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By Betty Freauf

July 12, 2002

A number of years ago an old patriot in my area died and I acquired books and materials he'd collected over the years long before I recognized our Representative government and our Constitution was gradually being dismantled and replaced by unconstitutional United Nations Administrative government leading us ever so subtly into the biblical prophesied One World Government.

Putting my hands into the boxes full of musty publication is like a kid in a candy store. The most recent discovery was an American Opinion publication dated January 1973 entitled BEWARE METRO by Gary Allen, a graduate of Stanford University and author of the Communist Revolution In the Streets; Richard Nixon: The Man behind the Mask; Nixon's Palace Guard; and None Dare Call it a Conspiracy.

It is not unusual for presidents to use diversionary tactics to draw attention away from what they are doing or plan to do behind the scenes. In Oliver North's book UNDER FIRE he says the rule of politics is to get your side of the story out first and set the agenda. In other words, give the people a placebo.

President Clinton was very good at these tactics during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. In the book SPECIAL TRUST by McFarlane (c) 1994 he said President Nixon encouraged the idea of a foreign trip to divert attention from Watergate but perhaps one of Nixon's smoothest diversionary tactics was his trip to Red China on Air Force One on February 12, 1973 two days after he had signed Executive Order (E.O.) numbered 11647, says Gary Allen.


With all eyes on the precedent-setting excursion he and his entourage made to Maoland, this monumentally dangerous E.O. went virtually uncommented in the press. Carrying all the authority and power of a law passed by Congress, writes Allen, it was every bit as revolutionary as Mr. Nixon's trip to Red China.

Without so much as consulting Congress, President Nixon by Executive Order divided the United States into ten federal regions to be run by "Federal Regional Councils." Excused as a new means to develop "closer working relationships between major Federal grant-making agencies and State and local government," the Federal Regional Councils represented a major step toward the era of Big Brother predicted by George Orwell, said Allen. President George Washington had warned us to be weary of anyone who tried to divide our country into regions but his warning went unheeded. Every grant received by local government entities comes with mandates attached. Nearly every governmental entity today has a grant writer on its staff.

The Order stated: "There is hereby established a Federal Regional Council for each of the ten standard Federal Regions. Each Council shall be composed of the directors of the regional offices of the Department of Labor, of Health, Education, and Welfare, and Housing and Urban Development, the Secretarial Representative of the Department of Transportation, and the directors of the regional offices of the Office of Economic Opportunity, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. The President shall designate one member of each such Council as Chairman of that Council and such Chairman SHALL SERVE AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT (emphasis added). Representatives of the Office of Management and Budget may participate in any deliberations of each Council..."

Allen writes that this Executive Order had been "telegraphed" on March 27, 1969, in a policy statement by Professor Daniel P. Moyniham, then a top Presidential advisor. Professor Moynihan, who was a former chairman of the Fabian Socialists' Americans for Democratic Action, told newsmen at a press conference the creation of Federal Regional Councils "has been something Presidents have been trying to put into effect for almost twenty years now." And Daniel Moynihan's assistant added: "No President has ever been willing to bite the bullet. Now we have done so."

Today the United States preaches "democracy" but practices socialism and too many history professors worshipped at the shrine of St. Franklin (FDR) who gave the country an alternative to communism with his socialist "New Deal" which subverts our U.S. Republic.  A TIME magazine article many years ago said that FDR's administration was crawling with Soviet Agents.

Allen goes on to report the division of our country into federal regions was so radical a step that neither (Democrats) John Kennedy nor Lyndon Johnson had dared make the move. It took Richard Nixon (A Republican) to so hypnotize the American public that our very form of government could be changed without eliciting so much as a yawn. And then President Reagan signed a treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev merging our educational system with the Soviets. http://www.deliberate


But what is so bad about this the newcomers might ask? In fact, I have on record an Oregon legislator who said he thought removing city and county lines was a good idea.

Allen says the Federal Regional Councils are part of something known as Regional Government, Metropolitan Government, or "Metro."  Aaaah, there is a term that is familiar to everyone. In a nutshell, says Allen, Metro is the governing of an area or region by a central body of "experts" - planners who are usually appointed and vested with great powers, and who are not directly accountable to the people.


The basic strategy involved merging and consolidation of local city or town governments into a larger government and within the last ten years or so, we are seeing smaller school districts being consolidated with the bigger districts. All over Oregon little school buildings are vacant and are deteriorating from lack of upkeep while the "educrats" are begging taxpayers for more money to build bigger schools. 

Cities are merged with other cities and/or with a county. The counties are merged with other counties erasing state lines and while the State of Oregon still exists, as well as the city of Portland and the county of Multnomah, their independence will not exist. 

Metro is a mechanism for changing a limited Constitutional Republic into an unlimited autocracy without altering the apparent form of government and this all happened with a stroke of Nixon's pen when he signed that E.O. And when government is run by bureaucratic edicts, which for all practical purposes cannot be reversed by the people, a dictatorship exists.

In Oregon, at least, we still have the initiative process (but even it is under attack) whereby a mandated required number of signatures is gathered to put a secretary-of-state approved title on the ballot but this is NO WAY to run our Republic. However, in the absence of  elected officials obeying their constitutional oaths of office and doing the right thing, the initiative  has been used somewhat successfully to restrain huge property tax increases which would result in many people, especially senior citizens on fixed incomes, losing their homes because they could not afford the ever-increasing taxes. We have also seen many initiatives overturned by some black-robed judge operating under recently discovered false oaths after the people pass these measures. And Oregon has been designated one of the "pilot states" to introduce Vote-By-Mail so computer voting fraud is a very good possibility.


Today unelected and unaccountable "metrocrats" are operating in your cities, counties and states getting their marching orders from an office in a Rockefeller-financed building in Chicago,  and they are the ones that set policies behind the scenes. Your elected officials are nothing more than puppets whose strings are being pulled by these social engineers.


Because we have strayed from Constitutional government and are now under Regional Administrative government (with the United Nations at the head), the caboose is starting to bang up against the engine. The economy isn't producing the revenues required to support all these socialists programs that have been implemented since 1973. Unlike the perverts on the Potomac who simply borrow more money for their programs from the Federal Reserve, who simply print money out of hot air -- no gold backing -- state legislators must balance their budgets so they find themselves on the horns of a dilemma and then they start making cuts.

City and county officials close parks and swimming pools, turn off street lights and release criminals from jail. Street potholes go unrepaired. Schools days are shortened and bus transportation is cut. A recent e-mail said winter in Alaska is serious business and the Alaska governor and his "metrocrat" assistants have decided the most efficient way to balance the budget is to close 18 community airfields and stop maintenance either year-round or in the winter months on 70 roads leading to remote communities essentially stopping the only source of food, fuel, mechanical parts, medical care and other items that Alaskans need for their day-to-day survival.

"Metrocrats" operate by coercion and intimidation and why these same folks work feverishly to destroy the Second Amendment - the right to bear arms.

I understand there is a new bill that has been introduced H.R. 2459 called Title I Establishment of a Department of Peace. Under the section entitled "Domestic Responsibilituies" there are exactly 13 directives including disarming the people and calling for the development of a "peace education curriculum" to be used by all public schools at every level. The children must be indoctrinated.

"Give us one generation of small children to train to manhood and womanhood and we will set up the Bolshevist form of the Soviet government" was a quote by Marion E. Sproul, Boston School Teacher in 1919 but it was also the 1919 Communist Party slogan.

Julie Kay Smithson wrote the following poem:

IN THE LAND OF OSTRICH (or Heads-In-The-Sand-Land) (c) 2001.

In the Land of Ostrich, which stretches far and wide

The truth is something about which everything is LIED

No one wants to know what they have lost

No one cares, no matter what the cost

In the land of Ostrich, no one can fly

In the land of Ostrich, no one remembers WHY

Of course, this poem was written before  corporations began collapsing and people losing their life-long savings. Is God trying to wake up the sleeping Ostriches? Only time will tell whether it has been in time or not.

2002 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

Betty Freauf has been a GOP activist for many years. Elected county chairman, state party secretary, congressional district chairman, candidate for Governor of Oregon in 1986, the house of reps in 1988 and 1990. 

She published a weekly "Legislative Action" newsletter for five Oregon Legislative Sessions, is an Excommunicated citizen Review Board Member to "WATCHDOG", Oregon's Child Protective Agency. (Relieved for asking too many questions)