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by Barry Chamish

    The Tel Aviv region's water supply is poisoned with ammonia. At the height of the panic, the national water inspector tells Channel Two evening news that he is not ruling out sabotage. An hour later, a security guard working at the National Water Carrier's pumping station south of Modiin is murdered and his weapon stolen. The murder is not seen as worthy of note by the Israeli media. A story is disseminated that agricultural runoff somehow entered a small pipe whose one direction flow valve failed. And that somehow tainted the water supply of two million people.

    Lies, lies and more lies.

    Two months ago, the families of the three soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah are at Ben Gurion Airport on the way to meet UN big chief Kofi Annan. Coincidentally, so am I. I tell them, don't believe a word from Annan. On a 40 km. road, your sons were kidnapped outside a UN outpost by terrorists wearing UN uniforms and driving a UN vehicle. This was a UN operation, probably coordinated with Syria.  A few of the family members have read Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin and listen closely. They vow to investigate further. In New York they tell the media the UN was responsible for the kidnappings. This week a film emerges proving it.

   For the past 25 years. Shimon Peres has written and stated that he had a personal talk with Yoni Netanyahu before he flew off to lead the Entebbe rescue. At the anniversary celebration this week, another officer says that Peres was lying. Peres admits he was "mistaken" and never actually spoke to Yoni Netanyahu.

   More bald-faced lies from Peres and the Israeli media drops the issue like a hot falafel... Just like they never followed up on an expose by Hebron leader David Wilder published on the Arutz Sheva website.

    "Please, listen to this carefully, because otherwise you will not believe what you hear.

The date is Friday, July 14, 1995 several months before the assassination of then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Rabin's Foreign Minister was none other than the present Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres.

   "I was in the middle of writing an article when I heard an interview on Kol Yisrael radio with Rabbi Nahum Rabinovitch, from Ma'ale Adumim. Rabbi Rabinovitch had spoken to a reporter who interviewed Peres a short time before. The reporter asked Peres, 'Aren't your worried about what will happen to the 'settlers' in Judea and Samaria after the army pulls out?' Peres' answer was, and I quote from that 1995 article 'I have no problem with what will happen in Yesha. We will withdraw the army and then let's see what happens. They (the Jews) will either run away immediately, or the Arabs will massacre some, and then we'll see what happens.'

"You are undoubtedly asking yourselves, "what did he say?"

   "So, I repeat, and again, please listen carefully. Shimon Peres: 'I have no problem with what will happen in Yesha. We will withdraw the army and then let's see what happens. They (the Jews) will either run away immediately, or the Arabs will massacre some, and then we'll see what happens.'

That was Foreign minister Shimon Peres of 1995.

This time, Peres did not lie. That is an oddity as you'll see if you visit

   Nothing makes sense about the Dolphinarium explosion, which killed 23 young revellers in a line outside a disco. Israel blamed Hamas or Islamic Jihad for the bomb yet neither accepted responsibility or had filmed the bomber before his mission, as is always their modus operandi. Disinformation spreads throughout Israel that the bomber was sent by Osama bin Laden. His original target was the American Embassy but it was too heavily guarded. So he set his sights on the disco instead.

   Now why would the bomber want to explode his device outside a completely deserted embassy on a Friday night? Why would he choose an alternative target half a mile away, when the most crowded cafes were a few steps away from the embassy? The bomber is a Jordanian residing in Israel on a government visa. He would have been under heavy Shabak surveillance. Now look at this detail, not surprisingly, unreported in the Israeli media:

From the Sunday Times of London:

Disco bomber used Israeli mole as driver Uzi Mahnaimi, Tel Aviv

    A PALESTINIAN with links to Israeli intelligence unwittingly acted as a driver for the suicide bomber responsible for the devastating explosion that killed 22 people outside a Tel Aviv discotheque, it was claimed last week.

    A senior Palestinian intelligence official told The Sunday Times that the driver, Mahmoud Dahshat Rashid Al-Nadi, who made his living ferrying Palestinians from the West Bank to Israel, was an informant for Israeli police intelligence.

    Al-Nadi, who is in his twenties, was arrested on June 2, the day after he allegedly dropped off the bomber in front of the entrance of the Dolphi disco on the city's seafront.

    Brigadier-General Tawfik Tirawi, the head of the Palestinian General Intelligence in the West Bank, said Al-Nadi did not appear to have been aware of his passenger's deadly mission until it was too late.

    Israeli authorities have not announced Al-Nadi's arrest - apparently out of embarrassment at the close links they enjoyed with a man who allegedly facilitated the worst suicide bombing in five years.

    Al-Nadi was believed still to be in custody last week, although it was not clear if he had been charged. The militant Islamic group Hamas claimed responsibility for the blast.

    "The man is under arrest," said Brigadier-General Ron Kitri, the chief Israeli army spokesman, "but he is not a Shin Bet [Israeli secret service] agent."

    Tirawi claimed that Al-Nadi, who lives in the West Bank town of Qalqilia, had been working with Israeli police intelligence since 1999, giving them information about Palestinian activities in the area. In so doing, he said, he was following the example of several other members of his family suspected for decades of links with the Israeli security services.

    In return, he had been given a special pass enabling him to travel back and forth between the West Bank and Israel. He also possessed an Israeli identity card.

    So what has our government been telling us about The Dolphinarium blast? Lies, nothing, lies, nothing and more lies. Yesterday, twenty family members of the victims of the Versailles Wedding Hall collapse demonstrated. They want to know why the government is refusing to investigate the disaster. They are getting increasingly frustrated by the government's policy of lies, nothing, lies and nothing but lies.

    For the past five years, various people have told me that Jewish worshippers in the Cave of the Patriarchs heard Dr. Baruch Goldstein banging on the door begging someone to open it. Either because they couldn't or wouldn't, no one opened the door. Instead they heard Goldstein's screams as he was, we were told, bludgeoned to death.

    The government would not allow an autopsy to be performed on Dr. Goldstein's body, even when his wife requested it. This week I found out why. An informant gave me the phone number of Itzhak Dov Reinitz of the Jerusalem burial society which organized Dr. Goldstein's funeral. He added, he also knows about the Rabin bodyguard who was buried on the night of the assassination.

   Of the bodyguard, Reinitz told me, "I have no personal information. I just know that on the day after the assassination there was talk throughout the burial society of a bodyguard buried the night before...But Goldstein was something I'll never forget. His body came in a bag in tiny pieces. He was decapitated, his limbs were torn off, his body was butchered inside and out."

   I asked what is needed to decapitate a body. He replied that a sharp heavy instrument like an ax or butcher's knife was used. Now what was an ax doing inside the mosque where worshippers must pass through military inspectors and metal detectors?

   The government's Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry Into The Hebron Massacre concluded that Goldstein was bludgeoned to death by iron bars, strangely, handed out by someone who found them in a storage closet. Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies and more Lies, Lies, Lies. I spoke to the man who prepared what was left of Goldstein's body for burial. Dr. Goldstein was axed and butchered to death. And the government must be lying because under honest circumstances, axes and butcher knives would never have entered the mosque.

   Another informant, whose information has not been verified, knows the true circumstances of the murder of Military Intelligence/Shabak Colonel Yehuda Edri last month. She insists he did not die on the spot as we were told, but perished in hospital a few days later. And apparently, the reports of his bodyguard being severely wounded were highly exaggerated.

   Since this is early information, I won't vouch for it. However, based on the previous verified facts, the official reports of Edri's death will turn out to be lies, lies, lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies, then some added lies and lies. Because, while our besieged nation is being set up for its fall by death squads, bombers, sabotage and poison, our government has been forced to remain passive, cover up the enemy's crimes and lie to its people.

   Watch Sharon lately. He can't stop smiling while he lies.


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