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By Samuel L. Blumenfeld

May 26, 2002


One sure way to stop the suicide bombers in Israel is to hold the parents responsible for their child’s crime.  Today, Palestinian parents willingly and proudly send off their kids to become suicide bombers and commit mass murder inside Israel.  In exchange for sacrificing their child, they receive from Saddam Hussein or Saudi Arabia a cash payment of $35,000.

The Israeli Knesset should pass a law making it a capital crime to offer a child to become a sacrificial suicide bomber.  After all, such sacrifice is tantamount to murdering one’s own child.  The $35,000 the parents receive should be confiscated and their house appropriated or destroyed.  If the suicide bomber knew that he was also condemning his parents to death, he might not be so eager to carry out his mission.

The most recent attacks against civilian buses in Jerusalem packed with school children and commuters indicate that strong preventive measures are necessary to end these massacres.  It is doubtful that Palestinian parents, knowing that they will be held responsible for their child’s crime, will approve of having their child used as a suicide bomber.

At present the parents who abet and encourage the suicide bombings suffer no consequences for their actions.  They receive their $35,000 and can purchase new apartments or cars or whatever.  Since they so proudly proclaim their child’s crime of murdering Israelis, they should be made to pay the price of their child’s crime.

The Israelis should make an example of at least one such Palestinian family, by confiscating their reward, imprisoning them, trying them for the crime of contributing to the murder of their own child, and if found guilty, executing them.

Putting such parents on trial would show the world what kind of demented individuals these parents are.  It would reveal the depth of their hatred of Jews to the point that they are willing to turn their children into suicidal bombers.  This kind of demented hatred and demonic motivation would show the world what Israel is up against.  Just as the Germans under the Nazis became sadistic barbarians, likewise the Palestinians under Arafat have become equally barbaric, lacking the very basic principles of normal behavior that make civilization possible.  And they are doing all of this in the name of Allah! 

In a previous article we urged the Israeli government to create a new settlement for every attack by a suicide bomber.  Apparently, the government didn’t care for that idea.  What they are doing now is reoccupying territory once under Palestinian control.  But will that stop the suicide-bombers?

No.  But executing the parents will.

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