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By Paul Walter

Posted: January 3, 2003, 10:45PM (Pacific Time) 


I never dreamed the socialist police state that I and my family escaped from would be allowed to manifest itself in this country.  America, a Christian nation and the light of the world, is being destroyed right in front of my eyes.

On 12/12/02, the Washington Times reported: “Mexican ambulance drivers are transporting hospital patients unable to pay for medical care or emergency-room services in their country to facilities in the United States, where their treatment is mandated by federal law, …”  (read article)

If this situation were reversed, Mexican taxpayers would be up in arms. Not a peep from the American taxpayers. None. In fact, every time we say "yes" to more taxes, we vote to create more poverty, then pay more taxes to support them.

On 1/2/03, CNS News reported: "If a proposal by an Oregon State task force becomes law, the government would be able to use satellite equipment to keep track of each driver's mileage and tax that driver accordingly in order to pay for road repairs." (read article)

Imagine that. I was under the impression that vehicle license fees and fuel taxes paid for road repairs.  Boy, how wrong can one man be?

On 12/8/02, the Belleville, IL News-Democrat reported: “Belleville inspectors (code enforcers) and armed police officers show up without search warrants to check for occupancy code violations, and ticket people who don’t let them in…” Armed police officers?  (read article)

It’s a win-win situation for the courts. You pay if you let them in and you pay if you don’t.

Courts are exuberant over all the newfound money. Will this happen in your county? You bet! It's only a matter of time. As a child growing up under fascism and communism I saw police sell their soul for a paycheck by unconditionally obeying un-Godly laws. History is repeating itself.  

You may say the officer is under the color of law and has no choice but to obey orders.  Wrong!  As a soldier Michael New was asked to put on a UN patch, but he refused. He was the only man brave enough to stand up to unconstitutional orders. All the rest obeyed. If I was an police officer and had to obey an un-Godly law, I would politely extend my middle finger and say no to my superiors, period. I would never sell my soul for a paycheck, no matter how bad I needed a job. In my book God first, country second, job last. End of story. 

The reason most people are not speaking up is because their lukewarm, politically correct pastors are preaching that they must submit to government authority, even though it is un-Godly.  The root cause of America’s demise are the 501(c)3 corporate churches.  So stop giving your hard earned money to these bible thumping phonies. Then watch how quickly they change their tune.

"All it takes for evil to lose control, is for enough good people to do something."          - Author Unknown 

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Paul Walter was born in socialist Yugoslavia in 1945. He and his family emigrated to America in 1959. He served 3 years in the U.S. Armed Forces and became a U.S. citizen in 1963. Owner of Walter Publishing & Research, he republished a 100 year old book titled The Coming Battle, the true history of our national debt. The book is currently in its 5th printing. E-mail