speak at this event. We would love for you to come and you can find more info here.

But I think it important for us to support his work. As part of our trip we have committed to Dr. Manning’s church a truckload of free bread products for his church to distribute to the needy in Harlem.

It is imperative that we begin to push back against the idea currently imprisoning inner city black Americans that government is the answer to all of their problems. The $50,000 in free bread products that we will be taking to Dr. Manning will help him in his fight to draw the residents of Harlem back to Jesus.

Just like we did in Katrina, Rita, Joplin, and recently Moore, Oklahoma we want to feed those in need where the Truth of the Gospel will go forth. Dr. Manning will speak the truth. He is in no man’s pocket. He is, as he likes to say “God’s servant.”

Dr. Manning’s ministry reaches out to the needy children in his community in a program called Mother Keturah’s Breakfast Program. Watch this! We want to bless him and this program as they encourage young children to turn AWAY FROM THE GOVERNMENT AND BACK TO CHRIST!!

Come on white boy!!! Let’s do more than talk about making a difference…here is a chance to DO something about it. He is training children at a most valuable age. HE TAKES NO GOVERNMENT MONEY !!!

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The bread is free. We load it on the truck in Columbus, Ohio, drive it to Harlem, NY, and put it in the hands of Dr. Manning.

We need fuel and expense money to help with the trip. Donations above and beyond the expenses will be given to Dr. Manning’s Mother Keturah Breakfast Program.

You have trusted us in the past with your donations. Our inner cities are a disaster as well. Here is a great opportunity to bring unity into the “Body of Christ” and tear down the walls that divide the Kingdom of God.

You can click here to donate! Please help us help Dr. Manning bring the Bible back to the inner city.

Check out his preaching. You will love it. He needs our help.

Check us out today:

WARNING. may be change the way you think.

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Coach Dave Daubenmire, founder and President of Pass The Salt Ministries and Minutemen United, is host of the high octane Pass The Salt radio show heard in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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It was a house divided “against itself” that Jesus warned us about. A house divided “against itself” speaks of disunity and disharmony.