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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 30, 2012

Is it just me or does it seems like we don’t even know what a man is supposed to be today?

With all of the gender-blending that is taking place is it any wonder that our young boys no longer know what it means to be manly?

What does a man look like? How does a man act? How does a man speak?

That would be a great opinion- poll to take of pre-teen children in today’s government schools. It would be revealing.

The media has gradually and purposefully changed the image of men. Today, they don’t even look like men. I wrote this nearly three years ago. It is worth another read.

Michele and I were doing some out-of-town street ministry a few weeks ago and as we flipped through the channels one evening in our hotel room we came upon an old re-run of “Bonanza.” I commented to my girlfriend/wife that I could remember when our family used to gather around the black and white Philco, eat some popcorn, and enjoy the escapades of Ben, Adam, Hoss, Little Joe, and Hop Sing their politically-incorrect chef.

“It was Dad’s favorite show.” I told her. “Everyone had to be quiet when Bonanza came on. Mom made Kool-Aid and Dad popped the corn using bacon grease he had saved from breakfast. It was the 1960 version of the family’s night out.”

Michele and I sat mesmerized in our hotel room as the story-line played out in this old-episode on “The Ponderosa.” But this program wasn’t unique. Every story-line was the same. Only the names of the villains changed.

And that’s what made it so fun to watch. There was never any question about who was going to win in the end. Ben and the boys would prevail because of what they stood for.

They stood against evil. They were the good guys against the bad guys. They fought injustice, defended the weak, and fought for the family name.

That’s one of the things that made it so fun to watch. In every episode there was a fight. Usually with fists, sometimes with guns, but ultimately evil was overcome by the sheer force of good.

No one had to tell you that the Cartwright’s were the good guys. They didn’t wear white hats, although the bad guys did often wear black, because they didn’t have to. Back then we all knew the difference between right and wrong. The Cartwright’s enforced it. The good guys always won.

When the show ended Michele made an astounding, profound comment. She didn’t mean for it to be so impactful, but it was a dart right to the heart.

“Boy, the men were sure men back then, weren’t they?”

I don’t know about you, but much of my morality was shaped by what I watched on the boob-tube. I learned about life from watching Rawhide, Have-Gun Will Travel, Combat, The Rifleman, and Gunsmoke. Clint Eastwood, Richard Boone (Palladin), Vic Morrow, James Arness, and Chuck Connors taught me how a man responded to evil.

But that was back when there was such a thing as evil. Today, evil is nothing more than an alternative life-style. To call something evil today is to be “judgmental.” Hoss and the boys called evil, evil, and took it face-on. The good guys won and the bad guys lost.

Today, there are no bad guys…except for those who want to “judge” others. Real men fight evil. Today’s men are taught to tolerate it.

Today, we teach boys to get “in touch with their feelings.” Women “feel” things. Men “fight” things. Or at least they used to.

But not today. Today, we teach our boys to act like the girls.

I remember in the 2nd grade when two of my classmates, Sarah and Beth came to blows on the playground. I can still hear Mrs. Oldham scolding the girls as she broke up their cat-fight.

“Young girls are not supposed to fight like boys!” She scolded them.

Hmmm…Today boys are taught that boys don’t fight.

Maybe that is why I hate politics so much. If you are a “real man” you will never make it in politics. Talking straight is labeled as “harsh.” A war of words is no war at all.

Quick now…who would you bet on in a fist-fight between Romney and Obama? Do you think either one of them has ever had a bloody nose?

Better yet…how about Mitt Romney against Michelle Obama? See what I mean…

Neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama are real men. They are “sophisticated”, “educated”, “no-dirt-under-their-nails”, aristocratic sissies. Little Joe would have kicked their asses.

In other words, they are the quintessential sissy-men that socialism-loving Ivy League elites love to mass produce. They are emasculated, name-calling weenies. It is what the past thirty-years of cultural-Marxism has given us; A war of words by egghead academicians.

Did you know that since Reagan, every President has been an Ivy League grad?

Maybe that is why a guy like Chris Christie is so appealing. Even though I don’t agree with some of his policies I would love to see him in a ring with the African-Queen living in the Whitehouse.

(I wonder if Chris Christie and Hoss Cartwright are related.)

America needs a renaissance of rough-housing. We men must reclaim manhood.

But where would a young guy learn to be a man today? In church?

Give me a freakin break, Tonto! The church is home to the most emasculated, gelded, men in the entire world. “Worship leaders” are skinny-jean, moussed-haired, sissies, while most Pastors mimic Mr. Rogers. Churches are where manhood goes to die.

(“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, won’t you be mine?”)

Could a boy learn to be a man by going to our government schools?

Yeah right, Rosie. Nearly 90% of elementary teachers are women. Is it any wonder that our boys are being feminized? If a young male shows any sign of testosterone he is quickly identified as ADHD, medicated, and punished with suspended recess. The average elementary school boy in America is trained to be a man…by a woman. Go figure.

Could a boy learn to be a man by watching TV?

Sorry, Barney. Manhood is under direct attack on TV. The last thing the homosexual producers, directors, and writers want is to provide a role model for today’s children that show a masculine man. Can you imagine Clint Eastwood or Chuck Connors in prime-time today? Do you think that is by accident? My goodness…they carry GUNS!!! What bullies!!

Come on now. We traded Vic Morrow for Charlie Sheen and The Lone Ranger for Will and Grace. What do you expect to happen to manhood?

Can a boy learn to be a man from his peers?

Sorry, Chaz. How has that worked in the black community where 75% of children are fatherless? Gangs become the family. Drugging and dropping out becomes the “manly” thing to do. Suburban white children are no better. They are taught to go-along to get along by their Christian-pacifist Sunday school teachers, under the watchful eye of their “What, me Worry” Pastor.

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The government-media complex does not hate violence, they merely claim they do. They thrive on it. They promote it. They engage in it.

It is resistance they hate…especially Christian resistance. That’s why they hate guns, hate God, hate the Truth, and hate real men. Sissifying the men is the only way they can win.

“Truth, Justice and the American Way” was the battle cry of Superman. We don’t know what any of those three mean anymore.

Just wondering…did Matt Dillon wear mousse?

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When the show ended Michele made an astounding, profound comment. She didn’t mean for it to be so impactful, but it was a dart right to the heart.