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By Kevin Shannon
November 11, 2004

"Where the men have no vision, the people perish." -- Proverbs 29:18

Our nation was founded because courageous men shared a vision birthed from a concept of liberty rarely experienced in the long history of mankind. Our founding fathers recognized the true author of liberty as the one and only living God, who literally created the universe by speaking it into existence. They believed that God was the true sovereign over mankind, not government. They acknowledged that government was to be in submission to God, and its role was to protect the inalienable rights of all mankind. Our nation's founders believed man was to be in submission to government only as long as government was in submission to God.

Inspired by this vision, many people made great sacrifices to bring about our Republic, founded upon Christian principles. They overcame obstacles and evil forces even more challenging than those we face today. To a large degree, their progress was a result of focusing on their shared vision, continuously seeking out the help of God Almighty.

As I write to you patriots today, I do so realizing that for many of you, our shared vision of Restoring Our Republic has become blurred. It may no longer seem clear to you.

Many good Americans have lost faith in our ability to win this great spiritual and geo-political battle between the faithful remnant and the seemingly unstoppable forces marshalling us towards a Godless New World Order.

Is the vision held by these godless individuals clearer to them than our vision is to us? Are they more dedicated and willing to sacrifice than we are? You see, we need to realize that our enemy is trying to supplant the ennobling vision of our founding fathers, which they passed on to us with another vision, a strange and evil vision.

They are using the most sophisticated brainwashing machine ever used in modern history to try to convince you that you cannot win - and it is a lie!

It is a deception that has the potential to damage in the same way the lie in the Garden of Eden did so many years ago. The reality is that the very God who parted the Red Sea for His people while they were being attacked by Pharaoh and his great army is on our side! The God who saved Daniel in the Lion's den is on our side. The God who destroyed forever the anti-Christian government of Rome�s Caesars is on our side.

How dare we buy into the lies of our enemies? Thank God our forefathers did not forsake their vision nor their God when the going got tough and don't for a minute think that the situation didn't seem hopeless to them at times.

It is true that the hour is late; God's judgment has already begun to fall upon us. Western civilization as we�ve known it is clinging precariously to a thin strand of human effort and achievement. We cannot afford to give up our vision of victory!

All of mankind�s combined time, wealth and ability alone are not adequate to hold back the destruction of our nation. We are engaged in a great spiritual battle between the very forces of Heaven and Hell. This battle is manifesting itself in the geo-political realm as a battle between liberty and that of global tyranny. Human weapons alone will not suffice; we must call upon divine intervention as well.

Yet there is hope - hope as great as the goodness and grace of God! The sovereign Ruler of the universe stands ever eager to manifest Himself to a generation that has never clearly seen God. He is ready to extend His mercy on our nation's behalf. All the resources of God Almighty are at our disposal! He rules in all the affairs of men. "He turns the King's heart whithersoever He will."

Nothing is too hard for God to accomplish. There is no condition He cannot change. God wants to bless our land today. He wants to heal us and forgive our nation's grievous sins. He wants to raise high in our nation the standard of His holiness. But if judgment is to be averted, we must meet God's conditions.

Four thousand years ago, when Israel was an infant nation, God knew that they would eventually sin and experience His consequent judgment. Thinking of the time when Israel would be at the end of her resources and in a hopeless condition - much like America today - God made a wonderful promise:

"If my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land" -- (II Chron. 7:14).

If there was ever a time when we as a people need to seek God and cry out to Him for mercy, it is now. Now is the time for our nation to once again turn to Him, to commit to rebuilding the spiritual foundations that have been destroyed.

As you may know, this is part of the mission statement of The Welch Foundation. Sin separates a nation from God. Sin separates this nation from God. But we are not without hope.

I agree that the picture has a dark background, but I would like to place a lantern of hope high atop a hillside. We must return to the faith of our fathers. We must go to our knees in humility and prayer. The crises is acute. The danger is imminent. Time is running out. The choice is clear.

America, it is repent or perish. The question is "Which way, America?"

I see a turning of the tide. I see a growing number of individuals and organizations who are making a real difference. We feature them on our radio program, The Welch Report, almost every week. The major media does not tell you much about them or their victories. But they are out there, and they are working day in and day out. Be encouraged that more and more people are becoming informed and active.

The evil house of cards built by the forces of tyranny may be closer than we can ever imagine to falling, because God is using His faithful remnant to do His work. Maybe He is waiting to see how faithful we will be. He did not give our forefathers an easy victory; neither will he give us one. Will you make the necessary sacrifice? Will you pledge your sacred honor, your financial resources and your lives for the cause of liberty? Will you maintain the vision of our founding fathers which arose from the sacred pages of the Bible? The pain that our nation now feels does not have to be the agonizing pain of death; rather, it can be - it must be - the rejoicing pain of birth. The rebirth of our nation.

� 2004 Kevin Shannon - All Rights Reserved

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Kevin Shannon has been a talk radio host for eight years. During that time he has continuously hosted �The Welch Report with Kevin Shannon,� currently heard in southern California on NewsTalk 590 KTIE, and nationally on the Internet.

He also co hosted a daily program �The Right Brothers� on 50,000 watt KPLS in Los Angeles until the station was purchased by a Spanish Language network.

He then moved to KMPC 1540 in L.A. where he co hosted �The Free Speech Show� with a Liberal host until he was removed for his anti-abortion and anti-homosexual marriage view points.

Kevin earned a B.S. degree in Christian Leadership from Azusa Pacific University. He served in the Philippine islands during the Viet Nam War as a Naval Communications Technician where he was involved in electronic, signals, and communications intelligence gathering for the National Security Agency (NSA). He held a Crypto Top Secret security clearance during his active duty service.

He then joined the Los Angeles Police Department where he served on the front lines as a uniform patrol officer in South L.A. and the downtown skid row areas.

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Our nation's founders believed man was to be in submission to government only as long as government was in submission to God