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By Dr. Leonard Horowitz

SANDPOINT, ID — Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) is increasingly becoming the central suspect in the anthrax mailings investigation according to a growing number of independent investigators and newspapers initially tipped by a report released last Monday by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, a Harvard trained public health authority. The NY Times is the latest newspaper to include this West Jefferson, Ohio defense contractor that documents prove maintained close ties to the U.S. Army’s Dugway “Life Sciences” center where the specific strain of anthrax was undergoing tests. 

The Baltimore Sun reported this week that, contrary to popular belief, the Defense Department maintained a potentially offensive biological weapons program using the Aimes strain of anthrax identified at Dugway. They failed to report that BMI largely administered and supplied this “Life Sciences” facility wherein a “virtually identical” strain of anthrax had been tested.

After circulating his 20-page report (See: to members congress and the press, Dr. Horowitz, the author of the prophetically titled book, "Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare", contacted the William J. Broad, the anthrax mailings investigator for the New York Times, and co-author of "Germs", to discuss the accumulating evidence against BMI. “All roads lead to BMI,” Broad agreed.

Two days later, Broad and his co-author, Judith Miller, wrote that BMI “participated in a secret Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) program, code-named ‘Clear Vision’” begun in 1997, that allegedly used benign substances similar to anthrax.

The Horowitz report also argued that only someone with national security clearances, such as CIA operatives assigned to this top secret program, could have commandeered the anthrax from BMI to the mailings sites such as Trenton, New Jersey. He said, “CIA personnel are increasingly implicated in light of these revelations.” 
Further implicating BMI and the CIA, both leading anthrax experts—America’s William C. Patrick, III, and Russian defector, Kanatjan Alibekov—are BMI consultants and on the CIA’s payroll, according to earlier published reports cited in the Horowitz report.     
“The whole truth would be severely embarrassing to the Bush administration,” Dr. Horowitz said. “HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson has, after all, commandeered a bioterrorism preparedness drug feeding frenzy. With five persons killed and thirteen others infected so far, military-industrial officials may be implicated in serial homicide, if not economic genocide, while ‘wagging the dog’ for drug and vaccine company profits.”
Dr. Horowitz says that the Baltimore Sun report was highly significant regarding Dugway’s “Life Sciences” Division. “‘Death Sciences’ seems to be a more accurate title for the lab largely developed, administered, and supplied by BMI where all roads appear to lead,” Dr. Horowitz said.

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