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By Thomas R. Hart
December 29, 2004

John Dewey lived from 1859-1952, overlapping the adult life of Roger Nash Baldwin (1884-1981) by 40 years. Both were educators, both shared in the 1920 founding of the ACLU, and both were communists, albeit that Dewey was an anti-Stalin Marxist while the younger Baldwin was a CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA) Stalinist.

Neither man was a Christian or believer in God. Baldwin was raised as a Unitarian and was a firm believer in their socialist credo "to affirm and promote the inherent dignity and worth of every person." While that Unitarian philosophy was as close to religion as Dewey ever came even later in life, both are listed as "Notable American Unitarians."

Dewey, who is commonly known as the "Father of Modern Education" was the originator of using public education for social change, the idea that started the systematic brainwashing of America's children.

To know him as the 'Father of Modern Educational Brainwashing' would be more suitable, as many believe that the modern educational philosophy and practice of the National Education Association is to brainwash students in order to achieve social change.

Being 25 years younger, Baldwin would fall into the 'Second Generation of Educational Brainwashing' that began sometime around 1920 following his WW-I socialist/pacifist anti-war activities.

1920 is also significant in that it coincides with his founding the ACLU with Dewey and other social and judicial activists like Norman Thomas, Jane Adams, John Haynes Holmes, Eugene V. Debs, Felix Frankfurter, Oswald Garrison Villard, Clarence Darrow, Charles Beard, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Upton Sinclair, and other declared socialists, anarchists and communists.

It is noteworthy that both Dewey and Baldwin assisted Clara Goldwater in forming the Teachers Union Auxiliary in 1920. The teachers union went on to become the Teachers Guild ... and then the American Federation of Teachers ... prior the 1998 NEA/AFT partnership unification.

It is additionally noteworthy that John Dewey served on the NEA Legislative Commission that was created in 1918, and was elected NEA Honorary Life President in 1932.

With these significant 1920 events providing the socialist base for training future teachers, adding another 25 years takes us to 1945 for the 'Third Generation of Educational Brainwashing' during the Baby-Boom aftermath of WW-II and the judicial activism era of the Earl Warren Supreme Court's 'economic socialism'

Adding another 25 years moves us forward to the 'Fourth Generation of Educational Brainwashing,' which coincided with the 1970 communist and socialist oriented Vietnam anti-war activities, the emergence of the modern NEA openly advocating the use of public education for social change, and the rise of the United States Supreme Court's unconstitutional contradiction in terms called 'substantive due process.'

Moving forward another 25 years takes us to the 'Fifth Generation of Educational Brainwashing' around 1995 and the unqualified Clinton support for the NEA's use of public education for social change, accompanied by current activist Supreme Court's 'lifestyle socialism,' and the emergence of the 'international rule of judges' as a means of achieving social and economic change under the 'mandate' of the most corrupt and politically biased organization ever to exist ... the United Nations.

By 2020 we will have arrived at the 100th anniversary of using public education for social change, concurrent with the 'Sixth Generation of Educational Brainwashing.'

Fueled by ACLU attacks on our democratic system and Christianity, American institutions like the Supreme Court, the Democratic Party and some religious denominations have been gradually transformed into instruments for social change as brainwashed students have matured and grown into positions of American leadership.

With these transformations, Dewey and Baldwin's goals of destroying America's democratic republic from within will be completed unless we who understand this pattern sound a very loud and urgent wake-up call for the United States of America.

I do NOT think it is a coincidence that so many rabid Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards and Howard Dean supporters are 1990's NeoSoviet products of the NEA.

Nor do I believe that it is a coincidence that the social activist roots of this NeoSov political leadership date back to the 1970 anti-war/anti-establishment movement, a group that actually believes they not only have a right to effect radical change, but truly believe that they have a duty to do so.

That these 60's-70's holdovers have not self-destructed by now reveals not only a fierce determination, but testifies to the support they have from the equally brainwashed NeoSov media. It is both the media and teachers who influence general thought far more than any other groups.

Given this passion for radical thought and thought control, the traditional socialist/communist and more recent NeoSoviet hatred for Christian philosophy and belief is totally understandable because it threatens their very existence.

Evidence proving the existence of Public Education Brainwashing can be found by randomly visiting message boards and reading exchanges between conservatives who factually and logically present positions and argue issues ... and leftist morons who can't even start to defend their positions while mindlessly continuing to espouse them.

If that isn't evidence of brainwashing, I don't know what is.

� 2004 Thomas R. Hart - All Rights Reserved

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Thomas R. Hart lives on Chesapeake Bay and had the good fortune to grow up in an America where winning was a national goal and losing was reprehensible. He is both saddened and angered by our evolution into a country without national goals, where winning no longer matters and losing has become a virtue. Tom is a United States Navy veteran with a lifelong interest in both history and current events, who has dedicated himself to defeating those who would destroy The United States of America from within by eroding our National Heritage and Sovereignty.










With these transformations, Dewey and Baldwin's goals of destroying America's democratic republic from within will be completed unless we who understand this pattern sound a very loud and urgent wake-up call for the United States of America.