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By Barry Chamish

I ask my readers not to inquire who my sources are. I will be using deceptions to hide their identities.
The Evolution Of Raviv
    Source 1 - We wish you had made it clearer that the Shabak is not a monolith, it's compartmentalized. You are taking down a lot of silent heroes who don't deserve to be associated with the dirty tricks department. We wish you understood the kind of heroism taking place in the service by young men whose committed duty is to prevent mass murder in the country. They're story should be told too. If the public knew the filthy job they were doing and what daily dealings with vile scum terrorists does to their permanent life's perspective, the damage that is about to be exposed publicly could be minimized.

    You don't know it but you're on the edge of being proven right about many of your claims. That's going to happen with or without our help. We're just speeding up the process. We took the decision to talk to you because things have gone too far. Even you don't know how serious matters really are.

We'll tell you some things we know and they'll know it had to come from inside. We'll stop short of naming certain names that could get you, or us, killed.

    Let's start with Avishai Raviv. You didn't get the whole story. You don't understand how things got out of hand. And you don't know what he was doing before there was an Oslo Accord. Start with 1992: His assignment was to destroy the Tekhiya Party, the most committed Knesset representative of the settlers. The plan worked like this. He had spent five years infiltrating far right wing groups and now he was ordered to unite them into one party which would draw away enough votes to annihilate Tekhiya but not enough to actually sit in the Knesset.

    He asked the Kach people to join his movement but they turned him down flat. However Gershon Solomon's Temple Mount Faithful initially accepted his proposal. Salomon was going to head the list and Raviv began politicking for him. But Solomon soon suspected Raviv's motive and backed out. Raviv was furious and asked his followers, who later would form the core of Eyal, to wreck Solomon's car and property. They balked at the idea and Raviv went looking for another party to siphon off Tekhiya's supporters.

    In the end he got desperate and backed a party run by a disgruntled meat company owner, whose plank was to eliminate the income tax authority. Raviv campaigned hard to have the hardline vote support what was known as the Picanti Party and drew off just enough Tekhiya support to eliminate the party from the Knesset. He did so well, we're told, he even cost the National Religious Party a seat.

    You never understood where Raviv came from. He wasn't merely a Shabak information gatherer, he was a pretend right winger planted by the Labor Party to neutralize the political unity of the Right. That's what the leaders of the Shabak were doing with our service even before Oslo. This was a huge breach of the Shabak's mandate, which is to guard internal security from violence and nationalistic crime.

    Raviv was a political tool illegally run by our chief commander Yaacov Perry. But it was Carmi Gillon's Jewish Department, as you rightly reported, which Raviv worked for. After the Hebron massacre Perry was made CEO of the country's biggest cellphone operator and that was no coincidence.He turned it into a surveillance tool of the highest order. Meanwhile, Gillon was made head of the service and he expanded the role of Raviv and others dramatically. From a political manipulator, Raviv was ordered to become a criminal instigator.

    You are right that the goal of the instigations was ultimately the forced removal of the Jewish residents of the West Bank and Gaza. Raviv's assignment was to radicalize young people and inspire them to commit a continuing chain of murderous outrages. This would eventually justify the army coming in and removing these criminal residents from their homes.

    But the settlers didn't cooperate. Raviv's superiors badly misunderstood the settlers' thinking. Maybe they were victims of their own prejudices but they weren't prepared for how meek these people really are. Today, when the atrocities against them are being turned on high, they still remain almost totally timid. The planners didn't get proper intelligence on the effect of their rabbis either. Far from being firebrands, the rabbis were preaching fatalism. While their best people were being murdered, the rabbis taught that it was the victims' time to die. And though the covert actions carry on with increased sadism, the rabbis are holding courses in etiquette and values. The plan to remove the settlers is way behind schedule and Arafat is going crazy. He thinks he was taken for a ride. The way we were told it happened was that after the Hebron massacre, Rabin was supposed to have the army round up the Jews of Hebron and Kiryat Arba and start the removal process. He refused and that was the moment the plan to murder him was hatched. You didn't get that either.

    Source 2 - Another aspect about Raviv that you didn't report is how poor his decision making was. This guy is not terribly clever and we were always having to silence people who caught on to what he was doing. You got the arrest of Shmuel Cytrin right. After he started spreading the word that Raviv worked for us, he was arrested on no charge and kept at a safe distance in prison.

    But you didn't find out about the trouble we had with Yehuda Miller, a police officer living near Raviv in Maale Levona. Raviv decided that he could hide his service ties by telling everyone that Miller was his police commander. Miller found out about it and told Raviv to stop the lying. But Raviv just turned up the heat. He even had his mail sent to Miller's address.

    Miller, it turns out, was a first rate photographer and he began capturing Raviv in criminal action on film. He had enough to bury Raviv and all his officers, right up to Gillon. In the end we got him kicked out of the police and terrified to tell anyone what he knows. I use the word 'we' with reservations. I had nothing to do with these operations and have learned to hate the people who did. Not everyone, there were kids caught up in their duty who had nothing to compare to, I almost feel sorry for them, but their officers were engaged in serious irregularities and they knew better. As for the platoon that did the killing, I have not an ounce of forgiveness towards them.

Rabin's Dead Bodyguards
    Source 2 - We knew you would ask so we prepared partial answers. We don't know that much, but we know it's worse than what you wrote.
    Source 1 - All we know about Yoav Kuriel was that he was in a Shabak course and taken out. Almost always that means he went into the deep underground on assignment. I never knew him but I do know that after he was buried, we had to talk to the people who buried him. I can't imagine that the commanders thought they could hand a body riddled with bullets and missing internal organs to a legitimate burial society and not expect the undertaking crew to talk about what they saw afterwards. We made it clear to one of the crew living in Bnai Brak, his name was Baruch as I recall, that the loose talk would have to end then and there. He has been most obedient since then. And we had to lean on this guy Biton from Pardes Katz who was blabbing about what he saw.
    Source 2 - There were a couple of other of our people who were eliminated; one was from Ashdod or Rishon, I think, another guy named Tzvi, as I recall was buried in Jerusalem the night of Rabin's murder. A minyan was gathered in a hurry to supervise the burial and, of course, someone reported the incident, this time to a Haredi paper in Bnai Brak. This paper was called Hashavuah and they were about to publish the victim's name. We just closed down the paper and confiscated the damning issue. The paper was re-opened under another name right after.
    Source 1 - At the risk of repeating myself, my friend uses the word 'we,' when neither of us were involved in the operations. People in the service talk to each other, we are human after all, and that's where this information comes from. There are now enough of us who have had it with the situation that we decided to fight back. I am sure that most of our buddies agree with what we are doing. At first, no one believed your conclusions about the Rabin murder. You were checked out, and it was concluded, now don't be insulted, that you were too weird to ever be taken seriously.
    Source 2 - The service really underestimated you. They never dealt with a personality like yours. The intelligence reports painted you as an oddball who could be neutralized with ease through the media. No one anticipated that you had these kinds of persuasive talents. We have guys in the service who are convinced you either have hidden powers or are working at a high-ranking mutineer's behest. Either way, a lot of us have reached the conclusion that it is inevitable the Rabin murder is going to rock the service like never before. We want to make sure the damage won't be permanent. The only people who should be prosecuted are those who killed Jews, and there aren't many of them. We want them purged from our ranks.
Uzi Meshulum
    (A rabbi who exposed the kidnappings of thousands of, mostly, Yemenite infants in the early days of the state).
Source 2 - At the same time that the service was being exploited to smear political opposition to the Oslo process, we were being used to snuff out another political threat, Rabbi Uzi Meshulum. I bought the propaganda that he was a dangerous cult leader threatening widespread violence in our society. Most of us did at the time so we cooperated in his silencing. Now we know that his message was honest and that it threatened the very basis of the Labor movement. If it was allowed out, Labor's first heroes were going to be pilloried, the political movement would have no moral imperative to continue and thus the Oslo process would die. We were used again.

    As far as the service was concerned, Meshulum's fatal mistake was naming his Shin Bet infiltrator, Ilan Raz. We do not appreciate having our men exposed and their lives thereafter threatened. We planned to move in on Meshulum big-time for that.

    But Raz tried to warn Meshulum. He had actually come around to admiring him, and that by the way, is breaking regulation number one; Get close to your target but not too close. He told him to stop his campaign immediately or we would come down on him very hard. He even tried bribing him but Meshulum wouldn't budge. We laid siege to his compound with army and police snipers everywhere. They killed one of Meshulum's young supporters. Meshulum was put into prison and now he seems to have forgotten everything to do with missing infants.

    And the story gets worse. The Prison Services medical head, Yaacov Ziegelboim was appalled by the medical treatment Meshulum was receiving and was on the verge of reporting the facts to the proper authorities. A bomb in his car put an end to that. Our public relations people shifted the blame to Meshulum's followers. They are like the settlers; they talk big, they used to call protest rallies thinking they could persuade the public to seek justice but they never took murderous actions. Yet the propaganda was so effective that the public believed the bombing was by an extremist Yemenite. I have no proof but I'm convinced, and I'm not alone, that victims like the Amir and Kahalani brothers were chosen because they were Yemenite. Part of the overall operation was to convince the public that Yemenites were unstable and their claims shouldn't be taken seriously.

We Mean It
    Source 1 - We worked out a strategy that we can live with. We are going to allow you to report a highly sensitive piece of information. It should show the dirty tricks people that we aren't kidding. Their operations have to stop and now. This will be the last information you get from us. Next time we'll find a more conventional media outlet. That is a promise. You will not be contacted again.
    Source 2 - I suggest you take a trip to HaChoresh street in Ramot and look at villas around the number 100 block. You'll see one with a special garage door. Suspects from the Ramallah area are taken there for interrogation.

    Let them find a new villa. If we don't see a change of policy, the next reporter we talk to will get more, much more information. We are looking for an internal order that lets us know that the Shabak will have only one function from now on, to protect Israelis from their real enemies.

    Source 1 - And like I said before, you must report that the Shabak is where our country's finest men serve. Most of us have no role in any of this subterfuge. We are confident that we will be forgiven by the public when the full story comes out. And it will.


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