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By Charlotte Iserbyt
April 25, 2012

Did you ask your elected officials to vote for LD 1422 (Standards-Based Education), a restructured education system which will change your children's education from academics (upward mobility) to the Soviet lifelong work force training system in which the government schools in partnership with the private corporations will decide at an early age what your child's future occupation will be? This is known in economic circles as a planned economy. History has proved that planned economies do not work. At least for the general population. This system is used in socialist countries (Cuba, for instance, where students are taken to cigar factory for part of the day to do apprentice work). The system is not intended to provide a classical, academic education; on the contrary, its purpose is to produce docile, obedient robotic workers to spin off profits for the corporatist/socialist global economy.

C.S Lewis, the noted English writer, put it well when he said:

"If education is beaten by training, civilization dies," he (C.S. Lewis) writes, for the "lesson of history" is that "civilization is a rarity, attained with difficulty and easily lost." It is the liberal arts, not vocational raining, that preserves civilization by producing reasonable men and responsible citizens." --Gregory Dunn, "C.S. Lewis on Liberal Arts Education," "On Principle, Vol. 7, No. 2, April 1999)

Maine's academic education system is being taken over without firing a shot. Parents across the country fought OBE (Outcomes-based Education) for at least fifteen years, which gave the label OBE a bad reputation; thus the change agents changed the label for the umpteenth time to "Standards-based Education" in order to trick parents and teachers into accepting the same original "failed" mastery learning system under a different label.

Why has the Maine Legislature not asked for longitudinal data (OVER THE PAST 30 YEARS) on the results of this non-competitive individualized type of education which does not use a grading system (A-F) or Kindergarten through 12th grade? Why would our Legislature approve a new form of education without asking for proof that “it” has resulted in improved academic test scores? This continuous progress system eliminates competition and in many of its sites, especially De Lorenzo's RISC (Reinventing School Coalition) program, allows students to graduate (?) at 14 or 22!!!! And, since it is geared towards training in values change and workplace skills, is eligible to receive the Malcolm Baldridge Total Quality Management Award heretofore given to corporations such as Cadillac. (Google RISC for documentation regarding LD 1422’s education restructuring.) Why is our Legislature approving a workforce training system used in socialist/communist countries which have "planned" economies?

Most important of all, is the fact that this type of education/training (known as Pavlovian/Skinnerian (stimulus/response) Direct Instruction, Mastery Learning, Outcomes-based Education, or Standards-based Education is based on the behaviorist philosophy of Benjamin Bloom, William Spady, and B .F. Skinner who believe our children are animals to be "trained", not "educated." It is “performance” based, not “brain” based. This continuous progress, non-competitive, proceed at your own pace system, has been in the works since the Carnegie Corporation in 1934 spelled out its education agenda for a socialist America. What Maine parents are being asked to accept for their children has been experimented with in most of our nation's inner city schools since the 1970s and has resulted in the deliberate and criminal academic dumbing down of minority children. Education Week, the nation's premiere academic journal, in an article dated March 6, 1985, referred to the Mastery Learning experiment in Chicago as a "human tragedy with half of the 39,500 public school students in the 1980 freshman class failing to graduate and that only about a third of those who did were able to read at or above the national 12th grade level."

The reader may logically ask "Why would the education establishment continue to use this same Mastery Learning method when the results from the inner cities were so deplorable?" The reason is that the federally-funded education change agents, the corporations, and the tax-exempt foundations do not care about the bad results. The bad results were and are simply a by-product of the education change agents’ involvement, ever since 1965, in setting up the "new" non-academic performance-based computerized pigeon training system for students as well as their teachers AND changing the academically-oriented, hierarchical K-12: elementary, middle and high school buildings with their Principals and Superintendents, and run by elected school board members to the new school choice/charter school system (infrastructure) oriented towards global work force training. If the new non-academic, animal training method resulted in an academically dumbed down minority population, they didn't care since they were in the process of perfecting the new "system", the non-academic "standards-abased" one our Legislature has been convinced to vote for. The tax-exempt foundations and the U.S. Dept. of Education are simply following the agenda laid out by the Carnegie Corporation of New York in 1934 and carried through to the present. Carnegie's slim book entitled “Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies”, 1934, called for using the schools to change America from a free enterprise economy to a planned socialist economy in the New World Order.


For those who do not believe the above regarding education being the KEY to changing our form of economy and government, please click here and type word "Report of the Commission on the Social Studies" into search engine for slim book entitled "Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social studies", 1934, commissioned and funded by the Carnegie Corporation. This book spells out Carnegie's 78 -year plan to use our schools to change America from a free market economy to a socialist planned economy necessary for world government.

In order to move to the socialist/communist education workforce training system, the United States highly successful knowledge-driven, competitive, A-F, and K-12 system had to be replaced (gradually) by what Maine's Legislature and its Education Commissioner Bowen refer to as Standards-Based education using Skinnerian computer technology to replace books and academic teachers. This new system will result in the brainwashing (conditioning) of your children in the values and attitudes necessary for life in the global system being implemented as I speak. Dustin Heuston, Utah's World Institute for Computer-Assisted Teaching made this remarkably scary comment in 1984:

"We've been absolutely staggered by realizing that the computer has the capability to act as if it were ten of the top psychologists working with one've seen the tip of the iceberg. Won't it be wonderful when the child in the smallest county in the most distant area or in the most confused urban setting can have the equivalent of the finest school in the world on that terminal and no one can get between that child and that curriculum? We have great moments coming in the history of education."

This legislation is the result of lobbying by the national neoconservative movement, the Maine Chamber of Commerce, Maine Heritage affiliated with the national Heritage Foundation that is supporting similar legislation in all states, the Nellie Mae Foundation, other tax-exempt foundation/think tanks, and other U.S. Dept. of Education laboratories and their skilled change agents (snake oil salesmen...Example: De Lorenzo's Reinventing School Coalition... funded with your tax money) who have bought into, or support the idea that one can merge the public and private sector (same as under fascism/communism) without having any change take place in our constitutional. representative form of government or free market economy. It appears that the aforementioned groups see nothing wrong with "failed" socialism. regionalism, fascism, communism. As far as this writer knows, the United States does not have an "ism" form of government. Yet, that is. Has our education system's United Nations (UNESCO)-spawned 70-year brainwashing for totalitarian world government been so successful that Americans no longer understand what made America great that foreigners fled their totalitarian (planned economy) systems to come here to experience our unusual experiment in political and economic freedom?

There is no excuse for our legislators NOT to understand that legislation to privatize the public schools (PUBLIC/TAX-SUPPORTED funding of private education...charter schools, home schools, etc) and changing our once excellent academic form of education to the Soviet system of lifelong workforce training for a planned global economy (LD 1422) is NOT the American way and is, in fact, unconstitutional. Fortunately Maine's legislators turned down LD 1854 (school choice/home school funding legislation). Please thank them for their wise decision in this regard and remind them that school choice plans have been in the works since the nineteen sixties at least and that they are essential for implementation of the work force training system outlined in L.D. 1422.

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Did the United States engage in overseas wars over the past 100 years to end up implementing the same communist/fascist system to which we were supposedly opposed? How many of our family members and friends died in these wars, ostensibly to defend the economic and political freedoms guaranteed under our representative/constitutional form of government?

Please call your elected officials and ask them to repeal

LD 1422 and to oppose any accompanying legislation to implement school choice/charter schools (unconstitutional use of tax monies to support private/religious education) Choice/charter schools are the vehicle to set up the specific work force related training sites necessary for the planned economy.

[All information in this article is documented and can be found either at (a free download); at, or in the abridged, revised, updated version of "the deliberate dumbing down of america," 1999, available at]

� 2012 Charlotte T. Iserbyt - All Rights Reserved

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Charlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America's classrooms. Iserbyt is a former school board director in Camden, Maine and was co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) from 1978 to 2000. She has also served in the American Red Cross on Guam and Japan during the Korean War, and in the United States Foreign Service in Belgium and in the Republic of South Africa.

Iserbyt is a speaker and writer, best known for her 1985 booklet Back to Basics Reform or OBE: Skinnerian International Curriculum and her 1989 pamphlet Soviets in the Classroom: America's Latest Education Fad which  covered the details of the U.S.-Soviet and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements which remain in effect to this day. She is a freelance writer and has had articles published in Human Events, The Washington Times, The Bangor Daily News, and included in the record of Congressional hearings.














Did the United States engage in overseas wars over the past 100 years to end up implementing the same communist/fascist system to which we were supposedly opposed?