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By James D. Sanders
November 15, 2005

In light of the current inside-the-beltway insurrection, the rules of political warfare should be examined. The United States hasn't been a Republic for more than sixty years. Today's form of federal government is a national security state with a democracy fa�ade.

Federal propagandists offer up words and visuals 24/7, presumptively slanted to project political reality. Getting the public mind to accept it as fact is the goal. It's massaged into a news-like format and inserted into the public mind by dominant media, completing the federal mission to infect the public mind.

The Bush II administration effectively used dominant media to infect the collective mind of the masses to support the invasion of Iraq. Polling numbers told politicians that a parade was forming. Congress rushed en mass to lead the parade propaganda created.

This isn't an indictment of the Bush II administration. It is the way every president from Woodrow Wilson to Bush II has created war fever. Why would the dominant media, the Fourth Estate allow itself to be used for propaganda purposes?

Watch network news, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, or the CNN-CNBC variety. Read the New York Times and Washington Post.

Federal propaganda is what percentage of this news? How much space or time is allotted to questioning propaganda pouring out of the White House, DOD, State and CIA? How much time or space is allotted to exposing slanted or false federal propaganda?

Questioning federal propaganda, demanding facts, searching for documents and whistleblowers, are requisites to preserving the Republic created by our Founding Fathers. What level of effort, at what cost to the corporate bottom-line, does dominant media expend to protect and defend the republican ideal from false federal propaganda, lawlessness, cover-up, and dare we whisper -- conspiracy?

Dominant media treats federal propaganda as if it's real news, facts to be believed, instead of performing the essential role of defending the Republic. Why? It's free. Zero costs to diminish the corporate bottom line, revealing the awful truth -- when federal propaganda "facts" are exposed as lies, dominant media has a vested interest in protecting the lies it published as fact. Dominant media has become the national security state's pimp.

Challenge the federal propaganda machine and free media disappears. Airtime and column inches would have to be filled with real news obtained by real journalists who must be paid.

The cost differential between pimp and journalist is vast, so the dominant media abandoned the essential role of defending the Republic. Abandonment of the essential role was a breach of allegiance to the Republic � but none dare call it treason.

It's like watching a horror movie with a political twist. A stunning fact emerges from the dominant media induced federal propaganda fog -- today's form of federal government is a National Security State with a democracy facade.

Responsibility in a republic always lies with the citizen. The federal bureaucracy is always the tyrant in waiting. "We're from the government, we're here to help you" is always a joke within a Republic. Democracy is rule of the masses by propagandists with the skill to attract a majority. In a time of economic depression and world war, conning the citizenry was easy. The Republic fell, replaced by the democratic national security state.

Today, "we're from the government, we're here to help you," is the theme of democrats and republicans as they compete for power within a democracy. One national party with two major sub-units, democrat and republican, both committed to using power to amass more power, always in the name of creating a more perfect union for the powerless masses.

No need for intelligent voters. Intelligence doesn't matter when pulling the lever for federal elections because no meaningful choice is offered.

Unleashed by democracy, the tyrant, no longer in waiting, controls the collective mind of the American masses through dominant media pimps. Conned into believing change will come only if their party of choice holds onto or regains power, the masses cheer for the red or the blue on election night; intoxicating entertainment vital to maintaining the con. Unfortunately, the hangover's a killer. Today, the masses cheer for the Neo Cons attempting to retain their grasp on power, or the insurrectionists represented by Patrick Fitzgerald's team of prosecutors and investigators � backed by factions within the CIA, DoD, State and congressional Democrats.

If today's insurrection succeeds in removing the Neo Cons from power, the victorious insurrectionists will thrill the masses who cheered them on. Unfortunately, in the long run, nothing of substance will change. America will still be mired in an Iraq war that Iran, Russia and China are determined not to allow the United States to win. More than a trillion dollars per year will continue to pour out of the United States as America spends its way to an economic crisis.

No traditional dominant power structure will form to champion the dismemberment of Imperial America, the national security state. No traditional dominant power structure will form to champion the return of the Republic. Why? Because dominant media, the Fourth Estate will, as usual, side with the power structure responsible for overthrowing the Republic more than sixty years ago, bringing America to today's military and economic crisis. Democracy, rule of the masses by propagandists with the skill to attract a majority, will prevail.

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If you remove the brakes from an automobile, it will crash. No party or power block puts the brakes on federal military or economic excess. It's going to be one hell of a crash.

� 2005 James D. Sanders - All Rights Reserved

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James Sanders retired police officer turned investigative journalist with 4 published books and one video documentary. In 1997 I "pierced the veil" of the TWA Flight 800 national security state cover-up. [A retired Army colonel who spent his 30-year career in intelligence, told me I was the first journalist since World War II to "pierce the veil," therefore I would be indicted, tried and convicted as a message to other journalists.] I was indicted for conspiring with a source inside the federal "investigation.

The judge dismissed all jurors believing TWA 800 may have crashed due to a criminal act. The judge said it would not be fair to the Government to have jurors who believed a cover-up may be in progress. The prosecutor admitted he presented not evidence of my guilt to the jury. Never-the-less, he argued, the Appellate Court should not overturn my conviction because it was proper for the jury to draw an inference of guilt even in the absence of evidence. The federal 2nd Circuit agreed with this argument.










Questioning federal propaganda, demanding facts, searching for documents and whistleblowers, are requisites to preserving the Republic created by our Founding Fathers.