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By Craig Tweedy

March 29, 2005

The Means of Tyranny Arm the Scandal Primed to Restore America by Uncommon Leadership

On January 24, 2005, ran the wake up call written by Devvy Kidd titled "Excuses." It warned that, "the freedom movement has been doing the same thing for decades that doesn't work while America continues to slide down the razor blade of tyranny." If you agree, as do I, were the Founding Fathers stupid? If not, what happened to the check and balance safeguards and duties designed, but not in place? Is tyranny enabled by check and balance voids and failures of oath and duty? If so, do the power vacuum means of judicial and executive tyranny require media cartel concealment? If so, does the insight teach the way to freedom from unchecked power and tyranny? If so, do old and newly gathered truths demand the news leadership and great scandal needed to check and remove power vacuums, once hidden? If so, truth demands the proactive duty to renew our rights, religious liberty and moral standards, as endowed by GOD. Restore the check and balance safeguards and duties essential for the Republic and Constitution, as designed, to protect us from the thirst of Man for government power over all others.

Root causes teach powerful solutions. The federal judge tyranny and ACLU agenda prevail, under media cartel concealment of power vacuums devised by huge corporation and foundations. The elite termites are subverting the Constitution and rule of law, absent the check and balance safeguards and duties designed to prevent tyranny, Leadership Call, at pages 1-4. The root causes teach that the present and future generations are at inexcusable risk.

The root causes compel the free media duty to lead out as armed shepherds. The Founding Fathers did radical things to secure freedom from tyranny. Truth demands another radical thing. The root causes arm the news power and great scandal primed to renew the safeguards and duties essential to our rights and freedom, not free, but earned.

Newly Gathered Truths Arm The Restoration.

This paper teaches record facts and observations gathered from decades of litigation in the broken systems of law. The newly gathered truths teach the power and duty of grassroots, internet and talk radio leaders to generate the great judicial and teaching scandal primed to fix the systems and renew the actual Constitution and Republic, the base for our rights and liberty.

In truth, Goodyear, Union Pacific and American Airlines were protected from damage claims by the federal judge fraud protected, in turn, by law clerk and state bar fraud. The utter arrogance bragged power above law and rights. It declared the unchecked means of power by inside fraud extending to law clerk protection at the Supreme Court, if necessary. The brag demanded a testing stand. So truth and duty forced state bar and law clerk fraud at the Supreme Court, high crime against the Constitution, without dispute. This truth compels Supreme Court and public awareness, the great scandal primed to renew the long forgotten check and balance safeguards and duties, once in place.

The high crime protected federal judge tyranny. It declared the wounded Constitution to be as meaningless as our rights and liberty. The power vacuum tyranny warrants great fear, until internet, talk radio and Christian broadcast leaders lead out as shepherds, patriots and radicals armed with restoration truths. Truth will set us free, when planned and applied.

The fact of state bar fraud and high crime is beyond genuine dispute, by anyone. Yet it was worked under the noses of state and federal officials, who feared the oath and duty to stand against it and indict key termites. Duty and check and balance safeguards have become unused widgets, because of textbook editing, generations ago. The Federalist Papers deal with bringing big and small states, coastal and inland, together, not the safeguards and duties of the Republic. .

The media cartels, as political power brokers, conceal the unchecked means of federal judge tyranny used by multinational corporations based in New York, or Paris, or Berlin. If so, have huge corporations, foundations and federal judges become covert rulers in our land? If so, was America birthed by magic pills? If not, did the Founding Fathers design check and balance safeguards and duties against feudal system power? Later on in England, Lord Action wisely warned that, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Today, absolute power is exercised in power vacuums concealed by media cartels and law clerks. So don check and balance glasses. See the check and balance voids permitted by failures of oath and duty in all three branches of government, state and federal. Understand that the Judiciary Committees of State Legislatures and Congress cunningly permit the power vacuums hidden by media cartels. Understand that big newspaper cartels, guised as public interest protectors, have refused the power vacuum news sought by investigative reporters, since 1992. The vision teaches root causes and powerful solutions.

Now hear this!! In the 1944 Hazel-Atlas fraud decision, 322 US 239, the Supreme Court declared that courts "must not be mute and helpless victims of deception and fraud," and in the 1947 Root Refining fraud decision, 328 US 575, the Supreme Court imposed this judicial duty. When given notice of fraud upon the Court, judges and justices must unearth it. The means of the fraud notice are not restricted. So great media notice of the Oklahoma state bar and law clerk fraud at the Supreme Court will shake walls, even before the Justices are forced to act. The public outrage will force the oath and duty of each Justice to unearth the power vacuum fraud and high crime, in required defense of the Constitution and we, the people, simple as that.

Three Oklahoma officials, all lawyers, feared the oath and duty to protect the Constitution, as the Oklahoma Bar fraud and high crime was taking place. Upon formal notice, Governor Keating and Attorney General Edmondson and Senate Leader Taylor could not genuinely dispute the state bar fraud and high crime, but stayed silent. So would media pressure prompt them to say ooops, and belatedly exercise the duty? Might they fear the ouster and jail time penalties for willful neglect of duty and/or being indicted for aiding and abetting the high crime? Former Governor Keating cannot be ousted. Keating currently lobbies Congress and sits on boards of conservative reform groups.

Media pressure should also be applied to Bruce Ohr, the Chief of the Organized Crime Section, Department of Justice. Chief Ohr was placed on notice of the state bar and law clerk fraud scheme, but looked skyward from the oath and duty, before and after the fraud on the Supreme Court and high crime against the Constitution happened. Later, Deputy Chief Douglas Crow also looked skyward from the high crime. Shouldn't those prosecutors be forced to say ooops and indict key players in the scheme of organized high crime against the Constitution?

Whether the public officials say ooops, or not, the media pressure and notice of the state bar and law clerk fraud promise to force the Supreme Court Justices to protect the Constitution and we, the people, from the power vacuum means and fact of fraud, tyranny and high crime.

Once engaged by internet, talk radio and Christian broadcast leaders, the great scandal will shatter power vacuums, break up media cartels and force termites to act like good guys.

Like NAFTA, The Devil's In The Covert Details.

In politics as usual, huge corporations own the DNC, ACLU and key Republicans. Many conservatives view huge corporations as allies, or fear to offend them, the forces using the Reform and Constitution Parties to assist left wing agendas by attracting conservative votes. Add Judiciary Committee influence and fundamental ignorance to the mix. The sum explains fraud and tyranny enabled by power vacuums concealed by media cartels, state bars and law clerks.

As political power brokers, media cartels conceal the fact that state bars operate as state agencies, absent any legislature authority or controls, another hard check and balance void. The state bars are whorehouses used to protect power vacuum fraud, tyranny and high crime. This is so, because state legislators fear the oath and duty to protect the Constitution and we, the people, from the state bar corruption permitted by Judiciary Committees. Gosh, standing to clean up state bars would offend political bosses, media moguls, huge corporations and huge foundations, the hidden oligarchy of termite power, the neo-feudal system rulers.

Years ago, the Tulsa World reported 3.5 million in interest on client funds held in law firm trust accounts being paid to the Oklahoma Bar. Whether the sum was annual or cumulative is not clear. But it is being used for proper public purposes, why are the interest income amounts and uses not available for public access?

How many millions in trust account interest are being paid to 50 state bars by law firms? Does it secure power by inside fraud above law and rights? Does it buy state bar protection for lawyer, federal judge and law clerk fraud? Does it protect the federal judge tyranny enabled by power vacuums? Does it facilitate the Rockefeller Foundation and related ACLU agendas?

In federal court litigation, it appears that huge corporations are over billed, by agreement. The law firms pay tax on all income and draw the earned fees. The unearned fees stay in the trust accounts for use as slush funds to work clandestine and bribery purposes.

Slush funds buy law clerk decisions in federal appeals courts, while appellate judges play golf. Yes, law clerks decide most federal appeals - 90 percent in one appeals circuit - reported the NY Times on March 14, 1999. The "Two-Level System" was front-page news written by William Glaberson. He ran like a scared rabbit, when urged to cover the reality of law clerks taking bribes to whitewash federal district judge fraud and tyranny on appeal.

The law clerk power to protect federal judge fraud and tyranny in appeals was cunningly endorsed by Jimmy Carter and his left wing Judiciary Committees in 1979. By opening that sinister check and balance void, the Carter intent was that we, the plantation workers, would have small rights and liberties, except when inconvenient to elite termites.

Scandal breeds reform. The last federal court of appeals scandal arose from the 1946 indictment of a federal appeals judge for taking a bribe in the Root Refining case. The scandal forced the Judicial Reform Act of 1948, whereby Congress said that federal judges may be ousted, without impeachment, as does Article III of the Constitution. Under the Act, federal judges may be ousted for Article III failures of good behavior, like fraud, plain usurpations of power [fiats] and other willful violations of oath and duty to uphold the Constitution. Yet termite spins tell us that federal judges must be impeached by Congress to be ousted.

In the 1970 Chandler case, 398 US 74, the Supreme Court obliquely affirmed federal judge ouster under the 1948 Act and Article III. Fog was needed. The Justices did not want us to know that Justices may also be ousted for willful violations of good behavior, oath and duty. One reason is that Justices use case precedent violating the Constitution itself. The precedent was developed by Justice Hugo Black, an ACLU termite, who imposed the separation of church and state fiat in the 1947 Everson case, 330 US 1. The fiat imposed those words to amend the First Amendment in order to protect government and the federal judiciary from moral standards. Judicial amendments are unauthorized by the Constitution and violate the oath and duty to uphold it. The Everson precedent converted the Constitution into moldable clay and is void, Leadership Call, at 3-4. As Black's Everson fiat worked protection from moral standards, so did Senator Lyndon B. Johnston, who feared defeat by church groups. So in 1953, he devised the LBJ Tax, 501C3 restrictions upon pulpit truths to protect corrupt politicians. The Black fiat and LBJ Tax facilitated the power vacuum tactics and dangers, as we slept

To facilitate the judicial fraud and tyranny worked in power vacuums, Carter and his Judiciary Committees did more than endorse law clerk protection in 1999. In 1980, the Carter clan devised the cunning 28 USC 372(b)(3) amendment to the Judicial Reform Act of 1948. It protects federal judge fraud from complaints for judicial misconduct. It says that the judge fraud must be raised on appeal and, if not, the complaint must be dismissed. Complaints by non-party for observed judge fraud are not permitted. Yet, hello, the federal judge fraud and tyranny is protected on appeal by bribed law clerks, by plan. In slimy effect, Carter and his Judiciary Committees fostered federal judge tyranny and sold the Constitution and we, the people, down the river flowing toward the UN termites, power by purchase.

The Judiciary Committees in Congress have exclusive rules oversight of monopoly law and the federal courts, not by accident. They permit appellate law clerk protection for various power vacuum dangers, including anti-trust violations. And they have allowed he development of news filtering monopolies, such as big newspaper, AP and TV network cartels [less Fox News]. The media cartels may be the greatest danger, because they conceal power vacuums subverting America from within. Consider the public outrage, when the concealment is made clear by free media power and great scandal.

Another slush fund use arises when law firm partners make cash withdrawals as bagmen. The money is used to influence or bribe members of judiciary committees, judges, opposition lawyers, U.S. Attorneys, state prosecutors, ad nauseam. It buys board members for conservative reform groups, where staffers are restricted to pabulum. The cash withdrawals are law firm secrets, right? But whoops, the Whitewater scandal led to Hillary Clinton and the Rose law firm trust account, where cash withdrawals implicated Webster Hubble, the former Rose law firm partner and ethics committee chairman for the Arkansas state bar.

Webb Hubble had withdrawn at least $394,000 in trust account cash. This suggested that he had pocketed cash not reported by his tax returns, rather than cash used for bribery purposes. Criminal charges forced Hubble to leave Janet Reno and the Justice Department helm. If he told the truth about bribing wolves in sheep's clothing, such as Judiciary Committee Members, federal judges, law clerks, US attorneys and other public officials, all hell would break loose. Power vacuums might reach public awareness. So as a multinational puppet, Bill Clinton raised a one million dollars Hubble Hush Fund. After Hubble pled guilty, Slick Willie Clinton tearfully whined that Webb had lied to him.Yeah, sure.

Hillary and Bill could not risk Hubble telling the truth, nor could the huge corporations and foundations, the ruling class. The hush fund helped, but Hubble was likely motivated to stay quiet by the so-called suicide of Vince Foster, Hillary's friend and White House minion. Foster had been a partner of Hubble and Hillary at the Rose law firm. In the afternoon of July 20, 1993, Foster left his White House office in good spirits. Hours later he was found dead in Fort Marcy Park. The circumstances were inconsistent with suicide, but consistent will cold-blooded murder. Yet several Arkansas associates of Hillary and Bill Clinton had met similar fates.

Intriguing questions arise. Had Vince Foster withdrawn slush fund cash from the Rose trust account and used it to bribe state and federal judiciary committee members, federal judges and like termites? Had Foster warned Hillary that he had kept bribery records, if she did not protect him from prosecution? Was Hillary involved in the bribery? Did those factors prompt the so-called suicide? If not, why did Hillary's chief of staff, Margaret Williams, and Bernard Nussbaum [the Watergate investigator, whose assistant was Hillary Rodham] clean out Foster's office, before criminal investigators could arrive? Had Hillary Rodham learned from Watergate that the best defense is to destroy all evidence?

The Hubble and Foster sagas flavor the use of slush funds to buy protection for the power vacuum fraud and tyranny permitted by judiciary committees. The power vacuum termites fear the moral standards endowed by GOD. This explains the 1947 separation of church and state fiat and the 1953 LBJ tax, Leadership Call at 3-4, and the federal judge fiats empowering the ACLU agenda, today. The termites need moral ambiguity and a meaningless Constitution, while we flounder in bewilderment, not understanding the safeguards and duties, not in place.

Additional Learning Key Authority.

Some 25 years ago, George Will wrote that the Republic was designed to protect us from abuse of government power. The concept was new and exciting to this history major and lawyer. In opening an encyclopedia, our Republic was defined a representative form of government. The editing exemplifies why the safeguards and duties are not taught in junior high and church.

The power vacuum danger needs definition. Call it Robber Baron power renewed by Trojan Horse, DNC and ACLU means, under media cartel blackouts. The Trojan Horse and termite danger required textbook editing for many generations ago, as we slept. Thus, we have been ignorant of the Judeo-Christian heritage basing our Republic, rights and liberties. The vital oaths, duties and safeguards have become widgets, as taught by The Leadership Call. The present and future generations are at needless risk, unless America arose from magic pills

The power vacuums teach that scandal at the Supreme Court and healthy indictments will renew the safeguards and duties of the Republic. It was designed to protect our rights, religious liberties and moral standards, as endowed by GOD, from the historic thirst of Man for government power over all others, the current termite power.

Are you aware of the penalty of ouster and jail time for public officials, who willfully neglect the oath and duty to uphold the Constitution and checks and balances of power? The grand jury authority to enforce the penalty was enacted by original states and carried forward into Oklahoma law in 1910, for example. The Founding Founders understood that most public officials would need the greater fear of being ousted, jailed and branded with public infamy, than of offending the corrupt by exercising the oath and check and balance duty.

We were assigned the duty and grand authority to assure that public officials uphold the Constitution and checks and balances of power. Having delegated power to state and federal government, it was our duty is to assure oath and duty in all branches of government. Absent our duty, legislators enact law by the truckload to correct symptoms of the power vacuum dangers permitted in violation of oath and duty. While the root causes are hidden by media cartels.

We defeat instances of corruption, as power vacuums breed corruption. Combating fraud and tyranny, but not the root causes is like herding cats, or taking toothpicks to gunfights, teaching triangle, while our American values and virtues burn.

Truth And Freedom Demand Radical Leadership.

Follow the slush fund money to the dark power of appellate law clerks, especially those at the Supreme Court, where 7,000 cases seek relief, annually. The Justices select 75 cases for review, more or less, from law clerk notes. The cases not selected are stored to make room for the next 7,000. The lack of safeguards against law clerk fraud explains why the power vacuum fraud and tyranny has escaped Supreme Court and public awareness. Absent safeguards and duty, the foxes guard the henhouses and we, the chickens, are at inexcusable risk.

The law clerk price was surely high concerning the Petition for Certiorari to the Supreme Court in Case No. 01-286. It ensnared the root means of fraud and tyranny. Federal judge fraud protected huge corporations from damage claims filed variously by two corporations and one individual. The fraud imposed frivolous, but different claims than filed, like changing apples into oranges, as explained at pages 10-13 of the Appendix. Lawyer fear was expected. Yet the federal judge fraud and law clerk protection was challenged. This endangered power vacuums. So in 1991, huge corporations bragged more inside power, big mistake. The Oklahoma Bar was used to charge this attorney with the unethical filing of frivolous claims, the oranges imposed by federal judge fiat fraud. The charges were stupid, if the intent was to allow substantive defenses and due process, because the actual claims, the apples prove what the oranges confess. In law, the apples prove the federal judge, law clerk and state bar fraud permitted by judiciary committees, under media cartel concealment.

Yet truth and due process defenses were to be evaporated. The 1991 brag necessarily intended law clerk protection at the high court. So after due preparation, the apple based truths, fundamental law and So Help Me GOD Duty forced state bar and law clerk fraud upon the Supreme Court in 2001, high crime against the Constitution. The Cert Petition issues and facts prove the state bar and law clerk fraud. This proved the power vacuum tyranny evaporating rights and liberties in institutions created to protect the Constitution and we, the people.

The power vacuum fraud and tyranny was confessed by Oklahoma Bar silence, as predicted by the Cert Petition text, at pages 13-15. In carrying out the 1991 brag of power in 2001, the termites told us how to restore the Republic and the actual Constitution. Yet they intercepted fraud notices to Chief Justice Rehnquist, Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas. Golly, the Supreme Court scandal would unearth power vacuums and cause the public outage needed to restore our Republic and the actual Constitution.

The mere indictment of a federal appeals judge for taking a bribe forced the Judicial Reform Act of 1948. Yet the scandal was tiny compared to the one primed to restore our Republic, Constitution and freedom from tyranny.

Truth imposes the duty of grassroots, internet, talk radio and Christian broadcast leaders to do a shepherd and radical thing. Use the 1991 brag of power to generate the scandal breeding reform, even before public outrage forces the Supreme Court to unearth power vacuum fraud and tyranny, in required defense of the actual Constitution. Once engaged by Michael Savage, Neal Boortz, Bill O'Reilly and like types, we, the outraged people, will awaken to duty and restore the check and balance safeguards and duties essential to our Republic and to the Constitution, the organic law of our land.

Freedom is not free, but earned. Truth will free us, when applied by uncommon news and grassroots leadership.

As "American continues to slide down the razor blade of tyranny," inexcusably, it is decision time. Endorse the once hidden root dangers by silence, or do a radical thing as a matter of duty. Force the great judicial, teaching and restoration scandal needed for generations.

� 2005 - Craig Tweedy - All Rights Reserved

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Craig Tweedy is a practicing attorney in Sapulpa, Oklahoma and Director of The Truth and Justice Foundation. Craig is dedicated to the use of gathered truths to generate the great scandal primed to remove the fragile means of tyranny and restore the safeguards and duties essential to our Republic. Internet, talk radio, fox news and Christian broadcast leadership is vital to the task. The task will teach the authority and duty of we, the outraged people, to clean house and restore America, freedom.











Root causes teach powerful solutions. The federal judge tyranny and ACLU agenda prevail, under media cartel concealment of power vacuums devised by huge corporation and foundations.