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By Betsy Kraus
June 30, 2015

Since the United States Declaration of Independence recognizes the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, let us understand what that means. It is a philosophy of law that is determined by nature and it is universal. What is meant by nature? Nature means, in the broadest sense, our physical, material world or universe. [Wikipedia]

Through observation, if nothing else, isn’t it clear that there is a natural law of gender that manifests itself at all times in all living things as masculine and feminine?

Aren’t both genders required for life to exist? The continuum of life takes place in the plant and animal world only though the joining of the masculine to the feminine. Birds, fish, animals and even botany adhere to this law of nature

Whether one is an atheist, a deist, or a theist, all must agree that these laws of nature apply in order for any kind of life to exist on earth. It is therefore quite baffling that the Supreme Court of the law of the land, based on the laws of nature, would now enact a law supporting gay marriage that goes against the natural laws of this universe. Why would man, the highest intelligent species on the rungs of evolution (if one thinks in those terms) turn on his own kind and assist in the demise of his own species?

That might be considered an overstatement, unless that phenomenon is coupled with the rise of abortion, euthanasia, androgyny, wars, and the dreary environmental calls by elitists to reduce the population by 6 billion. Is 6 billion enough? How much depopulation must we endure before there’s just the right amount of elitists and adepts remaining? Are gay and young people being indoctrinated by a lifestyle that is a “bill of goods” for ulterior motives? Have they reflected upon the fact that they, themselves, only exist because of a union between a mother and father, a male and a female?

Transformation and Transforming Reality through the subconscious (meditation) are some of the newer buzz words applied to society. The terms are used in spiritual discourse, education, and the community. What is meant by these terms and where will it lead us? If we are to transform reality, then from what to what? As preposterous as it sounds, the intent of certain men in positions of power looks to change our world to an androgynous one. The Naisbitt Group (John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends) called for a machismo society to become an androgynous society. Dr. Shirley McCune, new age devotee, and former director with the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory made the Naisbitt Group recommendations available to be used as a federally-funded pilot project for the nation. [Trend Report]

What’s happening in the classrooms? The LGBTQ lifestyle will become embedded in the classroom and classroom sex education if it is not already there.

“In the northern Italian city of Trieste, parents are in uproar over a taxpayer-funded elementary school program that includes dressing little boys as girls and girls as boys to overcome so-called “gender stereotypes.” Schools are calling the exercise “the game of respect,” which purportedly adopts many guidelines from the European standards on sex education, attributed to the World Health Organization.

The so-called “game of respect” consists in a box containing several cards, presenting the figures of different working roles: male and female housewives and husbands, male and female plumbers and firefighters, with the figures represented in exactly the same way to show that males and females are completely interchangeable.” (Emphasis, Ed.) [1]

“(St. Leonard, MD) – Parents in the town of St. Leonard, MD were aghast after learning what the staff at Heritage Middle School required children to do for a passing grade. The outrage stems from an event held this past Monday, a day which the school had dubbed “LGBTQ Appreciation Day” instructing children to experience the homosexual lifestyle for a single school day or receive a failing grade.

Students were assigned the different roles throughout LGBTQ culture. Boys were given the task of being masculine homosexuals, feminine homosexuals, cross dressers and a wide variety of other gay archetypes. The young ladies were selected to be ‘lip stick lesbians, or butch lesbians.’”[2]

Please be aware of a dire ramification of the Supreme Court’s decision on Same-Sex Marriage presented in an article stating that “Marriage Equality is about neither Marriage nor Equality”:

“6. Trangenderism Is a Big Part of This Package: Americans have not thought through the implications of same-sex marriage and how it is logically a big to step to erasing all sex distinctions in law. If we become legally sexless, the implications are vast when it comes to how or whether the state will recognize family relationships such as mother, father, son, or daughter. There’s already a push to eliminate sex identification at birth, which could mean removing sex distinctions on birth certificates. This will seem logical because all gender identity non-discrimination laws already presume that everybody’s sex is something arbitrarily ‘assigned’ to them at birth.”[3]

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Much of the meditation techniques used for transformative “meditation” and “contemplation” are based on eastern and Kabbalistic mysticism techniques. The Kabbalistic Sephirot’s middle column is androgynous. At the top of this column is “the apex”. When one meditates and reaches the highest point of transformation, one reaches an androgynous state. Once mankind is transformed at the androgynous apex, there will be no need for mankind to reproduce and the age of Utopia will begin. Is the phenomena of same sex marriage, gender switching, and neutrality coupled with eugenics, and all forms of evil to suppress new life, the prelude to occult androgyny? Are environment issues and global warming players (Agenda 21) tilting to androgyny? Something to think about.


1. Williams, Ph.D., Thomas, “Italian Families Protest Forced Cross-Dressing Of Schoolchildren”, Breitbart, June 17, 2015.
2. Maryland Middle School Required Children To Cross Dress For “LGBTQ Appreciation Day”, National Report.
3. Morabito, Stella, “15 Reasons ‘Marriage Equality’ Is About Neither Marriage Nor Equality”, The Federalist, June 26, 2015.


Prophet, Jeramiah, “The Trend Report”

© 2015 Betsy Kraus – All Rights Reserved

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Betsy Kraus is a mother and grandmother. She has been involved in researching education since the early 80s. It was during that period that she worked with leading educational researchers across the country in order to expose the PPBS, OBE programs taking hold in the state schools. In 1985, she also wrote an extensive report on the global and behavioral education intrusion taking place in the Catholic schools through the National Catholic Education Association.

In the 1980’s, she co-founded Missourians for Educational Excellence and distributed articles regarding current education issues.

Betsy became active again with the advent of Common Core. Since that she has acted as a researcher and writer both independently, and also with numerous articles appearing on Charlotte Iserbyt’s blog.

On February 1, 2014, she addressed the Educational Policy Conference 25, Constitutional Coalition in St. Louis. Her subject for the speech was “Common Core is Hostile to Christian and Catholic Education”.

Some of Betsy’s articles have appeared on the Cardinal Newman Society website, as well as Pittsburgh Catholics, and elsewhere.




Please be aware of a dire ramification of the Supreme Court’s decision on Same-Sex Marriage presented in an article stating that “Marriage Equality is about neither Marriage nor Equality”