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By Ronnie Herne
May 21, 2016

Dear Ted –

I was in the middle of composing an article on you when you quit the race, “suspending my campaign” wasn't that how you put it? So I dropped both you and the article.

But just recently you really ticked me off! I got this freakish “Air Telegram” from you (in my regular mail) stridently begging me for money AFTER YOU'D ALREADY QUIT THE RACE! You said, and I Quote:

Transmission: 10:06 AM
Houston, Texas
[not dated]]

So I'm resurrecting my article, Ted. It was a “Dear Ted” Dear John. I was explaining how I went from being ALL IN for you to finally, and firmly, setting you completely and unconditionally aside in order to back Trump to victory.

And I'm including right here your own words on party unity back in 2012. Sad how hatred has turned your heart, Ted. (This recently released interview [6 minutes] also includes your own words, Ted, on Heidi's involvement with the CFR.)

Just so it's all very clear to you, Ted, I am standing up for my values. Donald Trump may be a frog complete with the warts but he's the prince that is singing my song. And he's singing it directly to me, Ted. Do you get it?

Back in the day, I was so proud of you! Proud of you getting elected Texas senator. Proud of you telling Mitch McConnell off, and so grandly! Proud of your stand against amnesty. Proud of your stand against the education boondoggle Common Core. Proud of your stand against bad trade deals. Proud of you being an outsider. Proud of what you'd made of yourself. Proud of your beautiful wife and daughters. Proud of your morals and your Christian life.

You were quite a guy and you were my candidate. I had such confidence in you. You and me, Ted. We were going to Reignite the Dream! We were going to take America back!


The first thing I heard, and verified, was your wife, Heidi, being involved as an executive with Goldman Sachs. Well, so maybe not all Goldman Sachs execs are “bad globalists”? I mean, she's so pretty and she looks so nice on your arm.

Next I heard of her five year stint with the Council on Foreign Relations. It was here, at the CFR, where she conjoined with 30 others to draft the dreadful North American Union (Building a North American Community), intended to join Canada, Mexico, and the United States in a blissful EU-like union. The five year work was released in 2005. Do you understand, Ted, that the NAU wrecks US sovereignty? You're a constitutional lawyer. Didn't you tell her?

Ted the Outsider? First, you are an elected senator from Texas. There are only ONE HUNDRED SENATORS in the entire country, Ted. It's a very exclusive “Insiders” group. I mean, 100 people out of 330,000,000?

Where did you and Heidi meet, Ted? Wasn't it in the 2000 “Elect Bush (43)” campaign? Weren't all Bush's advisers “Insiders”, Ted? Including you? And maybe even that new Harvard grad, Heidi?

You worked inside that Bush (43) administration. First you were a legal policy adviser in the campaign. Then you spent 6 months as an associate Deputy Attorney General at the DOJ. Then you served from July 2001 to January 2003 in the Federal Trade Commission as Director of the Office of Policy Planning.

Were you one of the select attorneys who advised Bush on how to amass more and more power to the Executive Branch? Bush did that, you know. [Here] and [Here]. He had a notorious and rapacious thirst for power and set just a fine table for Obama. Did you help him, Ted? Insiders did.

Your career was stalling in DC, Ted, so you moved back to Texas. Then-Attorney General Greg Abbott (now governor) appointed you Texas Solicitor General and you served Texas well from 2003 to 2008. Still claim you're an Outsider, Ted?

Not really noted anywhere in your campaign biography is what you were doing from 2008 to 2012 before you launched your successful bid to become the junior senator from Texas. In those years you were a private litigator and a partner in the Houston, Texas office of Philadelphia's law firm Morgan Lewis and Bockius. The clients were often very large corporations.

Litigating for this private company you defended very large punitive settlements (in the range of $50,000,000) that ultimately “settled” without ever going to court. But in Texas – and in your campaign to become senator - you defended the 2003 Texas business-friendly tort reform that capped damages at $750,000. That's only 1/66 of the settlements you vigorously defended at Morgan, Lewis and Bockius. How do you square that, Ted?

And the ABA Journal says this about that Texas $750,000 figure: “In cases with multiple defendants, the cap is set at $250,000 for noneconomic damages against all physicians, and $250,000 against one hospital or $500,000 against two or more hospitals for a total of $750,000. But plaintiffs lawyers say that is so unlikely as to be unrealistic, and the $250,000 cap is their reality.”

In 2011 in private practice, you made $1,570,000 (less in 2012 because you were campaigning). Quite a switch from your current senatorial paycheck. (Isn't that around $174,000 for a whole year, Ted? And Heidi's on unpaid leave?)

Outsider or Insider? Which is your wife, Heidi? In 1995 she received her Master of European Business degree from Solvay Business School in Brussels, Belgium, site of several notable EU organizations. Interesting it was a European business degree.

In 2000 she received her MBA from Harvard. So Heidi was Solvay and Harvard and you were Princeton and Harvard. That sure looks a lot like Ivy League top tier Insiders.

In 2000, Heidi Nelson worked as an economic policy director on the Bush campaign, where she met you, also a Bush campaign adviser. Following her marriage to you in May 2001, she went on to work for the Bush Administration. She began as a top deputy to Bush's U.S. Trade Representive Robert Zoellick, well known for his ties to the World Bank, GATT, and Goldman Sachs. Her focus was economic policy. She also worked as director of the Latin America desk at the Department of Treasury in 2002.

In 2003, Heidi Cruz reported directly to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. Heidi became Director for the Western Hemisphere on the National Security Council where she served under Rice.

About a year after you opted for Austin Texas, Heidi left her very successful position in DC and took a job with Merrill Lynch in Houston, returning to her investment background, but still 160 miles away from you in Austin.

In 2005, Goldman Sachs hired her away from Merrill Lynch and in 2012, just after you won the senator race in Texas, Goldman Sachs named Heidi (along with some 260 others globally) as a managing director, begining January 2013. She has since taken an unpaid leave from Goldman Sachs to promote your candidacy.

In no way can this beautiful, talented, and accomplished woman be called an Outsider, Ted.

Citizenship: Another big issue, Ted, no matter that you dismiss it, is your citizenship -- or lack thereof. You claim to be an “Originalist” as regards the Constitution, that it should be interpreted as meant when written back then (like the late Justice Scalia whom you praise).

Laurence Tribe, who taught you at Harvard Law School, has come out against your eligibility because at the time of the writing of the Constitution he states that “natural born” meant physically born in this country and required your father to be a citizen of this country. (Mom didn't count until the mid-1800s.)

And in 2014 you officially renounced your Canadian citizenship... As Canada did not have dual citizenship when you were born in 1970, and you emigrated to the US at age 4, three years before Canada had dual citizenship, what citizenship does that leave you with, Ted?

And by the way, how did a Cuban Canadian get to be a US Senator in Texas? I know Texans can pack a lot under a Stetson, Ted, but that pushes the envelope, even for you.

Amnesty – Here's another yes-and-no issue for you. In 2013 you backed legalization of the illegal immigrants already here. It wasn't until Trump came blazing onto the scene last June that the border wall and deportation became okay with you.

Common Core – Ted? It's rotten to the Core, creates nationalized standards that will drop us even farther than our current 28th place globally in education. YIKES! I just found another U.S. ranking from 2013 that puts us at an unbelievable 36th place globally! Please note on this link that our Education Czar says it's not that our kids aren't keeping up with the pace. It's that the kids in other countries are gaining educational ground faster.... Huh?

You say you oppose Common Core, Ted, and will dismantle it should you become president. However, Anita Hoge has caught you out. She has exposed S. 306 which you are backing. This would effectively put Common Core in every school in the country. Read here. And here. Does nothing shame you, Ted? These are our kids!

(I wonder if you just thought you were too clever, Ted, or was it that you thought that we were just too stupid to notice? You know, Trump people, undereducated...)

And Trade Deals, Ted... You were graduating from Princeton, headed to Harvard when (R) Bush 41 heavily backed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), lost the '92 election, and then (D) Clinton completed the push for NAFTA. Very One World.

Of course it is unlikely that Ivy League schools featured the anti-NAFTA crowd: Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Pat Choate or the Giant Sucking Sound of our jobs leaving the country. Globalists laughed at and derided snottily all of us who saw clearly the disaster on the horizon. I guess you were too busy studying to notice. If nothing else, the U.S. Sovereignty issues should have interested an up and coming Constitutional law student. How's your memory on that, Ted?

But even with NAFTA as an historical black beacon, you favored the similar TPP (Trans Pacific Partership) trade deal. And even worse – especially for a Constitutional scholar – was/is the TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) which “fast tracks” the TPP.

Surely you must realize that fast tracking takes away the Constitutionally mandated congressional oversight and authority on such deals? How could you be good with that, Ted? -- No congressional participation in the negotiations; no congressional in-depth review of the articles of agreement; no congressional alterations or modifications of the agreement?

And no senate vote on what is a trade treaty? Is that all right with Senator Ted Cruz?

I also saw you as moral and abidingly Christian, more illusions shattered amidst your convenient lies, your overreaching Christian Dominionist Theocratic Old Testament One World views, your willingness to do whatever it takes to further your own ends.

You know, Ted, back in the day I thought your goals were my goals, I thought your vision was my vision, that your dream was my dream. Even last June when I knew I'd vote Trump I held out for you as VP – maybe 8 years of Trump and 8 years of Cruz... Almost a dream ticket... Back then.

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Now I'd be appalled if Trump chose you for VP. And I'm fairly sure I don't want a closeted religious zealot, a Christian One Worlder, sitting on the Supreme Court either, no matter how talented he is in the two-faced Debate Master arena.

You've turned too many corners, Ted. God of course can take you back. But I think too many of us out here caught on to your games, your flip flops – see a list of 11 of them in Kelleigh Nelson's article -- your lies conveniently cloaked in schmoozing Sincerity, charismatic Christianity, and patronizing Patriotism.

It is sad to say “Good-Bye”, Ted. But Good-Bye it is. God be with you. And may God be gentle with your wife and kids. And do remember, Ted, what you said about party unity... back in 2012.

God Bless America and Donald Trump.

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2016 Ronnie Herne - All Rights Reserved

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Ronnie Herne is a veteran having served from 1969 to 1973 as a Captain in the Air Force. She was a Flight Nurse stationed in the Philippines with C-141 flights to DaNang, Ton Son Nhut, and Cam Rahn Bay, all destined for Japan. In addition she spent eight separate weeks on the ground in VietNam.

She started her political activities in 1991 with NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). She fought it but watched as Bush pushed it and Clinton completed it. She was a Perot Volunteer, active in United We Stand America, involved in the creation of the Reform Party of California.

She retired to Oregon and put her attentions on county government. With Agenda 21, regionalism, socialism, taxes, county land giveaways and other ills all present at the local level, she and a friend constructed a county Home Rule Charter to push back. It included property rights, water rights, veteran service, lower fees, no unelected county administrator, no “Green” code requirements, etc. It was a marvelous charter but failed. Agenda 21 marches on. So does Ronnie.




You know, Ted, back in the day I thought your goals were my goals, I thought your vision was my vision, that your dream was my dream. Even last June when I knew I'd vote Trump I held out for you as VP – maybe 8 years of Trump and 8 years of Cruz... Almost a dream ticket... Back then. Now I'd be appalled if Trump chose you for VP.