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By Samuel L. Blumenfeld

May 24, 2002

While Palestinians are calling for an investigation of the fictitious massacre in Jenin, no one will be investigating the wanton execution of three Palestinians in Hebron without hearings or trials for suspected collaboration with Israel.  That is known as lynching, defined in the dictionary as “murdering an accused person by mob action and without lawful trial.”  But that is routine Palestinian justice, and that is not the first time that such lynchings have taken place.

According to the Boston Globe (4/24/02) “The three Palestinian men were rousted from their beds yesterday morning, hands trussed behind their backs and gags shoved in their mouths.  Then they were shoved and yanked over to Salam Street, where they were shot dead as a mob of their compatriots cheered and jeered. … Even telling a Jew the name of the street on which you stand is a betrayal of the people, one of the masked gunmen told onlookers at the execution scene. … During the heavy fighting of the first three weeks of April, militias summarily executed dozens of suspected informants, some simply for having had business dealings with Israelis.”

The Palestinian Authority has done nothing to curb this form of mob justice.  It reminds us of what happened early in the intifada when two Israeli reservists happened to mistakenly drive into Palestinian territory and were brutally murdered by a frenzied mob.  That “incident” has been forgotten by the media and the UN.

Yet, the Palestinians are demanding that their gunmen holed up in the Church of the Nativity should be handed over to the Palestinian Authority for trial in Gaza, where no doubt they will be acquitted as patriots.  Israel is anxious to arrest about 30 of the gunmen, wanted for deadly attacks on Israelis, but apparently about 13 of them will be exiled to Italy.  And who knows what will happen to them once they get to Italy, that’s if Italy will take them.

We don’t expect the UN, or Europeans, or Palestinian sympathizers to be concerned with Palestinian justice as practiced against other Palestinians.  Their only concern is what Israel does in its own defense against the barbarism of their Arab neighbors.

During the standoff, three Armenian Orthodox priests managed to escape from the church with the help of Israeli troops when they hung a sign from a window away from the gunmen which read, “Please help us.”  After they escaped they reported that the militants smashed crucifixes, urinated on relics, and destroyed furniture and glass.  The priests themselves, dehydrated and starved, were treated in a rough, threatening manner by the gunmen.  But once the historic church is evacuated, we shall have a chance to see what actually took place inside.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the only way that Palestinians and Israelis can ever become reconciled is if a new leadership develops among the Palestinians.  The present leadership represents the self-destructive, barbaric policies of Yasser Arafat and his terrorist minions.  There can be no peace as long as Arafat remains the leader of the Palestinians.  Obviously, there are many rational Palestinians who would like to make peace with the Israelis, but they don’t dare say a word or make a move while the lynch mobs rule the territory.

We have been told over and over again by the Palestinians that there can be no peace as long as Israeli settlements remain in the West Bank and Gaza.  A million Arabs live in Israel, so why can’t 200,000 Jews live in the West Bank and Gaza?  Why must Arab Palestine be Judenrein?  The settlements were built on unoccupied land and did not displace any Arab towns or villages.  With Israel being as small as it is, the settlements are little more than suburbs of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.  Besides, both Samaria and Judea are just as much part of the Promised Land as the rest of Israel.  Jews have as much right to live there as the Arabs.

But since Arafat has done everything in his power to whip up the most bitter and murderous hatred of Jews among Palestinians, the likelihood of peace in the near future seems quite remote.  Meanwhile, another suicide bomber has killed at least 15 young Israelis in a gaming hall and wounded about 60 others, and Prime Minister Sharon has cut short his visit to the U.S. and returned to Israel.  It is obvious that the military incursion in the West Bank did not completely wipe out the terrorist network.  Which means that Israel may have to reoccupy the entire West Bank in order to assure security for its own people.  The Palestinian Authority failed to become a viable, democratic government worthy of running a sovereign state.  There can be no statehood as long as its future leaders are terrorists.

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