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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
July 11, 2013

I am proud to be what God made me, white.

There, I’ve said it. Somebody has to have the courage to speak what others are thinking. I am sick and tired of cowering in the corner, afraid to be pilloried by the PC Police.

I’ll say it AGAIN. In fact, I’ll shout it. I AM PROUD TO BE WHITE!!!

I know that makes some of you uncomfortable. You are so brainwashed and lobotomized by the culture that you can’t even recognize the prison they have you locked in.

“They” are the PC Police. They are the ones who lie in the weeds and wait for you to utter anything that anybody may find offensive. Hate speech, hate thought, hate crimes, racism, bigotry, and white guilt are the “crimes” that they have codified into PC Law that you are punished for when you exercise free thought and free speech.

Well, I am sick and tired of it, and I know I speak for millions who feel the same way. Most have been bullied into silence by the PC Police and their henchmen and one of the tragic results is the treatment of the White American as a nearly second class citizen.

If the average white guy complains about the direction of our government and the one who leads it the songs of the siren “racist” begins to ring-out. Who wants to be called names? Who wants to be ridiculed in to ruin? Who wants to have the PC Police send their goons after the free thinking, mind-speaking American white guy?

Nobody. So they just remain silent and acquiesce to the balkanization of this once great nation.

The race-hustlers and the PC Police are using their pack of wolves to destroy the fabric of America. Divide and conquer. It is the oldest, most effective weapon in the history of the world.

Today, it is official government policy as promoted by the government media.

Have you noticed that up to this point in this commentary I haven’t done the usual “I am not a racist” mea culpa that is required by any white-guy who dares to speak on the subject of racism? You see, only white guys can be racist. Every other voice is only expressing their “pride in their heritage.”

We have black pride, Jewish pride, LaRaza, (Hispanic pride), Islamic Pride, Gay Pride, Pagan pride, transgender pride, Asian pride, and socialist pride. The only group that is not permitted to express pride in their “ethnicity” is the ole white-boy clinging to his God and his guns.

No, the “bitter clingers” are evil, bigoted, racist, and intolerant. The name “Tea Party” is just a dog-whistle used by the PCers to invalidate any position that God-fearing men and women might choose to take.

I think every group should be proud of their heritage. I just can’t figure out why WASP has become the new NAZI. What is it in my white-European background that should make me ashamed of my heritage? Why do the PCers force us to teach our children to be ashamed of what we have accomplished?

Well, I am not. Let me shout it again. I AM PROUD TO BE A WHITE MAN!!!

Again, that makes some of you liberal dopes uncomfortable. I have just as much right to be proud of my skin color as any other ethnic group. Since when, did being a WASP become shameful?

We have been fed a line of bull, my friends and we are swallowing it like a mouse gorges on cheese. The cheese leads to a trap. The trap that has been set is a divided, balkanized, America.

Perhaps I should clarify what it means to be Balkanized. Balkanization means to break up into smaller, hostile units. Black Americans, gay Americans, Latino Americans, Women voters, Catholic voters, Tea Party voters, Occupy Wall Street voters, Muslim Brotherhood voters, etc.

The fifty stars on the flag used to represent the unity of the fifty states. Today it more appropriately represents the “voting blocs” that the PC Police divide us into. A house divided against itself cannot stand,” Jesus warned us.

The “American Way” was a cultural way of life undergirded by a set of principles found in the precepts taught in the Bible. It was not a racial thing, although the overwhelming majority of those who settled the new land where white.

But it wasn’t skin color that determined the direction of the nation, it was a creed, a belief system that forged the greatest system of self government that world had ever seen.

I know blacks were sold as slaves. I know the Indians were uprooted from their land. I understand the obstacles that “minorities” were forced to overcome. Oppressed minority white immigrants built this nation. You think they weren’t discriminated against?

By the way, it was the “bitter clingers” who ended slavery in America. Over 600,000 white boys died in the Civil War so that blacks might be free. It was Christian-heritage that motivated them…not the color of their skin.

I acknowledge the sins of those who came before us. I recognize the hardships they imposed on others. But I am proud of my “Fathers” who forged a land where the idea of “liberty and justice for all” wasn’t just a political slogan.

I am sorry to point it out, but our balkanization is leading to liberty and justice for none.

Look at what they have done to Paula Deen. And pardon the “racist” dog-whistle but have you noticed the lynching of George Zimmerman? Did you realize that President Obama is just as “white” as “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman? Have you ever heard anyone refer to Obama as a “white African?”

Did you see George Zimmerman’s mother on the witness stand? She appeared less “American” than Trayvon’s mom. English is her 2nd language. Funny what happens when two “minorities” are pitted against each other.

Understand that if you are against illegal immigration then that qualifies you as being “racist” as well. Any pride or defense of “whiteness” is classified as racism. I have a right to be as proud of my white heritage as Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton is of their African heritage.

If white-Hispanic Zimmerman is found not guilty will whitey riot? Will the white gangs hit the streets and scream “cracker?” Will the media seek out the opinions of judicially-abused white folks? Can you imagine any white politician calling for white mob violence?

When white people do organize into Tea Parties they are labeled, you got it, racist. Meanwhile, black mobs are encouraged by black leadership. “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon…”

Come on folks. Over 95% of the black-skinned voted for Obama in the past election. Nearly 70% of Hispanics voted for him as well. That seems pretty racist to me…

If “white Americans” are so racist how can you explain the fact that nearly 40% of white voters voted for a black man? If Romney, or any other white Republican, was able to capture 40% of the black and Hispanic vote the Democrats would be toast.

Divide and conquer the white vote through white quilt and fake racism is the only way the PCers can win. The Christian-American ethic is what they are trying to destroy. Race is the weapon that they are using.

Racism has not made America better, it has made us worse. If the race-hustlers had lived up to the creed that children would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character all of America would be in a better place today. The color of the skin is meaningless. The content of the character is everything. Unless you are fomenting division.

But don’t waste your time explaining that to the skin watchers.

It wasn’t crackers like me who taught young black men about gang bangin, gansta rap, and bitches and ho’s. I never told them not to marry their mother of their children, nor to drop out of school, nor to shoot other young black man.

That didn’t come from my culture. That’s not what MY Daddy taught me or his parents him. My Daddy was a hillbilly but he taught us how to behave. Don’t blame my family tree for the rotten fruit in black America.

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Ultimately, as I like to explain to people, we are one race, the human race, divided into two important subsets…those racing for heaven and those racing for hell. There is no skin color com judgment day.

I am sick of the race hustlers. I am sick of racism. I refuse to be silent on the great moral issues of the days simply because of the way I was born.

If riots occur after the Zimmerman verdict comes down we will know where to lay the blame. It won’t be the bitter-clingers who are responsible.

I am proud to be white. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to be a Christian.

The race-hustlers are dividing us so we don’t unite against the real oppressors.

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In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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I acknowledge the sins of those who came before us. I recognize the hardships they imposed on others. But I am proud of my “Fathers” who forged a land where the idea of “liberty and justice for all” wasn’t just a political slogan.