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By Terry Hayfield

March 24, 2003

What is the American Way of Life? Well, that depends on whom you ask!

If you do not recognize the existence of the Permanent Revolution any answer you might give in support of "the American way of life" will be entirely incorrect. You can be sure the Permanent Revolution is real.

As in part 1 and 2 important points to be made are from "eyewitness" observations. To answer the question "Is the Permanent Revolution real?" I direct the reader to David Horowitz, author of many best sellers, and according to his many bio's' similar to the one for How to Beat the Democrats, and Other Subversive Ideas, Mr. Horowitz is a major political advisor to the present elected president and a former left wing subversive. He has the knowledge, experience and position to make valid observations. A few quotes form pages 199 and 228,

"Far from renouncing her communist and terrorist past, Boudin is part of the same radical network that fuels Linda Evans' seditious projects and remains an integeral part of the permanent revolution"

"Since America is a democracy and the people endorse it, the left's "progressive" agendas can only be achieved by lying to the people. The enlightened must be kept ignorant until the revolution transforms them"

In order to understand the importance of this Horowitz observation it is necessary to turn to a book from his subversive days, Empire and Revolution, 1969. On pages 28, 29 and 30 Mr. Horowitz precisely identifies the existence of the Permanent Revolution,

"Lenin referred to 'uninterrupted' or 'continuous' revolution rather than 'permanent revolution,' which had been revived as a term by Parvus and Trotsky"

"The bourgeoisie cannot long exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of production, and with them the whole relations of society"

"The 'necessary consequence' of this was political centralization. 'Independent, or but loosely connected provinces, with separate interests, laws, governments, and systems of taxation, became lumped together into one nation, with one government, one code of laws, one national class-interest, one frontier and one customs tariff."

Remember the Permanent Revolution is a continuous process to help a unified American/ British Capitalism survive and evolve into Socialism. David Horowitz believed that in 1969 and feared its approaching success in 2002.

Mr. Horowitz has an arc enemy, Noam Chomsky. According to Mr. Horowitz Noam Chomsky is a Marxist Socialist. So according to Horowitz, Mr. Chomsky's observations on the current "status quo" could be considered reliable Liberal rhetoric. To make sure you understand" we are talking about Socialism that is to evolve from Capitalism. If we turn to pages 143 and 144 of Ruling the World from Chomsky's book Understanding Power we read,

"Well, you can argue about what socialism is but, there are some ideas that are sort of at the core of it, like workers' control over production"

I want the reader to understand; Chomsky totally believes this fact. Turn back to page 140 and Chomsky reinforces,

"But of course, achieving real democracy will require the whole system of corporate capitalism to be completely dismantled"

"You have to build up alternative popular institutions which, could allow control over society's investment decisions to be moved into the hands of the working people and communities"

"Kind of a participatory economy"

So, what does this have to do with defining what is "the American Way of Life?"

If the Permanent Revolution is real, Communism never has existed and Socialism is the natural evolution Capitalism then one should be able to go out in real life and recognize it, Right?

American Conservatives and Liberals (or claim to be) would all chime in unison "You'll never get Americans to accept Communism especially after the day the towers came down. Our way of life will not be threatened by the actions of any form of Dictatorship!"

Unfortunately both Horowitz and Chomsky are correct in their observations. The Permanent Revolution of converting Capitalism into Socialism is "the way of life in America."

Worker control of the means of production is the major building block of this Socialism.

This is not a new event in history. Worker control of the means of production existed for a short time in Russia, February through October 1917 until Lenin the Bolshevik and Trotsky the former Menshevik overthrew the Kerensky government (heavily dominated by the Mensheviks). By the time of the second part of the Russian Revolution begun, a majority of Russian factories were under the control or worker councils. The Bolsheviks abolished worker councils with State Capitalism. (Go to revolt/talks/ russia _fac .html). For those Liberal Socialists that are now appalled and those Conservative Patriots that are confused please read from Chomsky's Understanding Power, 2002, page 141,

"First of all, the Soviet Union was basically a capitalist system. The first thing that Lenin and Trotsky did when they took power in October of 1917, remember, was to destroy all of the forms of socialist initiative"

"Just now I was talking about workers and communities participating in decision-making-the first thing the Bolsheviks did was to destroy that totally. They destroyed the factory councils, they undermined the soviets..."

Worker Councils was an important Socialist initiative!

In 1980 Ronald Reagan became the American president. This presidency is commonly referred to as the Reagan Revolution. During these years, under the complete control of Neo-conservatives, the economic, political and social environment was prepared to bring back into existence worker control of the means of production. These Neo-conservatives were successful in converting Socialist rhetoric into a Conservative-newspeak.

The economic, political and social reforms of the Reagan Revolution made possible a most necessary evolutionary step for Capitalism, the creation of the basics for a fully functional self-regulating society.

What was once termed as a Soviet work council is now known as Self-directed Work Team, Natural Work Group, Employee Involvement Team or Total Production Management. These are the basic building blocks of Socialism.

Whether you/we like it or not, whether you/we are in manufacturing or a service industry, millions upon millions of Americans earn their living participating in a Soviet work council that operates in American Enterprises of a unified American/British Capitalism" in short, "the American way of life."

Yes, the air is filled with loud shouts of "No way!" "Heresy!" "Reagan would never do that!" etc.

In 1991, a book was published by Bob and Ann Harper, Succeeding as a Self-Directed Work Team. A few quotes form the cover and first few pages will paint the picture for you.

"A quick, Easy-to-Read, Very User-friendly guide to the most important work innovation to come along in 2000 years"

"It's a must read for all members of any organization that is considering a culture change toward a participatory management"

"If you don't already have them-you'll want to know how they're revolutionizing the workplace"

"It's high time democracy came to the workplace"

"The idea of a self-directed workforce is old and new"

"Nothing is stable and predictable anymore in American Business"

"Since goods can be made anywhere, American workers are competing with workers all over the world"

This is an important moment in history-and if you are a part of a self-directed workforce, you're participating in shaping the future of American business

And possibly change the entire system of relationships between-worker-manager-union-company, that we have had for 200 years"

Now think about the above statements; re-read them a few times if need be.

These are not obscure quotes from some obscure right wing fringe published paperback book. These quote come from a book that was passed out to every "salary" employee for well over 100 major corporations or businesses in this Republic. Page ii of Self-Directed Work Teams has a listing of over 80 companies (at this time this writer was a salary employee of one of these companies) starting with Allstate, Inc. and ending with Xerox. This is a clear demonstration that Soviet work councils are the basic building blocks of a Capitalism that has become the "American Way of Life."

Do you still have doubts?

Well, on July 10, 1996, the U. S. Senate passed the Teamwork for Employees and Management Act [ faculty/jbudd/ teamact/aced.htm]. Two of the sponsors of that bill (S. 295) are most curious; Mr. Ashcroft (presently Attorney General of the USA and Mr. Frist (presently the Senate majority leader). From [ congress/may96/ s295 .html] we can read the following from page 1,

"The escalating demands of global competition have compelled an increasing number of American employers to make dramatic changes in workplace and employer-employee relationships"

Employee involvement structures, which operate successfully in both unionized and non-unionized settings, have been established by over 80 percent of the largest employers of the United States and exist in an estimated 30,000 workplaces"

� 2003 - Terry Hayfield - All Rights Reserved

Terry attended Bowling Green State University, 1966-71. Major, Economic geography and English Education.�Served in Viet Nam as Medical Records Clerk (71G20). Elected to vice-president (1978-1981) of Local #1907 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, representing hourly workers for RCA Semi-conductors, Findlay, Ohio. In 1983 started extensive data exchange with Congressman Larwence McDonald (D) of Georgia and then chairman of the John Birch Society. Congressman McDonald was planning on seeking the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination. We were in the middle of negotiating my becoming his campaign manager when he boarded the fatal Korean Air 007. E-Mail:









"You have to build up alternative popular institutions which, could allow control over society's investment decisions to be moved into the hands of the working people and communities"