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About NWV

NewsWithViews.com is dedicated to revealing lies, innuendo and agendas - wherever they may be.  Our political affiliations are not to the left or the right, but to "what is right and true."

Our goal is to bring you the best news and commentaries on current events that may be manipulated or controlled by the left leaning local news paper. 

Our aim is to enlighten, educate and awaken people to the real issues facing Josephine County and the world today.

NewsWithViews.com started publishing June of 2001. We noticed that there were websites that were the mouthpieces for the Republican party, the Democratic party, the feminist movement, the environmental movement, the Christian Right, etc., Everyone was in someone's corner. The Left points a finger at the right, the right points a finger at the left. Neither side sees their own evil and hypocrisy, they escape the truth about themselves by blaming and pointing a finger at the other.

It's not a Jewish, Christian, or a Muslim issue, neither is it a conservative or a liberal issue, nor a Republican or a Democrat issue, it's a Right or Wrong issue. Truth is UNIVERSAL. Everyone can recognize it but, some choose to reject it. Truth and honesty unite, lies and deception divide. Bare in mind that Truth is hate to those that hate the Truth.

NewsWithViews.com is NOT affiliated with any religious organizations or groups. We believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind.

We run a small operation with a dedicated unpaid staff. All donations are appreciated. Click here if you wish to donate.

The views and opinions held by our writers and contributors are their own, and not necessarily the views of our advertisers, NewsWithViews.com or its staff.


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