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  By Emanuel McLittle
August 17, 2002

No area of life more reflects the unseen drama shadowing all human sexual affairs than that of child sexual molestation. Not Even wars, where tens of thousands are killed, are as spiritually dramatic as a single child sexually betrayed by the adult world. Even more significant is the quiet effort to normalize pedophilia, allowing open sexual relationships between children and adults. As if anything could be worse, government and many of their own unaware parents are aiding the accepted worldwide betrayal of children.

All the phony talk about children being our future has blinded us to the social molestation going on right under our noses. Worse yet, we hand our children over to the very corrupters in education, entertainment and government we pretend to protect them from.

When Bill Clinton's Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, went public with her support of the book, Harmful To Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex, she was stumping for a movement to lower the age of sexual consent. With the exception of South Carolina, where children can legally "get jiggy with it" at 14 years of age, about half of the 50 states legislate that 16 is the age of sexual consent. The other half legislate that children aren't ready until age 18.

If one were to change the word 'consent' to 'maturity,' the age would be much higher. Few Americans are emotionally equipped to handle the volatility of sexual activity at age 18. Many in today's generation of adults are actually children emotionally. Many of us never grow up, for various reasons, some of which are sexual. There can be only one diabolical reason for the drive to sex children under 18.

The most telling lack of understanding in our advanced, First World society is in the area of human interaction. You will find few scientific studies showing the connection between mental illness, crime, violence and our general social instability with adult-to-child sex. Children engaging in sexual activity too early suffer 2 to 1 more emotional damage than those allowed to mature. TV's PBS, thought of as the "learning channel," has yet to understand the delicate nature of innocence, a precious state of mind found in most children. PBS and Disney have begun to demonstrate open contempt for the well-being of children.

For years PBS's Sesame Street, trusted by parents as a TV schoolteacher, used entertainment to instruct children. While critics suspected that crooked social messages were creeping into Big Bird and the Muppets' dialogue, now there is no doubt. Just this past month the Muppet characters took a stand on the AIDS crisis. In a subtle effort to influence children and parents in what I believe is a quiet seduction of children; one of PBS's Muppets is now HIV positive. PBS reports that it is making the move to help the AIDS capital of the world, South Africa. South Africa is where 38 percent of the black population is HIV positive.

What is absent in the Muppets' new skits, which everyone is sure will come to America, are the facts about how one acquires the AIDS virus. Those who have seen the new shows say there is also no mention of the moral responsibility for sexual abstinence prior to marriage. PBS is in line with most other American institutions that have overturned the fact that humans were designed to mate with one person for life. Further, no one wants to touch the issue of reverse racism involved with the escalation of African AIDS. In South Africa alone, a bizarre ritual finds infected black males raping thousands of white children, sometimes infant babies. They are driven like rabid dogs in a tribal belief that sex with virginal children heals AIDS. PBS producers are suspect in a collusion to shape the views of American children (they care nothing for African children), erasing any idea about the ultimate consequence for the vile perversion of sex.

Samantha Runnion's battered and raped body didn't cause a wrinkle in what has become known as the "kiddie porn" industry. Thousands of children die yearly, are missing or emotionally destroyed, even while the Supreme Court makes rulings that fertilize the same culture sentiment that gave an Academy Award to the motion picture American Beauty. Was art really imitating life in this movie about a middle-aged man's sexual fantasy and near consummation with a 15-year-old child? Such movies are coming out of what was once hidden in the mind of pedophilia. The American society has become a dangerous place for children. And no one has raised a stink.

Pedophiles now see sexual co-mingling with children as a civil right. The real molestation is the knowledge, on the part of children, that adults really don't love them. We wink at what kids are exposed to, which gives children, like Samantha Runnion, little to no chance to make it. May God bless her soul.

Five-year-old Samantha Runnion had a right to live a whole and happy life. While it was a possessed killer who snatched her from in front of her California home last month, a defiled American society held her down by proxy while he raped and strangled her. As if a sign of how far we have fallen, Samantha's tormentor threw her body to the side of a road like a piece of litter. Now that there has been an arrest, it would be well for the larger society to examine the real reasons why children are neglected, abused and attractive to a growing predator society. Little have the experts discovered that the worldwide trend to abuse children carries deeper and more uncomfortable implications for humans. First, it is an extremely perverse mind that is capable of hurting a child on any level. But to sexually abuse a child tells a much more sinister story about the perpetrator.

Surely there is little sexual pleasure to an adult male in brutalizing a 5-year-0ld child. So, what does the pedophile get from the act that may damn his soul? The answer is nothing. Instead of being the initial instigator, pedophiles are acted through. Having been destroyed themselves, they are like the bitten vampire who chains between his corrupter and his victim. Pedophiles are possessed. Rather than pleasure, there is a power exchange extracted from the victim, through the perpetrator, to the demonic host inside the perpetrator.

The idea of indwelling evil has been the subject of thousands of movies, books and sermons. But the reality of possession draws blank stares from nearly everyone alive. The fear factor here is off the chart and no one wants to even imagine being possessed. But could possession by out-of-this-world forces really be what pedophilia is all about? The fact that we cannot come even close to a real national discussion about such a subject is indicative of how real it must be. Too bad for the children.

2002 Emanuel McLittle - All Rights Reserved

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Emanuel McLittle has a Masters Degree and two decades of experience in Counseling Psychology. His keen insight, developed over 24 years, makes him qualified to deliver honest, unambiguous guidance.