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By Attorney Alex Wallenwein
November 28, 2002

If you fear that the ideas this country was built upon (and I mean the freedom to be what you want, not the mental straight jacket called "equality for all") are about to receive their final blow as a result of terrorism, foreign and domestic (i.e., Al Quaida and power-grabbing US government officials), consider this:

The domestic power-grabbers have fought their battle for many years, decades, even centuries. They are extremely organized, absolutely ruthless in the pursuit of the their goals, and work behind the scenes, out of view of the general public, under cover of a beholden educational (speak: public schools) and informational (speak: mass media) infrastructure.

Throughout these years, decades, etc., they have consolidated their power base, centralized it at the top, and have consistently and effectively eroded the power that was supposed to be retained by the people. All of this to the point where individualsí ability to communicate their ideas to, and vote for, their elected representatives has been effectively neutralized (since leaders of both political parties work to achieve the same goal: continual erosion of US national sovereignty and eventual absorption into a one-world super-structure).

So what is left? You are caught in a double-bind trap where either choice you are given leads to the same end result desired by the would-be rulers.

There is a way out, and that way has been provided, courtesy of no one other than the source of all the freedoms we (and others) enjoy in this country. At the risk of sounding ridiculous to atheists and various others of the secular ilk, here is who it all came from in the first place:


Donít like it? Sorry. Itís a fact. And it is memorialized in the Declaration of Independence. You have a right to disagree, but you canít change the fact.

What does that mean? Do you have to be a "Christian" to help save this country? No. Not at all. But if you want to be EFFECTIVE in doing so, then you might want to consider the power God has provided for all of us to utilize - even in the "political" realm.

The key word here is: utilize. This power does not just come automatically with saying: "Yeah, okay, I believe in Jesus. Now what?" It has to be appropriated. That means it requires your action.

In every nation that has existed as a client nation to God since the ancient Kingdoms of Judah and Israel were annihilated (as a result of turning away from their only real hope for survival) there existed a pivot of spiritually mature believers that kept their nation going, that perpetuated it despite the continual onslaught of the forces of evil. Donít like that word either? Sorry. Truth hurts sometimes.

Spiritually mature believers are those who consistently learn, internalize, and apply Bible doctrine (the spiritual principles God has laid down for those who follow Him) to the point where they are able to utilize the enormous power God has guaranteed, but reserved only to mature believers (those who follow his mandates to "live in the filling of the spirit" or "walk by means of the spirit"). This is done by consistently utilizing the "rebound" technique of privately naming our sins to God, the Father, in order to return to the spiritual life after we have caught ourselves screwing up our life (called "sinning" for the uninitiated). (1 John 1:9).

It has just been demonstrated to us that purely political solutions (i.e., solutions that lie outside the realm of spiritual reality) are no solutions. The United States Congress has just voted on November 13, 2002, to pass HR 5710 which completes the illegal and unconstitutional usurpation of federal power over citizensí lives that was begun by the "USA Patriot Act." Once passed by the Senate (which is a forgone conclusion) George Bush will sign it into law. Itís his own bill. There will be no veto. That stroke of a pen will bring us into a federal police state - under a Republican watch - that Bill Clinton could only have dreamed of.

Under HR 5710, the Secretary of Health and Human Resources (thatís what humans are in the power grabbersí eyes: resources!!) Has the power to FORCE mass vaccinations of part or the entire US population with the smallpox vaccine, while at the same time preventing anyone who voluntarily wants to use the vaccine from doing so. Why?

A centralized data base created under the newly established Department of "Homeland Defense" will be able to centrally track every single credit card purchase, computer communication, electronic funds transfer, library use, and Internet traffic pattern you create. What the heck for?

More federal agents are allowed to carry fire arms while you are slowly denied the right to do so. The agents are empowered to make warrantless arrests under the mere suspicion of potential wrongdoing. This law was passed by a so-called "conservative," supposedly freedom-loving, Republican-controlled Congress. To protect which of our rights??

Anyway: with this kind of official abuse now in the process of passing as "law" under our very eyes, it becomes painfully apparent that our country is under direct attack not only from foreign terrorist enemies, but also (and maybe even more so) from within. The convenient excuse of a "terrorist threat" is used to deny us everything our government was created protect, all in the name of "national security" and protecting us from "terrorism." Go figure.

With that kind of onslaught on human freedom from all sides, external as well as internal, what avenues of power are left to us, the ordinary folks who just want to live our lives in freedom and have the chance to create some modicum of prosperity? Well, purely politically speaking, not many (if any).

But spiritually speaking, we have every conceivable power that exists in the universe, and beyond!

Just ignore the exclamation mark. I am not exaggerating. Such is the power God has potentially provided for us. The biblical reference for it is in Chronicles 7:14: If my people, who are called by my name, repent, and turn form their wicked ways, and humble themselves before me, and seek my face, and pray, I will hear them from Heaven, and I will forgive them, - and I will restore their land." (Wording varies according to the particular Bible translation you use).

The key here is that, in order to be among "those who are called by [His] name" you must be a spiritually mature believer. Only then do you become part of the "pivot" who can pray effectively - and utilize this power potential that God has offered.

It doesnít matter how many people you "evangelize," how much you pray, how much money you donate in church on Sundays, or how guilty you feel and all the attendant things you promise to "do for God" to make up for your little (or big) daily transgressions. It only matters whether or not you continue to function within the divine dynasphere Jesus commanded us to live in when he said: "Reside in the sphere of my love!"

Residing in this invisible, unfelt sphere of power means to consistently live in the filling of the spirit that occurs when we utilize the "rebound" technique of 1 John 1:9. Only in there, after we are forgiven our sins and are put back in spiritual fellowship with God, can we effectively learn and internalize His word, apply what we learned in our daily lives, and hope to have any kind of truly positive (divine) impact on the day to day reality around us. Only then can we effectively pray. Only then can we get Him to hear us and "restore [our] land."

Everything else is futile and feeds the very system the power grabbers are trying to establish.

None of this is to say that political action is "unnecessary" or somehow counter-productive. But is it only truly effective for the cause of freedom if you utilize the divine power God offered to every believer.

So, consider well! If all of this is just pseudo-religious gibberish to you, go your merry way, and God bless you in his own way. But if you recognize even a bit of truth in this, if your desire to help America stay free is in the least bit sincere, and if you realize this almost total lack of purely political (worldly) power that the power grabbers have left to us as individuals, then consider this very well. Investigate it. Learn it. APPLY it!

Only then will you have real impact. Only then will you be able to use what God has provided for us to keep us and other nations free until the end. And since we do not know when "the end" comes, please donít just sit back and say: "big deal, I am saved anyway, Iíll just let these things happen if they must come to pass." For if you do that, you commit blasphemy and you become a spiritual loser - no matter what your "station" in life is. Yes, youíre still saved, but you will lose all of the potential blessings God has provided to you that can be enjoyed here on earth. And you will deny them to everyone in your periphery as well, for then this country - and all the freedom it (still) provides - will turn into a loser together with you.

America, as an idea, will die.

The real estate it once encompassed will become part of an administrative region of the United Nations or whatever those smooth-talking, power grabbing freakozoids will end up calling it.

The fate of this country is in your hands, literally.

Consider well!

The principles expound in this article are from Col. Robert B. Thieme, Jr., Pastor and head of Berachah Church in Houston, Texas.

© 2002 - Alex Wallenwein - All Rights Reserved

Alex Wallenwein is a Houston based attorney in private practice and martial arts instructor. He immigrated form Germany at age 21 in 1981, graduated from College in 1986, and from law school in 1990. Years after graduating from law school, Alex discovered to his surprise that, despite three years of legal training and two semesters of "Constitutional Law" he knew nothing about the Constitution, its founding principles, and philosophical origins. To his dismay, he also discovered that average Americans often know even less about their country's founding history and principles. His articles seek to remind readers of the incredible heritage of freedom passed on to them, and the real dangers of losing that heritage forever.