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By Barry Chamish        

2001 -

    The viciousness of the American condemnation of Israel's killing of six Hamas leaders in Nablus has caught more than a few people off guard, Delivered, as usual, by a soldout Jew figurehead named Ari Fleischer, screeching like a wronged fish maiden, that "a ceasefire is a ceasefire is a ceasefire," the Bush administration questioned Israel's right to defend itself. Of course, the only question the White House should have asked Israel is, "What took you so long?"

    Since the Israeli action was clearly a military triumph, why would the Bush gang have been so quick on the trigger to shoot down the first clear signal from the Sharon administration that it had had enough with Hamas murders? Could it be that the hooligans at the White House are not interested in Israel's survival.

   It is not every day that one receives a phone call and long fax from a retired member of the American Joint Chiefs Of Staff. This week retired Col. A.B. Cuppett, a former member of the US Army Joint Staff, recipient of The Secretary Of Defense Civilian Service Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award and The Bronze Star, did so contact me and relayed information of such terrifying import, that many of my readers will dismiss it out of psychological self-defence. That would not be a wise idea. I quote from sections of the fax sent to me:


    Col. Cuppett relates that the American administration is fully cognizant of the "1939 vs.1999 Third Reich similarities," which are being perpetrated against Israel by, "the United Nations and The New World Order." The plan includes, "the necessary foreign troops/policemen to execute the planned implementation of another 1939-45 holocaust. The same spirit which annihilated six million-plus Jews sixty years ago is still extant, active and poised in the United States today." 

    On June 28, 2001, Col. Cuppett was advised of, "a serious report of plans to allow UN police units to patrol US international airports in the event of an Arab-Israeli war in the Middle East." These troops will also be placed at nine European airports and will be used to derail an Israeli "call-up of reservists for military duty." Further, the UN will prevent ships carrying reservists from sailing for Israel.

    "The UN shall soon declare Zionism to be racism...affirm that settlements are a crime against humanity and equate the Jewish people with the likes of Hitler and Stalin...When the war breaks out, Moslems will riot in the US, and Jews, trying to go to Israel, for any reason, including bringing funds to aid the besieged state, will be arrested at the airports.

     "All the above information was relayed to me by a Field Grade US military officer, a US Army LTC and a USAF Major."

    If any reader doubts that a new Holocaust is being planned, take a look at how Europe is being primed for the kind of anti-semitism not seen in six decades. In the eyes of the European media, Israel can do nothing right and any act of self-defence is an act of barbarism. Six decades ago, the savage peasants of Croatia, Lithuania, Poland etc. were the tools of the Nazi mass murder of Jews. This time, the equally ignorant Arab masses are being roused to take care of the sadism.

   So who is behind the provocations against Israel? Once again, look across the street from the Vatican at the headquarters of Society of Jesus, better known as the Jesuits, for the answer. The following reports were sent by a few correspondents but especially an insightful woman from Toronto who wants no recognition. Her only reward is the safety of Israel.

She writes:

"You may be interested to know that both George Tenet and George Mitchell are Georgetown graduates!" The two men most responsible for Israel's murderous predicament are both graduates of Washington's Jesuit control center at Georgetown University. But then, look who at who are honorary graduates of the same campus, King Juan Carlos of Spain and his Prince, Felipe.

"In the opening paragraph of this address Javier Solana addresses the students re: his country's distinguished connection to Georgetown, stating Prince Felipe graduated from Georgetown and King Juan Carlos received an honorary doctorate from Georgetown as well."

And what ties Juan Carlos has to President Bush!

"I couldn't find the picture I originally came across of President George Bush Sr. and King Juan Carlos on the palace steps Nov. 14, 2000. I however, found this short article from the Washington Post which verifies the same.

"I just found the timing of this particular meeting most interesting, since it was only seven days following the American elections and prior to George W. being finally announced president after the ballot fiasco. Interesting also that he had Norman Schwarzkopf with him. It was the timing which caught my attention. I was wondering if perhaps this was a planning meeting to bring to completion (re: NWO) under George W. which wasn't finished under his administration.

" Never mind all those celebs who threatened to leave the United States if George W. Bush were elected. Bush's ex-president dad, George H.W. Bush, has actually left. The elder Bush spent the weekend in Spain hunting for red-leg partridge with King Juan Carlos, retired general Norman Schwarzkopf and ex-Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, and plans to meet today with His Majesty and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar.


"We're not supposed to discuss that."

    Now look at this item from the Jerusalem Post, to get an understanding of how the Italian Jesuit, Juan Carlos is running Israel's leadership on behalf of the Supreme Jesuit General, the "Black Pope" of the Vatican.

"Arafat fails to get backing to declare state

"At a press conference in Madrid yesterday after meeting Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, Ben-Ami, a former ambassador to Spain, said he would like Spanish King Juan Carlos to play a mediating role with Arab countries in peace talks focusing on the future of Jerusalem.

    I have asked Pique to see if it is possible for King Juan Carlos to use his good relationships with some Arab countries to make the parties move closer about Jerusalem,' Ben-Ami said."

    Now let's see how the Italian leadership is manipulating the most powerful Arab leader to get those EU/NATO/UN troops into Israel:

Egypt-Italy talks on peace observers on Palestinian areas Egypt-Italy, Politics, 7/28/2001

"Italy has started pan-European and International contracts in light of talks between president Hosni Mubarak and Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi to deploy international observers to the Palestinian territories.

"In his talks with his Italian counter part Renato Rugioro, foreign minister Ahmed Maher discussed the efforts to dispatch international observers to the areas of clashes.

"Ruggioro said Italy has wide experience in peace keeping and observer operations as it participates in peace efforts in areas of clashes in the world under UN or NATO banners.

"Analysts say Mubarak-Berlusconi talks were significant with the new Italian leadership."

Now guess who is currently meeting the pope to coordinate the slaughter of Jews?

Palestinian leader Arafat to meet Pope

"Palestinian President Yasser Arafat is set to visit Rome on Wednesday and Thursday and will meet with Pope John Paul II. "The Palestinian leader is also expected to meet Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Foreign Minister Renato Ruggiero to discuss the situation in the Middle East, sources in Rome said.

"President Arafat is currently visiting Morocco, Tunisia and other Arab states to discuss support for international observers to help bolster a now-broken ceasefire between Israeli and Palestinian forces.

"President Arafat is due to arrive in the Italian capital on Wednesday evening and will meet the Pope on Thursday morning."

    Not that the plots against Israel aren't inter-denominational. The New World Order's declared intention of forming a one world religion, with its capital sitting on Jerusalem's Temple Mount, insures inter-religious harmony, if you don't happen to be a rabbi.

"Now how is it Arafat is going to Rome to meet the Pope just a couple of days after meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Cardinal of Ireland? CN

"Speaking at the press conference following meetings with both Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, Carey went out of his way to praise both."

And what is the first object of these meeting?

"EU report: the settlers are ready to evacuate the settlements Israel-Palestine, Politics, 7/27/2001 A secret report by the European Union ..."

    And it is not only Israel's government which is cooperating in the plots against the Jewish State. Take a gander at Binyamin Netanyahu's secret meeting with Assad at the behest of the Spanish prime minister.

Actualite Juive (Paris) 26th of July by Jean-Jacques Biton

"Monaco - Benyamin Netanyahu met Syrian president Bashar El Assad at the initiative of Spanish prime minister, Jose Maria Aznar, who organized  the meeting by phone. A private meeting between Netanyahu and  Assad took place at l'Hotel Hermitage on Sunday 27th of June.

Sources say the secret meeting concerned an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights."

    My, my, my, aren't the Spaniards planning another Inquisition, and just like earlier this century, aren't their Jesuit bosses using the corrupted Jewish leadership to lead their people into annihilation?


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