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By John Ferguson
January 1, 2005

The time has come for our Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to start doing what their agency mandates. Arresting and prosecuting those Americans who hire illegal immigrants and arresting and deporting illegal immigrants. We see Asa Hutchinson throwing up his hands and claiming that there are too many here to start that process. We have to start somewhere and we need to start now, delaying this process will only amplify the problem that grows at rampant levels on a daily basis.

Turning a blind eye, ignoring and giving special treatment to those who feel the need for greed will do nothing but break the bank and put us at risk. That risk is already apparent when Muslim prayer blankets and copies of the Koran have been found in the brush along the Arizona border with Mexico. It is even more alarming when members of the Mexican Government have admitted selling passage with immigration documents to middle eastern people who cannot gain entry into the US by any other means. Syrians as well as others who were apparently on watch lists contacted this offical who issued them visas for a healthy price. The current trend is to assimilate these middle easterers into groups of illegal immigrants, teach them to answer the Border Patrol in spanish and help them to enter undetected through the wide open Arizona border.

The Mayor of the City of Phoenix, Phil Gordon needs to face prosecution for spending tax money to build and fund a criminal enterprise (the day labor center in NE Phoenix) and the other reconquistas such as Congressman Jeff Flake, Jim Kolbe and Raoul (Ralph) Grijalva need to be prosecuted for sponsoring legislation that condones and encourages illegal immigration. The day labor center in northeast Phoenix is in direct violation of US Code, a felony.

Janet Napolitano is probably running a close second to Raoul Grijalva due to outspoken opposition against the majority of Arizona Voters that passed Proposition 200. She vowed to find a way to defeat the measure, she has done exactly that by using MALDEF/La Raza to file a lawsuit on the behalf of illegal immigrants claiming that the measure somehow infringed on their non-existent civil rights. I was under the impression that the civil rights under our Constitution were granted to American citizens. These illegal immigrants are not citizens of our country, but with the help of some anti-American La Raza attornies these illegals have somehow defeated the will and the wishes of all the American voters here in Arizona and infringed upon the soverignty of our Nation.

I guess the votes we as Americans cast are truly worthless when someone like Governor Napolitano decides that her personal convictions and the need for cheap labor for her business friends somehow has a higher priority than that of the people of the State of Arizona and what they decided at the polls. I guess all Governor Napolitano's ranting that illegal immigration is a Federal problem did not apply to the period when she was an assistant US Attorney. Her record during this period reflects the same attitude that she now demonstrates as Governor. Governor Napolitano is very close to facing the same fate as her illegal dependant counterpart in California, Gray Davis. He tried to go this route, he advocated drivers licenses for illegal immigrants and allowed prop 187 in California to go down in flames after the voters approved it. Janet Napolitano is following an identical course and the talk of recall petitions is now becoming a reality.

The talk among many here in the Phoenix area concerning our Governor is getting ugly, she has ignored most letters and does not respond to corespondence on issues she supports. "A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he assists an illegal alien she/he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him or her to obtain employment, or encourages that illegal alien to remain in the U.S. by referring him or her to an employer or by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way, or knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions. Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)."

When was the last time you have seen a person or a company that employs illegal immigrants appear in court for violating Section 8 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations?. When was the last time you saw Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducting a raid here in the Phoenix Area ? It does not happen because Asa Hutchinson and his boss do not want to see the flow of illegal immigrant labor impeded in any way. I guess they are more worried that Mexican President Vicente Fox would experience serious fiscal problems if the flow of untaxed American dollars via Western Union that flow into his coffers were to be interupted. Banks here in Arizona and California (Wells Fargo, Bank One and others) boast at the fact that over 500,000 new accounts have blessed their books, all opened with Consular Matricular ID Cards. The cards are worthless, they cost 28.00, they are one of the most fraudulent forms of identification to ever enter into our system.

One illegal caught in San Diego had eight of these cards, all with the same picture, eight different names. Law Enforcement officials from across our Nation have warned that the use of Consular Matricular ID cards are a dangerous threat. They also warn that issuing state drivers licenses is another threat to security as well as another avenue to identity theft by illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants equal big dollars for American banks wanting to compete with Western Union and American Express Money Grams.

Why does this go on ? Why hasn't BICE arrested and deported the criminal illegal immigrants that the MALDEF Lawyer in Tucson filed the action against Prop 200 on the behalf of ? Because they are selectively enforcing the law. Only enforcing what is acceptable to the corporate contributors. We must also be careful as the Judge that ordered the restraining order against Prop 200 was a recent Bush Appointee. No doubt there was a favor somewhere in there. Couple that with La Raza members being nominated to the highest law enforcement position in the Nation and to head the Transportation Department and we can see that Americans are fighting a losing battle. La Raza lists their mission statement openly, La Raza translates to "The Race"... "For those within 'the race,' everything; for those outside 'the race,' nothing." This is what they preach. This is strictly a "brown separatist/supremacy" organization. It is about as racially discriminating as it can get.

The definition of "the race" of course, is "Hispanics/Latinos/Chicanos" or whatever their current name du jour. Should a "white" candidate be a member of the KuKluxKlan or other white supremacist group, the National Council of La Raza would scream in outrage. Seems they believe that racists are only "white."

La Raza has openly advocated taking back the Southwest United States for what they call way of illegal immigration. Janet Napolitano openly supports La Raza and LULAC as well as MALDEF. Members of these groups have publicly stated that hispanics will retake their lands in the southwest and that if Americans do not like it they can return to Europe.

The biggest slap in the face to the American public occurred when President Bush stood right here in the Valley of the Sun at the Presidential Debates in Tempe and claimed that he did not support AMNESTY for people who have broken our immigration laws. The administration could not even wait for the inauguration, Colin Powell was paving the way for Bush to go make his back door deals in Mexico with the corrupt government of Vincente (I can't fix my own problems) Fox setting the stage for AMNESTY under the guise of a new guest worker program. With no third term to worry about and no backlash from taxpaying Americans, President Bush is ready to sell us out and open the door to reward those who have broken our laws. Guest worker is just another word for Amnesty.

Here are his actual words: "My attitude is this: My attitude is, so long as there is a willing worker and an employer looking to hire somebody, we ought to have a system that allows for temporary work in America, in an honest, open way; in a way that talks to the values of our country. I oppose amnesty, loud and clear, because amnesty will encourage further illegal immigration; amnesty rewards somebody for breaking the law. On the other hand, I do want to change a system that has ignored reality and allow a willing employer to be matched with willing employee in an honest, open way."

Honestly Mr. President, you immediately went to Mexico and sold us out as soon as you could, your credibility is gone with us. One part of this problem has not entered into the equation for people like Governor Napolitano, Mayor Phil Gordon and President Bush, the cost of the human lives lost here in Arizona. Marc Atkinson, a Phoenix Police Officer, gunned down in an ambush committed by four Mexican Nationals involved in the drug trade. Phoenix Police Officer Chris Collings, gunned down by Mexican Nationals outside a Phoenix Bank. Murdered in cold blood. USNPS Ranger Kris Eggle, ambushed and murdered at Organ Pipe National Monument (the most dangerous National Park in America), these are a very few of the many of our American heroes gunned down in cold blood, the list grows every month.

Yet, Mayor Phil Gordon, Governor Janet Napolitano and the endless array of politicians seem to forget the blood that has been spilled so that they could insure the flow of this so called "cheap labor". This cost does not encompass the deaths of American citizens (non- law enforcement) killed in crimes committed by illegal immigrants, the property damage, the burglaries, the rapes and child molestations committed by those with known criminal pasts that stream into Arizona at the rate of over 4000 per day. If you think this problem is only limited to the State of Arizona or California, you are in for a rude awakening. In Ohio three weeks ago, a young patrol officer was stopping to help what he thought was a normal motorist out of gasoline, he paid for doing his job with a bullet in the head, illegal immigrants (mexican nationals) shot and killed him and took away a husband and a father. All so that these new "Guest Workers" could follow their American dream of living the criminal lifestyle, easy money, fast and deadly. This story is played out all over this country on a regular basis

For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my government and their lack of respect for the "Rule of Law", I am sick and tired of seeing the reality that the need to boost profits of the few who choose to break our laws and hire illegal immigrants has outweighed the will of the people and the safety of Americans. I am ashamed of government, from the city level all the way to the top of the US Justice Department for their blatant disregard for the processes that were put into place to protect us as Americans. Selective enforcement of our laws to assist the few who feel the need to wallow in the trough of outlandish profits while American taxpayer continue to foot the bill for ever skyrocketing costs to our welfare and other systems due to illegal immigrants overloading the system is a national tradgedy.

For the first time in my life, I feel that the votes I cast in the last election have been cast in vain, I wake up some days and wonder if this is the same America I took the oath to defend and protect, against enemies foreign and domestic...It makes me wonder how the politicians and other government officials who took that same oath can sleep at night knowing that to them, those were just empty, meaningless words........just something they said so that they could take office and carry out their own agendas. I guess I took those words to heart. They did not.

Selective enforcement of our Immigration laws will be the downfall of our nation, it already was the cause of the downfall of the Twin Towers and the death of over 3000 Americans here on our home soil.....

Note from NWVs Editor:

It may be that Under Secretary Hutchinson has other interests. Back on May 25, 2001, Mara Leveritt did an in-depth investigation into Hutchinson, "The man appointed by President Bush to head the Drug Enforcement Administration has been an ally of the CIA and drug smugglers in the past. His true job may be to manage the drug trade so that the profits remain in the pockets of the CIA and Wall Street. The hidden story may be read here.

� 2005 John Ferguson - All Rights Reserved

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John Ferguson lives in Arizona. He is a disabled veteran and retired from the Park Service. We have withheld Mr. Ferguson's e-mail address at his request. Mr. Ferguson has seen the war zone at the border and directed his comments to Asa Hutchinson, former Director of DEA.

Hutchinson is now Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security at the Department of Homeland Security. Hutchinson was appointed by George Bush, Jr.











I guess the votes we as Americans cast are truly worthless when someone like Governor Napolitano decides that her personal convictions and the need for cheap labor for her business friends somehow has a higher priority than that of the people of the State of Arizona and what they decided at the polls.