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Part I of III  

By Terry Hayfield

March 13, 2003


This series is intended for the concerned Patriot "Internet" surfer. The concept of the Permanent Revolution is very simple to understand (a most worthwhile read) but hard to provide a comprehension in a single four to five page presentation.

It is impossible to understand the present reality if the existence of the Permanent Revolution is not recognized. The purpose of this series is to allow the reader to visualize this reality.

I would like to thank Paul Walter and especially Charlotte Iserbyt and the readers of for the response to my essay Radio Encounters of the Third Kind. Because of this response and at the urging of Mr. Walter, I've been requested to provide a six part series (maybe more) on the Permanent Revolution, presently under the control of the International Democrat Union (IDU)

Not many people are aware of this reality and yet millions of Americans (Conservative of Liberal) accept the possibility of a Conspiracy Theory trying to establish a (Godless or Fascist) New World Order. The majority of the leading voices of Conspiracy Theories (vanguards of Patriotism) have not yet recognized the existence of the IDU, founded in 1983.

This series leads up to a June 10, 2002 major meeting of the IDU held in the White House. This meeting verifies the existence of the Permanent Revolution that is removing impediments to the evolution and proliferation of a specific American/British Capitalism. At this meeting the Bush administration announced its policy of pre-emptive nuclear strikes, against enemies "of the American Way of Life" and support for the spread of the concept of a global Free Market economy.

This is not a criticism! It is an educated plea. Please put aside some time to read the following series. Please put aside the Present War deluge of information, "turn off" Hannity and Colmes, boycott Rush and read this most provocative series.

Hardly a person in this Republic is aware that the present American foreign and domestic policy is being dictated by the IDU through the Republican Party (a member party of the IDU). And yet when this topic is presented to "off-center political cheerleaders" such as the Liberal Noam Chomsky or the Left Wing subversive turned World, Neo-conservative David Horowitz they scream Conspiracy Theory.

This is not a Conspiracy Theory. It is a precise alternative description of the present Reality.

Part 1:

The on-going World War on Terrorism, which was initiated in what is left of the American Republic, has allowed the elected Federal Government to pursue this war, "Swearing to protect the American way of life." Under this cover the same Government continues to create the political, economic and social environments necessary to implement and develop an evolving Socialism "as the American way of life."

It is morally impossible for a "legitimate" government to wage war "in the name of God, Mother and Apple Pie" and pursue another policy that requires the explicit surrender of that National sovereignty.

Conservatives and Liberals (or those that claim to be) must understand, see and comprehend the very real existence of the Permanent Revolution. Americans (Republicans) stand on the Constitution defending America's pursuit of a World War of indefinite length and costs. Yet, other Americans (Republicans and Democrats) support establishing a Global Free Marketplace based on International Free Trade. It must be clearly understood the War of Terrorism and expanding Free Trade in the "name of the American way" will not protect or preserve our Constitutional Republic.

This enigma is due to the Permanent Revolution.

The Permanent Revolution definition: a continuous process of War, Revolution and Terror in order to remove the impediments to the evolution and proliferation of a specific American/British Capitalism. This Capitalism, if it is to survive, must evolve into a Socialism that will create the political, economic and social conditions to allow the creation of a self-regulating classless society, the basic building block for the already existing Soviets in this Republic. Capitalism, Socialism and Communism are all integeral parts of the same process!

Please put aside your personal ideology if you choose to continue to read this essay. You owe it to yourself intellectually! Before an understanding of the existence of the Permanent Revolution can be realized, several myths (made fact via propaganda) must be recognized. These are (1) the existence of communism, (2) the Cold War of Capitalism vs. Communism and (3) a unified American/British Capitalism is "the American way of life."

Ask yourself the question "Has Communism existed?"

If you answered "yes!" then it is important you must keep reading.

For answers to questions of this dynamic one must seek answers from those individual(s) that would be privy to the precise information (an expert eyewitness). If someone were to pose this same question to Leon Trotsky, the military leader of the...

Coming: Part II

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Terry attended Bowling Green State University, 1966-71. Major, Economic geography and English Education. Served in Viet Nam as Medical Records Clerk (71G20). Elected to vice-president (1978-1981) of Local #1907 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, representing hourly workers for RCA Semi-conductors, Findlay, Ohio. In 1983 started extensive data exchange with Congressman Larwence McDonald (D) of Georgia and then chairman of the John Birch Society. Congressman McDonald was planning on seeking the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination. We were in the middle of negotiating my becoming his campaign manager when he boarded the fatal Korean Air 007. E-Mail: