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By Betty Freauf

November 11, 2002

The mantra began weeks before the final vote on November 5th when the ads of the politicians started extolling their virtues but a few days before the election in many campaigns the attack ads began on T. V. and radio by the "rich and famous" with lots of money to burn!

It was reported only about 10 percent of the Congressional races had any real competition so should we be surprised that household names such as Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina, John Sununu in New Hampshire, and Lamar Alexander in Tennessee were the winners?

Dole is the wife of former Senator Bob Dole. Sununu was Chief of Stafffor the former President Bush. Alexander is former Secretary of Education and has run for president. Katherine Harris, who was in charge of the Florida hanging-chad fiasco two years ago, was also elected to Congress.

And with more than $100 million spent on the Florida Governor's race, it was a foregone conclusion that Jeb Bush, brother of President George W. Bush and son of former president George H. W. Bush would be the winner.

John Kaminski wrote an article dated November 3, 2002 entitled WHY YOUR VOTE WON'T MATTER especially in the State of Florida. Also go to and scroll down to Votescam: Computer Vote fraud vs. Honest Elections.

One of the funniest things I heard was when the election worker had to ask Walter Mondale for his name when he went to vote at his precinct. Mondale was taken out of mothballs by the Democrats after the untimely airplane crash of Senator Democrat Paul Wellstone in Minnesota. This is another clear indication that most voters can't tell you the names of their state reps or senators and most definitely do not watch how these elected officials vote. Voters judge by physical appearance, personality, speaking abilities, special interests, and the baloney they believe in the T. V. and radio ads. The person who does the best job of convincing the greatest number of people he will give them more of everything stands the best chance of grabbing the brass ring of power.

For some of you who may not remember, former Senator Walter Mondale fathered the $multi-billion child protection industry in America when he sponsored the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) in 1974.

Some call it an "industry" because anonymous callers can report suspected child abuse and states can snatch children from their parents without due process. The truly abusive parents jump through tax-funded hoops and participate in a variety of programs and eventually they may get their kids back. Only on rare occasions do good parents get their kids back usually at great financial cost and heartbreak.

The federal government gives money to states that manage to retain state custody. Shortly after CAPTA was enacted there was a dramatic increase in the number of children in foster care and now we have an epidemic on our hands.

Robert J. Ringer, author of Restoring the American Dream (c) 1979 coined the term "Demopublicans" and stated the two-party system in this country is a sham and a hoax. It matters not who runs, the Demopublicans win. Unless a candidate has a Ross Perot bank account, third party candidates rarely have a chance so long as voters continue to listen to the propaganda doled out by the consultants, ad agencies and the media who run the ads and all gain financially.

Ringer goes on to state the mythical character, Uncle Sam, is really a compilation of an army of little Sammie's called "politicians" and the little Sammie's will say what is necessary at any given time to get elected. Long-term consequences are of little concern to the politicians, since they are almost always too difficult for the average voter to identify. The election worker didn't even recognize old-timer Mondale so should we assume she knows his voting record?

Ringer says the one "qualification" all office holders have in common is an excessive drive for power over the lives of others. Their code of ethics is a simple one: that which increases or cements one's power base is good; that which threatens one's power base is bad.

Ringer asks, Does this make all politicians evil? Absolutely not. A large percentage of office holders are good family people but may have convinced themselves they are missionaries of God, put on this earth to "protect" others and to keep them in line.

The now deceased Paul Wellstone was quoted by Newt Gingrich, former GOP speaker of the House, on FOX news "If you don't vote, shame on you."

However, a large voter turnout may give the impression that our political system is healthy but this idea disintegrates rather rapidly when one is reminded that Russia has almost a 100% turnout for its so-called election. The voters are given many choices -- all communists.

Due to a hotly contested governor's race in Oregon, we had a larger than usual turnout with our mixed up, easily rigged, no accountability vote-by-mail election, but after the dust settled, things were back to normal. We sent the same four Democrats and one Republican back to Congress and a Republican Senator who plans to continue promoting his "hate" legislation to protect the homosexuals. He used the mother of Matthew Shepard in his T. V. ads. And we elected another Democrat as governor with a GOP House and a Senate split down the middle.

And I know first hand that Australia requires everyone to vote and are penalized in some way if they do not vote. This came from the mouth of an election worker when I asked him what he was doing in a certain neighborhood which we were visiting. This is a real comical oxymoron. These citizens are forced to register to vote to preserve their freedom.

While we were in Australia, its newspapers reported the tax rate was being reduced from 49% to 47% but did those percentages take into consideration any hidden taxes?? Socialism runs rampant.

In America we are not forced to register and vote but the Demopublicans encourage it although most races boil down to twiddle dee and twiddle dumb. In Hegelian dialectics, if you are a Republican, it represents capitalism (thesis/good guys), the Democrats represent communism (antithesis/bad guys) and they blend together under the umbrella of socialism (synthesis). The advancement toward global government usually accelerates faster under global socialist Republicans who many voters perceive are the "good guys."

But former President George H. W. Bush's words about the "New World Order" when he took our military into the Gulf War in 1991 against Iraq still ring loudly in my ears. Does the apple fall very far from the tree?

The new term for communism is called communitarianism which places the importance of society ahead of the unfettered rights of the individual. If you don't believe me, check it out in your dictionary. And what about all that "community service" children in schools are being required to give in order to graduate and law breakers are given to "stay out of jail."

A Hungarian immigrant came to the U.S. 40-years ago during its revolution and after the November 5th election he told me he was happy President Bush was given a GOP Congress and Senate. He says President Bush is a nice man because he doesn't lie, we can trust him and he mentioned a few other sterling attributes about the president. Everything within me wants to believe this president is everything the Hungarian believes. I thought, silently "I pray you are right."

However, President George W. Bush's top priority is his Homeland Insecurity agenda which gives all power to him and circumvents the checks and balances our Founding Fathers gave us in the Constitution. While they claim this agency is needed to go after those awful terrorists, how long will it be before abortion protesters, those who oppose special rights for homosexuals, people who protest against the possible forthcoming war in Iraq, etc. will be identified as "domestic terrorists?"

While we may be happy to see them go after the animal rights groups who destroy medical laboratories, the Earth Liberation Front who take credit for burning ski resorts and bombing logging equipment, this net could catch innocent, law-abiding citizens with a "cause". In 1974 we thought Mondale's Child Abuse and Prevention Act would protect children but it has done exactly the opposite, which is usually the case. Never forget what President Ronald Reagan said on August 2, 1986 in Chicago that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

The bible admonishes us to pray for our leaders and never has it been more important than since the November 5th 2002 elections.

2002 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved


Betty Freauf is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon state legislature.