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By Tom Adkins

June 16, 2002 


They say politics makes strange bedfellows. But it's rare to catch such antagonists such as the Catholic Church and Homosexual America between the sheets. Literally. Each is on defense in a sick and fascinating spectacle. By the thousands, men are admitting they were raped by homosexual priests. Yet the Catholic Church won't admit it has a problem with gay priests raping young boys. And Homosexual America won't admit gay men have a problem with raping young boys. But gay priests have been raping young boys at an alarming rate. That's the ugly truth. Sadly, the Church and Gay America are doing everything possible to avoid confessing their responsibility. 


Last week, the Pope declared there would be no tolerance of sexual assaults on children. Faced with this opportunity to demonstrate their principles, American Roman Catholic leaders cobbled a warped promise to defrock any priest who is "notorious and is guilty of the serial, predatory sexual abuse of minors." The local bishop would decide if cases are "not notorious." In other words: don't ask, don't tell, don't get caught, and don't worry. We got yer back. 


As usual, Gay America refuses to accept any responsibility, spinning this as celibacy-caused "pedophilia." Yet almost no women are claiming rapes at the hands of priests. In case anyone misses the obvious connection, this entire fiasco provides exceptional proof that gay men either cannot or refuse to control themselves when it comes to sex. This is decidedly not "pedophilia." This is homosexual rape. And both parties are running for cover. 


So how did these two strangers ever find themselves in a bordello of hypocrisy? 


During the 70s, liberal Democrats offered Gay America a moral escape clause, protection against scrutiny and political power. With power came a willingness to push the moral envelope. Homosexuals have always vociferously denied they have any young boy "problems". But for anyone who has bothered to investigate the homosexual world, the pressure on youth is all consuming. I had the unique experience of interviewing a politically active gay man in 1977, before politically correct lockstep dogma engulfed the American left. In a ratty little Philadelphia row home, this rare, honest and open representative from the Lesbian and Gay Alliance stated bluntly, "The most prized thing in the heterosexual world is beauty. The most prized thing in the gay world is youth. For homosexuals, there is nothing worth less than an old fag. Remember that, and you will always understand us." And so I have. 


Meanwhile, the Catholic Church faced a growing crisis in the 60s. Potential priests were drawn away to secular temptations. So, the church underwent a reformation, tempting priesthood candidates by easing standards. That attracted gay men. Why not? The Catholic Church offered a target-rich environment and an effective defense system for homosexual rapists. As a gay comedian once stated, "I once studied to be a priest. I'm gay - I'm Catholic - Duuuhhh" Big laughs. 


Worse, the seminary has been taken over by homosexuals. In his remarkable book Goodbye! Good Men: How Catholic Seminaries Turned Away Two Generations of Vocations From the Priesthood, Michael S. Rose documents homosexual teachers professing disdain for church doctrine and preaching radical homosexual and feminist doctrine. Priests routinely pressure students for homosexual sex, often trolling gay bars in drag, returning to frolic in the seminary shower. Today, an "old homosexual boys" network dominates the religious education of new priests. Straight recruits are drummed out. 


Meanwhile, the Church ignores the abuse of loyal parishioners and hides the awful truth: homosexuals have taken over a significant segment of the Catholic Church. Tales emerge daily about priests who assaulted hundreds of young boys, only to be shipped away to another unsuspecting parish. In response to this perversion of faith and flesh, the church began a policy of deny, obfuscate, guilt-trip, abuse constitutional protections, hide assets and aggressively countersue victims. 


The marriage of Gay America and the Catholic Church is now consecrated. Hallelujah! 


This isn't the first time these institutions have suffered a credibility crisis. Shortly after, the AIDS epidemic began, tens of thousands of homosexual men contracted the awful disease when gay leaders blamed Republicans for their plight, ignoring rampant gay promiscuity. But Ronald Reagan never had sex with a bathhouse full of young gay men. To this day, most gay men refuse to be monogamous. For that matter, few wear condoms. Yet as awful as that crisis has become within the gay community, it doesn't compare to the Crusades or the Inquisition, domestic terror done in God's name. Regardless, don't expect miracles. Galileo and Copernicus were condemned for proving the Earth revolved around the Sun. The Pope acknowledged its mistake and praised the men in 1992. 


By refusing to accept responsibility and morality, the Catholic Church and Gay America have united by creating a crisis that demolishes their credibility. How could anyone join a church that allows priests to rape children? And how can we permit homosexuals to infiltrate American society, such as the seemingly vindicated Boy Scouts? As the Catholic Church and Gay America struggle to escape their moral dilemma, they keep groping each other under the sheets, unwilling to admit the truth. Strange bedfellows, indeed.

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Tom Adkins is the executive publisher of  He is a frequent contributor to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Insight Magazine, The Hill, and numerous national papers, including the Washington Times. Tom is a frequent guest on Fox News, including Beyond the News, John Gibsonís weekend show, and Fox Live. Heís appeared on Politically Incorrect, Talkback Live (DC-VA area), CN-8, Philly After Midnight and Sunday Live (WPVI Philadelphia), along with countless radio interviews.   e-mail