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By Liz Schuh

March 27, 2002

Only recently on 20/20 TV it has been revealed a former priest, whose abuse begin at age 11 as a sixth grader, by other priests and later by a bishop, has come forward with his story.

I am sure many Catholics feel as though they are being severely persecuted by the media; however, the mainline media only seems to mention these "Sins of the Fathers", as the 20/20 special was named, when another young man comes forward and they are forced to report it again.

When evangelists Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker were caught in their "consenting adults" indiscretions, the media seemed to enjoy showing these clips over and over again.


The difference in these incidents, however, is that Swaggart and Bakker were broken and repentant before TV audiences whereas the bishop on the 20/20 program arrogantly proclaimed  what he did was "misguided therapy" and only touching took place, to which his victim commented, "Full body contact, naked, stimulation, one body on top of the other is only touching? All bunk."

When we read about King Saul in the bible, there are several practical lessons we can learn from his tragic life and death. Great sins often begin as little matters, such as impatience, disobedience and excuse making. A man goes from bad to worse when sin gets hold of him. Excuses are no substitute for confession and there is no substitute for obedience. I Cor. 10;12 tells us: "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.."

School teacher Mary Kay Letourneau was diagnosed by the "experts" as being bipolar, hippomania with metabolic imbalance and mood disorders. Never once was she told she had sinned and needed to repent.

And now is reporting that angry feminist Gloria Steinem is accusing 'white male dominance' [read article] for causing the Catholic church scandal, Hitler and even 9-11 never stopping to realize the feminist movement, which promotes lesbianism, is part of the problem too. More excuses.

And what excuses do we hear from our elected officials who promise certain things in the voters' pamphlets and when elected take a constitutional oath and then vote exactly the opposite? They say they are "only human."

A school principal in our town was recently arrested on D.U.I. charges plus spousal abuse. Some of his colleagues have come out opposing his possible firing making similar excuses for him. And yet he, like the priests, have young children looking up to them. They must set a good example and not make excuses.


Many state statutes now allow young people to bring charges against their perpetrators years after the abuse took place.

It will be interesting to see if any of these priests or bishops spend time in prison for their abuse of young boys as so many innocent people have served under false sexual abuse charges caused by vaguely written laws by elected officials.

One of the most hideous laws is allowing unconstitutional "hearsay" evidence into a trial when the constitution clearly states (at least in my state) that every defendant has a right to face his or her accuser. The lawyer that introduced this legislation in our state and got it passed is now running for Governor and because he's pro-life, all pro-lifers will support him -- no questions asked.


But it isn't so much what we are reading in the newspapers and seeing on the TV about these abuse cases, it's the fact that the word "homosexual" is rarely, if ever, used.

Recently we saw the movie about the Matthew Shepard story. The circumstances surrounding Matthew's murder were atrocious. No person should have to go through what the perpetrators did to Matthew; however, during that same time frame of the Shepard murder, a small boy was also abused and killed by two homosexuals and not one word in the media outside of the area where it took place. Will there be a movie about this little guy?

Could it be because bibles being used in today's lukewarm churches are soft on homosexuality, always a precursor to pedophilia which the homosexuality community hopes to make acceptable after they gain favorable status for homosexuals? (See: Another Patriot Jailed link)

In her book WHICH BIBLE IS GOD'S WORD, (c) 1994, by Gail Riplinger, she describes in detail on page 67-68 why the New International Version (N.I.V.) omits all censuring of the sodomite or effeminate. Riplinger says Dr. Virginia Mollenkott was a N.I.V. translator. So when you put the fox in charge of the chicken house, the chicks get abused.

Dr. Virginia Mollenkott wrote the book SENSUOUS SPIRITUALITY in which she mentions the "great number of lesbian or gay clergy" who have confided in her "secretly". She readily admits:

1. Her "homosexuality" (p. 12, et al)

2. Her views about "working secretly within the system." (P. 48)

3. Her belief in "lying...deviousness, and downright subversiveness... Subversion means a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine... "

(pp. 47-48)

Riplinger then asks, is it any wonder that the particulars of homosexual sins are omitted by a version that employed a closet homosexual stylist?

In the February 1994 publication of CHRISTIAN AMERICAN, Dr. Mollenkott calls the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition an "abusive parent" and says she can no longer worship in a theological context that depicts God as an abusive parent and Jesus as the obedient trusting child."

One of the Catholic fathers in the 20/20 TV program asked his victim if he kisses his father. He admitted he kisses both his father and his mother goodnight. Then the priest asked, "Would you like to kiss Jesus?"

We must pray for the fallen and disgraced priests that they repent of these vile sins against vulnerable boys which so many Catholic parents so trustingly place with church leaders.

We all remember the story about David. In I Sam. 16 David was eventually anointed as king. In verse seven it says the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart so truly homosexual repentant priests are as redeemable in God's eyes as Swaggart and Bakker and millions of others who have fallen into Satan's trap of some sexual sin.

However, James 2:10 says if we break one commandment, we are guilty of all which makes us all sinners because we all break the Ten Commandments on a daily basis almost. We are unable to save ourselves. Only true love, belief and understanding of Jesus saves.


Resurrection Sunday is as good a time as any for us to check the beam in our own eye before criticizing the mote in the eye of another. (Matt: 7:3) Our country is not under attack because of 'male dominance' but because of sexual immorality. God has simply removed his veil of protection from America and has allowed Satan to go around like a roaring lion devouring all those he can. Wherever the authority of scripture is removed, chaos soon follows and judgment appears at the door.


Lis Schuh is a researcher for the past 25 years, former reporter from an Eastern Washington newspaper, Political Activist, Editor of a legislative newsletter, business owner and former Chambers of Commerce member.

ED. Note: Have any of those homosexual, pedophile priests across America accused of molesting children been prosecuted? No, and if my intuition is right they won't be. Scribes and Pharisees (Political and Religious Leaders) protect each other.  Common people commit crimes, Scribes and Pharisees make mistakes.  

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