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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
August 12, 2010

Just when you think you have seen it all….

My brave friend Pastor Bill Dunfee is a man who makes me proud. For the past four years this faithful man of God has spent every Friday night outside a local strip-joint in Ohio called The Fox Hole. Let there be no doubt, if there ever was such a thing as a “hell-hole” the Fox Hole is it.

Not necessarily looking for a fight, but not afraid of one either, Pastor Bill and the men of his church, made the decision that it was the responsibility of the church to remove this blight from their community. Believing that it did not live up to the “community standards” of this out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere sleepy town, they began a journey that they never dreamed would take on international significance. They just thought that this sludge-pit ought to go.

Pastor Bill has courageously said, “We will not share territory with the Devil.” America could use a million more Pastors like him.

Well, my friends. It looks like this thing is about to come to a head.

Just this week the press picked up on the fact that for quite some time the strip-joint has turned the table on the congregation that Pastor Bill leads at New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw, Ohio. In a classic “man bites dog” story so fitting for the upside down times in which we live, it seems that the strippers have had their fill of Pastor Bill’s stand and have been spending their Sunday morning picketing his church.

That’s right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you and I did not commit a typo. THE STRIPPERS ARE PICKETING THE CHURCH!! Read the story here. Better yet, take one minute and watch this pathetic video of the strippers sitting outside the church in bikinis as young children walk into Sunday service.

I love Pastor Bill. He is a man’s man….but more importantly; he is one of God’s men. He not only will not “share territory with the Devil”, but his straight-talking, no nonsense, unashamed-of-the-Gospel approach has lead him to say such “un-Christian” things as:

Tom George (strip club owner) " is a parasite, a man without judgment,"

I wonder what Joel Osteen would have to say……

Pastor Bill’s battle has not been an easy one. During his four-year vigil he has been threatened with arrest and harassed by “Law enforcement”, drug into court, hit with a civil lawsuit, and laughed-off serious death threats. He has been scorned by local “pastors” who did not appreciate his “approach” (while their approach was to hide their eyes), lost members of his congregation because they grew tired of defending their pastor around the water-cooler to their sin-accepting “Christian” friends, and spent countless hours for over 200 consecutive Fridays ministering to both patrons and dancers about the need to “flee immorality.”

Most of us haven’t been in church for 200 consecutive SUNDAYS….let alone 200 consecutive mid-night shifts on Fridays outside the Fox Hole. Pastor Bill is a faithful servant.

As usual, I always look at things a little differently. I remember a day when there were no strip joints, especially not in small towns; when no women would publicly admit that she was a stripper; when cops would have done everything they could do to protect and defend wholesome values; and when the values of the church house were the values in everyone’s house.

But today the world is upside down. The cold, dead, Bible-less church has lost its saltiness. Because the church no longer fears the Lord, the strippers…and the cops…and the pimps…no longer fear the church. Today, Pastor Bill, and the Bible he carries are an anomaly…foreign to this “my life, my rights, my body” culture whose decadence parades openly on the stoop of the House of God.

Everything wrong in America can be traced to the cowardly, man-pleasing church. Who needs a Devil when we have sin-appeasing hirelings in the pulpits?

As I watched Pastor Bill’s faithful stewardship of his community, and the howls and cackles of the unrepentant, I am reminded of what David the shepherd boy asked all of the “professional” Christians when he showed up on the scene of Goliath’s derision of God’s people.


“Who is this uncircumcised Philistine who would defy the armies of the living God?” Or, in modern vernacular David asked, “Who is that scoundrel treatin’ y’all like that?”

I talked to pastor Bill today. I asked him how many local churches have come to his defense since the news reports first broke. You know the answer…“live and let live”…and “who are you to judge”…are the song of the sirens that the castrated, effeminized watchmen are bleating.

I’ll be standing with my friend Bill Dunfee this weekend outside the Fox Hole. I am ashamed that I too have been lax in my responsibility. I remember hearing somewhere that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. This brazen flaunting of sin in the face of the “armies of the living God” must not go unanswered.

Two years ago Ohio passed a referendum by 75% vote of both houses that mandates:

No sexually oriented business shall be or remain open for business between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. on any day, except that a sexually oriented business that holds a liquor permit pursuant to Chapter 4303. of the Revised Code.

The Fox Hole does not have a liquor license. They are in clear violation of the law. The Sheriff’s department refuses to enforce the law. It is time to turn up the heat.

Please make a call. Contact Sheriff Timothy Rodgers 740-622-2411 and County Prosecutor Bob Batchelor 740-622-5366 and ask them to do their duty and enforce the law.

They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them. Proverbs 28:4. It is our duty to contend.

Operation Save America is one ministry standing with Pastor Bill. On their website they have succinctly framed the argument.

“Yes, the Foxhole, a local strip club, has been stealing the hearts of husbands from their wives and the hearts of fathers from their children for quite some time. Pastor Bill and several gentle Christian warriors have been storming the gates of hell at this particular venue for the past four years."

Pastor Bill needs your help. In the most recent article Fox Hole owner Tom George commented, “George said he expected his counterprotest would stir up some trouble. He doesn't care. He said Dunfee's continued presence at his club has nearly destroyed his business and escalated to harassment of his employees.”

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It looks like business is not good at the ole Fox Hole. Your phone call can help them push the doors shut for good. That would be a well-deserved victory of the good guys.

We need more pastors with guts. Thank God for Pastor Bill Dunfee.

Make the calls and help slam the doors for good on the hell hole known as the Fox Hole.

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I talked to pastor Bill today. I asked him how many local churches have come to his defense since the news reports first broke. You know the answer…“live and let live”…and “who are you to judge”…are the song of the sirens that the castrated, effeminized watchmen are bleating.