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By Coach Dave Daubenmire
January 14, 2010

“One dead, one wounded.”

That is one of the slogans we use when standing outside of an abortuary. The idea that a young woman can enter into such a dastardly place seeking “reproductive health” and leave un-scarred is one of the greatest myths ever perpetuated upon the descendents of Eve.

Abortion harms women. No matter what they tell you, post-abortive women will never forget what goes own behind the walls of the modern day holocaust centers where millions of little baby boys and baby girls have their body parts ripped from them like legs off of a cricket. No matter how thick the aroma of antiseptic that permeates the room, it is impossible to wipe from the memory of the young women what took place behind the sparsely decorated “office.”

She will never be the same. Every time she hears a vacuum cleaner whirl, or looks into the eyes of another woman’s young baby, the pungent smell of that room will seep into her memory. She will never forget. No matter how much she tries to convince herself that what she did was the right thing to do, she will never forget.

Abortion harms women. “One dead, one wounded.”

Those “pro-choicers” who so piously proclaim how abortion “frees “ women are worse than the death-scorts that herded helpless humans into Nazi gas chambers. As the serpent in the garden lured Eve towards the forbidden fruit, the feminazi’s entice young, impressionable, “socially-conscious” young women into the fight for control of “their body.” Repeating the words of the reptile “did God really say” the women are convinced that the killing of one’s child will have no long-lasting consequences.

That is a lie. They are of their father the Devil, and the works of their father they will do. He lies, they lie. Millions of women today are scarred for life by the lie’s of Satan’s minions “You shall not surely die.” Little did they know that “reproductive care” would lead to such life-long misery.

Yes, abortion harms women.

I see it when we stand outside of the killing centers. Unsuspecting women, told that their child is a “blob of tissue” are escorted from their cars by the smiling ghouls, many themselves scarred by their own post-abortive trauma, (misery loves company) into the death chambers where a temporary solution to a permanent problem awaits them. Like an animal with it’s foot caught in a trap, young women think that gnawing off their leg will set them free, when, in fact, it tragically leads to a lifelong limp.

One dead, one wounded.

The minion’s lies of “my life, my body, and my choice” are straight from the mouth of Beelzebub. Their desire for “liberation” has brought liberty only to the men in their lives. No longer are men required to accept responsibility for the life they have jointly created, but instead pony up $500 (the cost of a good sound system) to help make the problem go away. “It is her choice” I have heard many liberated men say outside the clinics; at least the few who have the decency to accompany her to the “women’s health clinic.” Woman’s liberation liberated men from responsibility.

“Real men don’t kill babies….they raise them.” I can’t count the number of times I have said that to daddies outside the slaughterhouse. “You’ll still be a daddy; you’ll just be the daddy of a dead baby.” They shrug their shoulders as they look at their watch, hoping she will be done in time for the afternoon football game on TV.

We are all complicit, you know. Accessories to a crime, I believe is what they call it. We have willingly hid our eyes from what is taking place in our midst. Our churches are full of women who earlier in their lives bit from the apple that seemed so enticing. Ten, twenty, thirty years later they are still haunted and tormented by the little face that never reached the magnet on the outside of the refrigerator.

Deep inside, every woman knows her real purpose is to bring new life into the world. The older she gets the more she realizes it. No matter how many children she has, she cannot forget the one she didn’t. She can’t tell her husband, she can’t tell her children, she can’t tell her friends. So, like a cancer, what she did eats away at her soul. She has no peace, no joy, and no relief.


It is an unspeakable horror. How do you tell someone that you killed your baby? How do you reach out to those who will understand? How can you justify to anyone the killing of your precious, defenseless off-spring snuggling safely in the warmth of the womb? What kind of mother could do that?

So they bury what they have done, as they cry out in the night. “If abortion is such a good thing why do I feel so bad?” Anger, regret, and grief are their constant companion, buried under the façade of a plastic smile. But the ache never goes away.

Abortion harms women.

Next week we will commemorate the thirty-seventh year of “choice” in America. The landscape is strewn with the victims of those who bought in to the lie that abortion was nothing less than “reproductive rights.” A trip to the clinic was no different from a trip to the dentist to have your wisdom teeth removed. Both a baby and your teeth are “blobs of tissue.” Removal would be quick and painless, but both leave a hole that does not quickly heal.

Abortion harms women. “One dead, one wounded.”

January 22, 1973 is the real “day that will live in infamy.” As we acknowledge another year of the “genocide” of young children let this be the year that the scab is removed and that the true healing can begin. A scar is evidence of a former wound. Let’s let Jesus turn the wounds into scars.

As difficult as it might be we need to talk about abortion in the church. Statistics show that over 50% of women in America have had an abortion. Tragically, included in those numbers are many women who occupy a pew. Week after week the attend “service” but leave empty. They cannot forgive themselves.

I will never forget a night a few years ago where a friend of ours, I’ll call her Tammy, boldly walked to the front of the church and confessed that as a teenager she had killed her baby. Tears streamed down onto her sweater as she spoke of the torment she had carried over the years. As she wept that night, for the first time in a long time, joy flooded into her heart.

Then Marilyn came forward, followed by Susie, as they too opened their heart to the “balm of Gilead.” No longer hiding in the shame of sin, the light of truth set them free from years of self-condemnation. Finally, as they received the forgiveness of the Lord, they forgave themselves.

We are told in Scripture that “they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and loved not their own lives unto the death...” Confession is good for the soul. It frees one from the bands of secrecy that for so long has tied our hands and feet, and releases us to more boldly walk out our faith. Want victory over sin? You are going to have to tell somebody…the “word of your testimony”…will bring others to freedom from the yoke of sin.

You see, so many women cannot fight boldly against abortion for fear that their own sin might be exposed. The sit silently in the pew, harboring their own regret, as they watch young women walk off the same plank they stepped over thirty years before. Let Jesus set you free so that you might free others.

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It is time to stand up. Abortion has destroyed enough lives. Let the Lord turn your test into a testimony. Women have suffered enough. Until the church deals with the scourge of abortion the battle for life will never be won.

How can we stand silently by as other young women chew off their leg? Let Romans 8:28 become real in your life.

“One dead, one forgiven.” Let this be the year.

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Deep inside, every woman knows her real purpose is to bring new life into the world. The older she gets the more she realizes it. No matter how many children she has, she cannot forget the one she didn’t. She can’t tell her husband, she can’t tell her children, she can’t tell her friends.