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By Paul Walter

March 27, 2005

Imagine Terri Schiavo's mother, Mary, who carried her inside her womb for nine months, her father who watched her grow from toddler to grown woman at the altar of marriage, and her brother and sister who love her dearly, watching her starve to death while blood runs from her eyes and mouth.

As America continues today with all their fun times, shopping at the mall or heading off to Mexico for a little sun and drinking, this is what the Schindler family is doing right now: watching their daughter die a barbaric death. Not because their daughter is in a "persistent vegetative state," or because she wants to die, but because this is what happens when the judicial system turns its back on the innocent and sides with the wicked.

Shame on the Catholic Church leadership in Rome for their inaction. At the very least, the Pope should have sent his highest emissary to Pinellas County, Florida, to stand in front of Woodside Hospice and demand Terri Schiavo be immediately given food and water. I guarantee you, in a heartbeat there would have been a hundred thousand Catholics there in an hour. Terri is Catholic and what is being done to her is abhorrent to her as a devout member of the Church.

Shame on the Democrats and Republicans in the Florida State Legislature for turning their backs on this disabled woman and throwing her to the wolves. They've had the past ten days to draft new legislation that would protect, not just Theresa Schindler Schiavo, but all disabled in the future who have no voice, only a cheating spouse to speak for them.

Shame on Governor Jeb Bush for ignoring the legal justification for ordering her taken into protective custody. Bush skipped out on a planned Good Friday event because he was too cowardly to face the protesters who were going to get on their knees and beg him to exercise his authority under the statute and remove Terri from the hands of evil.

Shame on the Florida State police agents and the Department of Children and Families for backing down at the last minute. Instead of simply showing up with their legal justification for taking Terri under emergency circumstances, which statutorily they do, instead they called the Pinellas County police and let them know they were coming! Gone was the element of surprise. The Pinellas County cops told them to stay away and shamefully, instead of forcing the issue, DCF stayed safe and comfortable in their offices.

Shame on Pinellas County Sheriff Coats for not once taking the initiative by looking into a very suspicious order for murder from a compromised judge based on lies spoken by a compromised husband. Instead, he has allowed his officers to arrest little children and 70-year old women. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Too bad Sheriff Coats didn't meet the test of man hood.

Shame on the local Pinellas County cops who act with no more conviction than would a robot, arresting little children whose only crime was taking water to a dying woman. Obeying a black robed judge was more important then decency. If all the police officers on the scene would have stood down, Sheriff Coats would have had to reassess the situation. Instead, just like the snipers on the Berlin wall who picked off old men, women and children running from communism, these local police are "just following orders."

Shame on the black robed judges at every level for taking the word of Terri's adultering husband, who has everything to gain by killing off his wife, while ignoring every single qualified medical expert and sworn affidavits from former care takers and even lawyers who saw Terri attempt to communicate.

Shame on President Bush for not flying down to Woodside Hospice to stand outside and pray with her family. Of course, why would he? When George W. Bush, Jr., was Governor of Texas, this "pro-life" governor signed a law that allows hospitals to pull the plug on critically ill patients despite family objections. This is a fact. Is this his compassionate conservatism?

And above all, shame on the gutless church attending christians who could have been there by the hundreds of thousands and won the day. And these same Christians have the gall to ask God to bless America?

History repeat's itself - Has anything changed?

In Hitler's Germany, his police (SS) went door-to-door looking for women and little children, their crime, being jewish. Then, on Sunday, the same police and the people who wouldn't lift a finger, went to church to hear their pastor tell them that Jesus died for their sins, and that God loves them. They feared Hitler's SS more than God. Has anything changed?

In America we don't have a dictator (yet), what we have is an out of control and corrupt soulless judicial system. Judges legislating from the bench and playing God, while most christians look on. Two thousand years ago an innocent man was carrying His cross while thousands lined the parade route, afraid of a hand full of Roman cops. Has anything Changed?

Two thousand years ago, Roman cops following orders, denied an innocent man water while beating Him mercilessly. Following unethical and immoral orders they sold their soul for a bag of salt and a few pieces of silver. Has anything changed?

During the christian persecution period under the Roman rule, religious themes and symbols were forbidden, torn down by the authorities. Today, government officials are removing all religious themes and symbols from government owned property (used to be called public owned property). Has anything changed?

In Cambodia, ruthless police followed Pol Pot's orders and killed millions of innocent Cambodians. This geographical area of mass murders is known as the killing fields.

In Uganda, Idi Amin's cops following orders, killed approximately 1 million Ugandans.

Things will get worse, much, much worse

First the courts legalized abortion, sold it to the christian masses as "choice". Result: millions of innocent babies were pulled out of the mothers womb and murdered.

Then came partial birth abortion where an fully developed baby nine months old can be partially pulled out of the mothers birth canal, then have it's brains sucked out.

Now, an innocent brain damaged woman can be legally starved to death while her family stands by her bed helplessly, cops following the judges orders prevent them from giving her water, while Americans look on and go about their business.

Tomorrow (count on it) it will be the handicapped, paraplegic, Alzherimer's, quadriplegic, victims of down syndrome, the elderly, those on medication that can't work, those diagnosed as mentally ill. This is a replay of the Third Reich. In a recent column, Nat Hentoff refreshes the memory of Americans by reminding them that it was the Nazis who coined the expression "lives not worth living," when describing those who were incurably ill and disabled.

According to recorded accounts, the Nazi's referred to them as "useless eaters." Removing a feeding tube was ridding Germany and the world of one more "useless eater." Exactly what Judge George Greer granted to an adulterous husband in name only. Has anything changed from the Third Reich to now with law enforcement carrying out a court edict to rid the world of one more "useless eater"?

What those working for the government don't realize is, that one day their turn will come as well. "No one is safe when freedom fails: Good men rot in filthy jails. And those who cry appease, appease are hung by those they try to please."

Imagine, what would happen if all the cops in America told the black robed judges, DA's and their boss to stick their immoral orders where the sun don't shine. What would happen?

No one is safe in the Kingdom of Hell. No one!

� 2005 Paul Walter - All Rights Reserved

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Paul Walter was born in socialist Yugoslavia in 1945. He and his family emigrated to America in 1959. He served 3 years in the U.S. Armed Forces and became a U.S. citizen in 1963. Owner of Walter Publishing & Research, Inc., he republished a 100 year old book titled The Coming Battle, the true history of our national debt. The book is currently in its 5th printing.









As America continues today with all their fun times, shopping at the mall or heading off to Mexico for a little sun and drinking, this is what the Schindler family is doing right now: watching their daughter die a barbaric death.