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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
November 1, 2012

Let me help you enjoy the next few days.

Obama is going to be thrown out on his nose.

I have no dog in this hunt, so this is not some biased, Republican typing you these reassuring words.

Relax, Betty. Obama is toast.

The entire election process is about money. Reports tell us that Obama and Romney have spent $2 BILLION on this election.

Two billion. Let that sink in…

Now ask yourself this. Where has all of that money been spent?

I am not a political expert, but it seems to me that a bundle has been spent on media buys…those dastardly commercials that are non-stop here in Ohio. (Damn I’ll be glad when this thing is over.)

So ask yourself this. Do the media have a vested interest in making sure that the election appears to be close? If it was a blowout election would all of these dollars be spent lining the pockets of the media-fat cats?

Pick your side…Republican or Democrat…Fox News or MSNBC…the media conglomerates get rich by making the election appear to be close. It has dominated the news-shows for three solid months.

The polls tell us the score of the game…or at least, what pollsters THINK the score is. Keep the score close and the folks will pay attention. Do you watch a blow-out football game late in the fourth quarter? We are late in the game…and the game isn’t really close.

But they tell us it is. They keep you watching. The candidates spend the dollars. The media-moguls line their pockets. Hannity’s ratings go up.

Dick Morris says this…Karl Rove says that…Pat Caddell has a different take…Paul Begala and James Carville stir their spin.

Come on now. Would you be listening to them if the game wasn’t close? Do they have more influence if the game is close? Do they profit from a close election?

Will their speaking fees go up after the election is over? Will all of the network face-time benefit them? Do they have a reason to make it appear close?

Obama will not win Ohio. He will not win the election. Bitter clingers can hardly wait until next Tuesday.

Follow your instincts and not the pundits and certainly not the polls.

Let me help you.

Answer these questions.

Can you name ONE of Obama’s constituencies where he will increase his votes from the last election?

Will more blacks turn out and vote for him? Isn’t there actually opposition to him this time from the black clergy? Will MORE blacks turn out this election? NO!

What about college students? Obama is holding all of his campaign stops in college towns. Will the young voters turn out in droves like they did in 2008 to support Hope and Change? Will large numbers of those who graduated from college in the past four years with high student debt and poor job’s vote for him again? Nope.

Is the war on women going to produce more voters? Most women are not worried about birth control and abortion. The war on women is about higher food and fuel prices. Women are worried about how they will provide for their kids. When they go to the grocery store or the gas station they are not concerned about “women’s rights.” They are concerned for their families. Women are mothers. They love their kids. They see their child’s future prospects eroding. Are more women going to vote for him? Use your head.

How about the union workers? The union bosses love Obama but the rank and file doesn’t. The war on coal alone will destroy Obama in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Do you really think he will increase his numbers with union workers? More blue-collared American workers are going to vote for this guy? Give me a break.

Do you think the Catholics are going to turn out in greater numbers for him after the brouhaha over contraceptives at Catholic hospitals, universities, and charities? The American Bishops are actively opposing him and his policies.

All the media can do is try to confuse us…make the game appear close…while they rake in the dough.

The election of 2010 saw a sea change in American politics. From local dog-catcher to the US Senate, Joe Six-Pack American threw the socialists out on their butts. The citizens are still livid about Obama-Care…despite what the Supreme Court said.

The Republican turnout was low for John McCain. They didn’t like him…they knew he was a phony. They were sick of GW Bush and Republicanism. They stayed home.

But they won’t this time. They love America and they wonder what happened to her. They don’t like Romney…but they hate Obama and his policies. Hate and fear are powerful forces. Even though they won’t admit it, they have questions about Obama. They wonder where he was born…they wonder if he is an American at heart…they wonder if he is a Muslim…

They will never voice it because they are afraid they will be called names…but they will turn out in record-droves to boot him out. They are not racist…they are Americans. And they question whether the guy in the White House even understands grass-roots America.

They hate Chris Mathews. They hate Rachel Maddow. They hate MSNBC and the mainstreamed media. They are tired of having their values mocked. They are tired of being called racist, and un-American. They are sick of the war on freedom and the war on Christianity. Nov. 6 is payback. It will be one huge “get the hell out of my life” moment.

They have watched Obama’s apology tour. They have seen him buddying up to the Muslims. They have watched Benghazi. They know Obama is a pathological liar.

They look at Romney and they have questions. But they can tell that he is a “family man.” They can tell he has a fear of God…even though they realize he doesn’t serve the God of the Bible. They see in Obama a man who either thinks he is, or wants to be, God. Ann Romney or Michele Obama? Come on…

America doesn’t hate rich people. They understand that wealthy people make America work.

Truth be is the lazy-poor people they disdain…the welfare cheats…they know America needs a successful man to run the country.

Come on now. Are Obama and the Democrats more popular now than they were in the 2010 mid-terms? You know the answer.

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The polls are rigged…have been all the way. Here is all you have to remember. Look at any poll…Romney 50 Obama 47…no matter the poll, no matter the numbers. A sitting president this late in an election will only get the number he has now. Obama is at 48 nationally. He won’t get any higher. Forty-eight does not win. As Yogi Berra would say…you can look it up.

The God-haters will lie, steal, and cheat to win. They better. It is their only chance.

Do you remember Barry Goldwater’s slogan when he ran for President in 1994?

“In your heart, you know he’s right.”

Obama is toast. In your heart you know it.

And in your heart…you know I’m right.

It won’t be close. Turn off the TV and enjoy the next few weeks. Just go vote.

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In 1999 Coach Daubenmire was sued by the ACLU for praying with his teams while coaching high school in Ohio. He now spends his energy fighting for Christian principles in the public domain.

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I am not a political expert, but it seems to me that a bundle has been spent on media buys…those dastardly commercials that are non-stop here in Ohio. (Damn I’ll be glad when this thing is over.)