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By Devvy Kidd

June 10, 2002 


A piece [ I recently wrote ] that appeared on caused quite a firestorm. Some of the men who read it were so mad, they notified the web host that they would never read that web site again and were taking their size small athletic supporter to a web site that is more 'gender sensitive' to their ego. Now there's stud material I can respect!

I began that commentary by excluding those men who have stepped up to the plate and are fighting this tyrannical, out-of-control government. Apparently the opening paragraph didn't get read, because a substantial portion of E-Mails  I received accused me of hating men. There was no hatred in my article, but I did ask a lot of questions. I guess those who felt they couldn't qualify for exclusion under my first paragraph, decided they had no other option but to offer up more excuses laced with colorful language.

Some called me a lesbian. As a Christian I know that sodomy and women using each other for sex is an abomination against God. For the record, I am married to a man named John. He's a retired U.S. Army Colonel who spent 27 years defending the U.S. Constitution. This includes the First Amendment, which gave a Mr. Don Thompson the right to send me an electronic love letter calling me a bitch, bolstered by the "F" word.

Some angry mailers accused me of being a feminist. To be lumped in with the likes of Barbara Boxer, who should pull over to the side of the road and change the air in her head, is a fate worse than death. Women like me have been fighting the lunacy coming out of the National Organization of Witches (NOW) for too many years to count, while too many men would rather exert themselves by getting the boat out of the slip.

As far as being a "feminist," my mother raised me to be a lady and I'll put my femininity up against any woman, any time. I find "feminists" to be factually challenged, generally unattractive creatures whose decision making process is estrogen driven. However, just because a woman is feminine, doesn't mean she should be helpless. I travel all over this country by myself and it's a dangerous place these days. Learning not to fear two legged predators and protecting my own doesn't mean I am not feminine, it means I might stay alive longer if my husband can't be there when I need him.

The bulk of E-Mail I received was from men and women who agreed with what I wrote, and some retired military who wanted me to know they were still out there. I appreciate that and their service to keep me free. The least I can do is work here at home to see that what they fought to defend doesn't go down the rat hole ‘cause I'd rather be fishing - which I would!

The majority of angry E-Mails from guys had a common theme:

 "Your sex, you [bleeping] feminists wants the government to take care of you. When we men tried to stop that, your sex had fits."

I did? I have worked all my life and never asked the government for a thing.

"You are now in office, management, government, and your true goal was to get rid of men for 'government' security. You are true communists and some are even satanic."

I am? I supported my daughter by myself for half her life because her father loved the bottle more than his family. I would rather have stayed home with my daughter than miss those wonderful years, but I had to work to take care of my angel. Her he-man father skipped to Canada to avoid contributing a nickel for her well being; I never asked for alimony. As a matter of fact, I've worked for no financial compensation the past 11 years. I've sold just under two million copies of my booklets and have never paid myself a penny in royalties.

"Why are men wimps today.....Because that's what Women want."

I do? I will always remember when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that it would now be legal for women to kill their unborn babies. Guess what? Every single Supreme Court Justice in 1973 was a man. The justices who voted to legalize the murder of 41 million unborn babies were all men and in my opinion, far worse than wimps.

"Well America Has finally got what they have asked for and are now going to whine about it...This article of your makes me Laugh loudly. I have watched this country turn into a feeling caring spineless country...why because ALL THE WOMEN WANTED WAS WEAK MEN, so that they could dominate them more easily...and in typical fashion the women don't like the seeds that they have sown cry me a river you have what you deserve. ..stuff like this makes me laugh myself silly. 

Well, buster, while you've been watching this country turn into a politically correct cesspool, I've been working my backside off doing my job 'and' yours.

"So, please put the responsibility where it belongs: on the women who no longer respect their men, the women who try to make government their "big  brother" so that they don't have to depend on their men, the women who try to undermine "manhood" in all of it's forms. Just look in the mirror, the perpetrator is right there."

Really? I have the greatest respect for my husband, for my male partner in our legal institute and for the garbage man who works an honest day for an honest day's pay. My web site if full of requests for men and women to get off their collective, well padded rumps and stop "big brother" from crushing our freedoms.

"So, you can place the responsibility for the lack of "manhood" that you lament directly on the feminist philosophy that has attacked manhood in every way."

Yeah, so there are a bunch of mislabeled ("feminists") air heads out there who have been seduced by nonsense, but do you think that has stopped me from telling them I think their ideas are qualification for a padded room? What excuse do you men have for not going after spineless twits of the male persuasion for supporting such idiocy? Again I state what I did in my first article:

"Over the past 40 years, the men of this country have sat back and allowed themselves to be brow beaten into submission and castrated by so-called "feminists" like Rosie O'Donnell and Hillary Clinton ...instead of stand up and saying, "Hell No!"

"The feminists made me do it" is just more excuses. I highly doubt William Wallace would have stopped his fight for freedom just because some hag in Longshanks' court demanded he turn in his sword at the nearest police station and attend sensitivity training. Personally, I'd hang my head in shame if I ever let the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee or Patty Pancake Murray get the best of me.

I get my fair share of death threats, some I treat more seriously than others. Back in February ‘96, while making a run for Congress, I got my first death threat in letter form. The FBI couldn't find any 'identifiable' prints on the paper or envelope, but in 1995, they managed to find an ANFO bomb in OKC that wasn't there.

On June 8, 2001, I got another real serious phone call informing me to lay off OKC, Tim McVeigh was going to be a dead man soon and if I wanted to stay alive and healthy, back off. While I'm 100% American, my ancestry is Sicilian/German. Sicilians don't like to be threatened. The caller was a man. While I was concerned, I decided to fight back. The government reads my web site regularly, including the White House and the World Bank; they leave their calling card on the internal tracking system we run for my web site. I decided to give them something worth reading.

I spent the next ten days doing a piece for my heavily read web site titled 'McVeigh's Second Trial'. When I hit the send button to my web master for posting, I mentally told the man who called and threatened to extinguish my life: "There, take that and smoke it" Next.

Some of the anti-gunners in the California State Legislature are women, but a lot of them are men. Should I cease my efforts to try and get men out of the sports bar and help throw these scalawags out of office on a recall because I get called things like "extremist," "anti-government" or "right-wing"?

Heck, I can't find two men who would be willing to go after Sen. Don Perata on a recall drive, even though I have volunteered to drive the two and a half hours to his district and help collect signatures on a Saturday. Not one man who owns a gun has stepped forward. Instead, they just call talk radio and complain about Perata's new attempt to squelch the Second Amendment via new legislation.

Should I just use frustration as an excuse to "sit back and watch" while America goes to hell? I'm a federal whistle blower (1990); I worked for Department of  Defense for about 3 years. Should I have just thrown up my hands at the battle I waged because each and every individual who fought me, both military and civilian, were men with the might of the U.S. Government behind them?

They weren't "feminists," they were men who valued their paychecks above the truth. I didn't hate them. I pitied them because we all knew what was going on was wrong. I knew the minute I filed the FW & A, my job would be history. Nine months after getting a transfer I had to fight to get, and despite all my outstanding performance awards, my contract was not renewed. I lost my GS-11 paycheck. The guys kept theirs. What did I blow the whistle about? Waste of taxpayers dollars. I blew the whistle on my own job.

I can only conclude that the reason some of these men sent me such nasty E-Mails is because they recognized their own weakness and instantly went into testosterone denial. Fine, go back to watching WWF Smackdown while the Sisterhood for the Second Amendment grows by leaps and bounds. After all, someone has to defend you against those verbal assaults thrown by the feminists.

© Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

Devvy Kidd is an Advisory Board Member for The Wallace Institute. She is the founder and Director of POWER (Project on Winning Economic Reform). Her web site is:  E-Mail: