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Jon Christian Ryter

July 27, 2003

In a message dated 7/26/03 at 1:38:20 AM from a friend in Israel, I received an e-mail that contained this hyperlink: muslimlife/rap.htm.

The heading of the article is "Native Deem's Muslim Rap. Once again, the United States State Department is promoting the Muslim lifestyle. This time, they refrained from talking about the Koran. Even so, make no bones about it, the United States government is promoting Islam--something that is forbidden to them by the Constitution of the United States.

I took a screen shot of the State Department's web page at muslimlife/rap.htm The three images that complete the page are shown below (for those of you who can receive embedded images in your e-mails). If your e-mail server cannot display images, please go to rap.htm to see this page.

Just as the U.S. State Department has tried, since September 11, 2001 to conceal the role played by the Saudi government in financing the Islamic extremists who attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center, the liberal bureaucrats in the State Department are doing everything within their power to convince the American people that the Muslim faith is a benign, peace loving religion that is not dissimilar to America's Judeo-Christian ethics.

One of the masterminds of September 11, Ramzi bin al-Shibb (Mohammed Atta's room-mate) described the type of violence used in Israel as the "tax" that Muslims must pay for gaining authority on Earth. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad declared that the emerging New World Order is a source of humiliation for the Muslims and that it is better for the youth of Islam to carry arms and defend their religion with pride and dignity than it is for them to submit to the global humiliation of the western industrialists.

The sole purpose of al Qaeda, al-Zawahiri claimed, is to restore the dignity of the Muslims. That said, it is clear to the Islamic extremists that the real targets of the violent attacks perpetuated by Muslim extremists all around the world are not the victims who are specifically targeted, killed and maimed, since they are merely pawns in the theological war being waged by the Islamists. The real targets of the Islamic Jihad are the industrialists and bankers who, from their pinnacles of power in New York, London, Paris, Brussels, and the other financial capitols of the world, are fabricating the emerging New World Order one tier at a time. However, since they cannot be reached, the jihad must be aimed at their surrogates--the human capital, the commodity of commerce of the emerging global economic order.

The State Department knows this.
The politicians in Congress know this.
And, the man on the street--if he really thinks about it--knows it as well.

The Muslims in the Mideast, particularly in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, are "friends of convenience" to the United States. In reality, they dislike America as much as the militant Iraqi and Syrian Arabs and the theocratic Persians in Iran.

And, make no bones about it, even as they offer lip service to their affection for the United States, they feel contempt for the American people. We are, in their mind, the mindless pawns of the capitalists who control our government and promote usury through capitalism via a planned economy around the world. The tenets of capitalism and the free enterprise system are antithetical to the Muslim's koranic lifestyle and, hence, the reason the Muslim world opposes a capitalist-controlled New World Order.

Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the world. The Muslim populations in the western world have now become a major political force in the democracies of Europe as well as the United States. Efforts are now being made by politicians in every democratic society to placate what the politicos view as a new constituency. Because the Muslim clerics know that the Koran (Qur'an) advocates violence against the infidel to promote the religious transformation of the world to Islam, they have intensified their advocacy efforts worldwide to convince the laity of the world that Islam is a peaceful, benign religion that opposes violence in any form.

To the politicians (who sees no evil in trading souls for votes), it is a "harmless" swap--government orchestrated propaganda that makes the Islamist appear no more threatening than the Bible-believing Christian next door, for votes.

As long as the Bush State Department is promoting Islam it is violating the 1st Amendment ban on promoting a religion. It is important to remember that the religion of Islam is so intertwined with the culture of of the Islamic society that you cannot promote the culture of Islam without promoting its theology. That is why the culture of Afghanistan under the Taliban was theocratic, and why the culture of Iran still is. Even in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, the Arab Emirates and the other Muslim nations in the Mideast and around the world, the clerics and mullahs control the culture of the populace--and largely influence the cultural philosophy of their governments.

Even in dictatorial Iraq and Syria (which were both controlled by the atheistic communist Baath Party) where its leaders possessed the power of life and death over every member of society, Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad had to be careful not to openly offend the clerics and mullahs.

To the Muslims, it's about religion and the restoration of the dignity of the Islamist through the rebirth of the Muslim empire. To the west, it's about oil because oil is the pivot wheel that determines the nature of the global economy. The Arabs know this, and don't care. To the Islamist--particularly the Sunni Muslim--returning to the herds in the desert would be a purifying experience that would make the Muslim closer to Allah. The corruption of the world and the corruptness found by those chasing wealth in their own societies (which are being westernized) is due to oil. Without oil, they believe, the infidels within the Arab society could be saved.

To the industrialists and bankers who are carefully weaving the foundation cloth of the New World Order from the synthetic fibers of petroleum, if the flow of Mideast oil was cut off, the world would immediately become paralyzed, and the economies of the industrialized nations would collapse overnight. The affect would be 100 times worse than the Market Crash of 1929.

It would seem, knowing this, that the hierarchy of the New World Order would immediately eliminate their dependency on Mideast oil since the Arabs provide only about 25% of the world's petroleum needs. While the pundits insist that over two-thrids of the world's "proven" oil reserves are in the Mideast, the fact is that between the United States and Russia, there is enough oil to provide all of the needs of the world for the next 200 years or so. Add the oil reserves that have been discovered above the Arctic circle and along the Pacific atolls and islands where much of World War II was fought, and you have enough oil to last the world for the next 600 to 700 years--without ever using another drop of Mideast oil. This, by the way, does not take into account oil reserves in China, India, Pakistan or Central or South Ameria--or Antarctica.

The reason the industrialists have capped off much of the production in the continental United States, in Alaska along the North Slope, and in several European nations is, pure and simple, greed. Mideast oil, because of the nature of the terrain, is absurdly economical to produce. Alaskan North Slope oil costs five to ten times as much as Saudi oil to drill and transport to the refinery. The same is true of Siberian oil. If the industrialists had to rely on North Slope and Siberian oil, the cost at the pumps would be astronomical. And, it would devastate the economy.

Tragically, since the 1920s when the British and Americans began developing the oil fields in the Mideast, the Saudis have built the world's largest reserve of crude oil which they use to stabilize and control the price of oil worldwide by increasing or decreasing the supply as needed by their allies on Wall Street and "the City" in London. If the Sauds cut off the supply, or flooded the world markets with oil, the economies of the United States, England and the other industrialized nations would collapse overnight.

The Sauds know it.
The Americans know it.
And, the Islamists know it, too.

That's why muslimlife/rap.htm exists on the State Department's website. You might call it a quid pro quo for a stable economy even though a constitutional scholar would likely call it a violation of the Constitution's prohibition of promoting a religion.

� 2003 Jon Christian Ryter - All Rights Reserved

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"Just as the U.S. State Department has tried, since September 11, 2001 to conceal the role played by the Saudi government in financing the Islamic extremists who attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center, the liberal bureaucrats in the State Department are doing everything within their power to convince the American people that the Muslim faith is a benign, peace loving religion that is not dissimilar to America's Judeo-Christian ethics."