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By Betty Freauf

January 21, 2002

In the pamphlet from 1969 titled  WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SOCIALISM, Dr. W. S. McBirnie says on page 4: "Socialism requires a powerful central government. People do not easily or naturally adapt themselves to socialism, so it must rest upon force."

With that in mind allow me to reprint some quotes that Oregon's Governor Tom McCall said on February 7, 1973, when he appeared before the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C. on U. S. Senate Bill 268 - the Land Use Policy and Planning Assistance Act.

"We feel Senate Bill (100), our old Senate Bill 10, still in effect, and S. 268, start the process to develop that system (of land use planning). So we would urge, speaking, I think for the people of Oregon, that you enact S. 268 speedily, backed by reliable funding, including the sanctions that have been stripped from the legislation because that is the only way it can be implemented with the determination it takes to meet this problem. If so, we will not leave our children a legacy of chaos... let's resolve that we no longer suffer from the 'buffalo hunter' mentality."

P. 37-38 "We must accept and provide for more government intrusion into decisions that heretofore have been largely private... I think we have to recognize in all honesty, and not gloss over the fact that there is going to have to be more of an intrusion into the private affairs of people in the public interest.  I want to note in that connection I am a member of the President's Citizens Environmental Protection Committee and that we have a special study going on land use planning and zoning and some of the other tough legal problems of land use. I hope, Senator Jackson (chairman) that our committee under Laurence Rockefeller, will make that material available to your committee."

P. 41 "I think you ought to put the sanctions on where they hurt most. Where they have the greatest leverage toward getting the kind of response that we would expect under this legislation..."

P. 42 "You also have to know that the closer you get to the grassroots the harder it is to do these things that you can do more easily as a State or more easily as the Federal Government because of the parochialism and whipsawing that comes when the neighbors don't want to do this to old Tom and they all meet in the election club and they are all friends. So we need the strong sword of Damocles that the Federal Government can provide because of this situation."

P. 46 "It might be sort of a 'cop out' to use the phrase again but when some county commissioners do some things under state law that are unpopular, they can blame it on old Tom and old Tom can blame it on the Feds. It is sort of convenient. They say this is what they ordered us to do. It gives you leverage in trying to do something that ought to be done. I don't think, however, that the sanctions should be painless because they would be meaningless if they were... certainly the sanctions shouldn't break the states. It shouldn't ruin their viability but they should sting like the devil."

On Page 50 of the testimony, Senator Hansen from the committee asks: "In last year's bill an amendment was added on the floor which would recognize what might be called an 'Inverse Eminent Domain Right'. That is, it would give to a landowner or property owner the right to go into a court and to seek an official declaration that his value in property has been diminished by the action of a zoning law. Would you favor the inclusion of such a provision in this bill?"

Governor McCall responds: "I would not for the reason that we have already accepted zoning within incorporated areas... to figure out what the losses were... it would be prohibitive. I am talking about $300 billion or something like that. That we might just as well forget planning and zoning, at least."

Now, this is yet another elected official who took an oath to defend the Constitution and then turned around and betrayed the very people who elected him to this high office of governor.

Abraham Lincoln said, "Whoever deprives men or women of land and a home of their own upon the earth not only dispossess his fellow men of their rights but flies in the face of God's law, and is defying Him in puny though merciless and wicked disobedience." And while Governor McCall may not have been outright depriving Oregonians of property, he certainly wanted to make it more difficult and he wanted the federal government to back him up in his radical environmental ideas.

Ten days before President Kennedy's assassination he said, "The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of his plight."

In Vol. 33, page H-1303 of the United States Congressional Record dated March 17, 1993, Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressed the House and said the United States is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He indicated it was an established fact that the United States Federal Government had been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719 declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent.

He said H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress - June 5, 1933, the Joint Resolution to Suspend the Gold Standard and Abrogate the Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

The Congressman said the receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This testimony is quite lengthy but to encapsulate, a lien has been placed against all of our land and personal property  for the U.S. national debt.

The Congressman asked: Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less?

He closes by saying we are reaping what has been sown, and the results of our harvest is a painful bankruptcy, and a foreclosure on American property, precious liberties, and a way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington, D.C. have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it.

America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, bankruptcy, and economic slavery of the most corrupt order, he said.

Therefore, once again some type of diversionary tactic was needed. In the book BARBARIANS INSIDE THE GATES (c) 2000, Page 379, it says the target continues to be the American public, which seems to be coming awake after a long, long sleep. The technique has been and continues to be divide et impera. The Enemy within has revealed to us that most aspects of our government are unreliable and unworkable. The people's faith in their government and in the Constitution has been slowly and maliciously destroyed. The immediate objective of the Barbarian within is fourfold:

(1) Destroy the Constitution
(2) Disarm the citizens
(3) Collapse the economy
(4) Introduce "the terror"
The clock is ticking. The time is 11:59 before midnight.

Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

Betty Freauf has been a GOP activist for many years. Elected county chairman, state party secretary, congressional district chairman, candidate for Governor of Oregon in 1986, the house of reps in 1988 and 1990. 

She published a weekly "Legislative Action" newsletter for five Oregon Legislative Sessions, is an Excommunicated citizen Review Board Member to "WATCHDOG", Oregon's Child Protective Agency. (Fired for asking too many questions)