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By Ken Freeman
November 24, 2013

Looking back on the recent government shut-down I was amazed by the open and extremely venomous attacks, often by the leadership of both political parties, on any citizen who spoke out in opposition to the manner in which the Federal Government is conducting its/our affairs. To make it convenient for them to attack us, apparently all those citizens who live outside the Beltway in “fly over country,” once called “The America Heartland,” are now just lumped together under the label, “Tea Party People.”

“The American people will not be extorted by Tea Party anarchists," Harry Reid- US Senate Majority Leader. These words from the man who, along with President Obama, is primarily responsible for shutting down the government, holding us hostage, and doing everything in his power to make the average American feel the pain- for his own political gain.

Apparently, from now on, any time you hear the words “Tea Party” or “Patriot,” you are supposed to simply replace those words in your mind with “anarchists” and think of them as anti- government hate groups-that way you can completely disregard what they have to say and go back to sleep and not worry about the future of your children or the country they will live in.

On the other hand, you are to pay no attention whatsoever to what your government actually does; you are to only “listen” to what it says. As usual the government hypnotists are repeating, “Back to sleep- back to sleep- just watch the federal dollar and clear everything else from your mind. Close your eyes and listen only to my voice. Everything is under control, and control is what it is all about.” Not to worry, all the memorials to our fallen heroes and our Founding Fathers may have been closed but the presidential golf course was open.

The struggle between those who wish to be free and those who wish to dominate them has been going on since the dawn of man. It was the reason that the United States was founded and that our Constitution was written-to give us a government by the people and for the people and thereby protect us from the over-reach of government and the powerful who wish to use it to rule us. Our Founding Fathers, having lived under the tyranny of a king and the British merchants who used them only for profit, knew this well. But the revolution and the battle for freedom did not stop in 1776. Our freedom and our Constitutional Republic have been under attack since the very day it was founded. Thomas Jefferson, only our third US President, is attributed with addressing this criticism, which still applies to us today. He said, "Patriots are not revolutionaries trying to overthrow the government. Patriots are counter revolutionaries trying to prevent the government from overthrowing this Constitutional Republic." Harry Reid would call Jefferson a Tea Party Anarchist and Thomas Jefferson would have been proud of that label.

Why such venomous language from Harry Reid now? Understand, the battle over Obamacare is much more than just about healthcare; it is about the dreams of Socialist America. The bill is over two thousand pages long and it contains a major portion of the blueprint to overthrow our Republic and our way of life. Built into Obamacare is the framework for the Socialist restructuring of our government and our economy. It is intended to destroy the system that has given us the wealthiest, healthiest, best educated and freest people in the history of the world. But if you object to that, according to the governing elites who act as if they are above the laws they create, you are the anarchists.

But having Obamacare in place is only half of the socialist agenda to radically transform America. Common Core Education is the other half. That is the take over by the Federal Government, with the assistance of powerful business interests, of all education in America: public, private, and home schools. Common Core, now called “ObamaCore” by many, is going to do to the education of our children what Obamacare is already doing to health care in America. In the name of helping the few, a system which had greatly benefited the many is being destroyed.

During a previous battle against socialism’s attempted domination of the world, Sir Winston Churchill wrote, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Churchill knew them well. “The equal sharing of misery,” is that what you want for your children? We have little to gain through Common Core and everything to lose.

Do Obama and Harry Reid think of themselves as evil men? I doubt it—they, of all people, would never think ill of themselves, but they and the wealthy elitists who support them certainly think of themselves as “superior men” who know what is best for you. And what is best for you, according to them and their creation, “ObamaCore,” is to be dumbed-down, forget your heritage, comply with their directives and be just smart enough to do their bidding but not smart enough to understand, much less demand, your rights.

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That is what Common Core is all about, taking control of the minds of your children so that their generation will willingly comply. Under Common Core they will not be taught our true history, our art or our literature- the things that bind a people and a nation together. The knowledge of what America was and still should be will be erased. Therefore, as adults they will not fight for what they do not know they are losing. They will not understand the value of liberty until it is taken from them. They will have no god but government. Should they or your grandchildren… someday… long for freedom and resist oppression, they too will be called anarchists.



Sleep well tonight; Obama, Harry Reid, and the elitists who support them are looking out for you. Obamacare and Obamacore will help to make it so.

� 2013 - Ken Freeman - All Rights Reserved

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Ken Freeman attended the University of Georgia, as did his wife of 46 years, Judy. Starting in 1967 he served as a Navy Pilot in Viet Nam. After returning from Viet Nam he began a 30 year career as an airline pilot and cattle rancher in North Alabama. He retired as a Northwest Airlines Captain in 2000 and continued the family ranch.

Today, Ken, Chairman, and vice-chair Don Casey of the Alliance for Citizen’s Rights, travel widely, giving presentations on Sustainable Development and helping form organizations that defend constitutional rights. Working as advisors to citizens groups they have led the fight in stopping un-constitutional laws and regulations in the U. S. and lectured on Sustainable Development as far away as Australia.

In the 2012 Alabama Legislative Session the ACR authored and helped pass what is believed to be the first Anti-Agenda 21 law enacted anywhere in the world. They were instrumental in the writing of the “Anti-Agenda 21 Resolution” which was unanimously adopted by the Alabama Republican Party and carried to the National Republican Convention.

Today Ken is primarily focused on the repeal of Common Core in Alabama (Agenda 21 for education) while he and Don are still working with the ACR on other Agenda 21 and constitutional issues.








The struggle between those who wish to be free and those who wish to dominate them has been going on since the dawn of man.