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By J.R. Harrison
August 29, 2012

Point - Counter Point - to choose or not to choose . . . the lessor of the evils.


America is in a moral and financial crisis. If Barack Obama is re-elected, it is game set and match. Save divine intervention, the good ship America will turn its nose to the sky and plunge to the depths of civilizations lost having been capsized by a tidal wave of Humanism. The USA will officially become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and join the Romans on the ash heap of societies.

We are told that if we vote Mitt Romney into the White House in November he will turn things around and start the arduous task of repairing this once great nation. Yes, the Romney replacement option is more Socialist than Marxist and historically his viewpoints and actions on various and sundry issues seem to flop aimlessly from side to side, but that is all going to change. We have been assured by his Republican managers that his intentions are good and that he will make all the proper adjustments once in office. We have no other “electable” option and for heaven's sake isn't Mitt the more “Christian” of the two party options?

Republican political handlers promise that they can and will do better in the future but we are where we are so just hold your nose (once again) and do the “right thing“. Besides, if you abstain or do not vote for Romney your vote will default to OBAMA and shame on you if that happens.

Hire Mitt as your servant in November so you can return to your caves to sing Kumbaya and get back in touch with your God feelings. After all, the Grand OLE Party has your best interest at heart.

Counter point

We can all agree on this, the yet to be nominated and likely Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney by all accounts is a bad choice – the lessor of the evils we are told. Nonetheless, church brethren across this country fearfully assure us that Mitt is the more Christian of the two choices. Oh really? And, what pray tell does their Bible say about those that justify evil?

Doesn't all of this sound eerily familiar – “déjà vu all over again” as Yogi Berra would say. Many of us succumbed in previous elections to this same lessor of the evils logic and thought fools of those who disagreed with us and even made the very same accusation that are now being levied at us. What we should have learned is that there is basically very little difference between the two parties or candidates. Yeh, I hear yah; Barack appears to be more scary but is that merely because he is just being more honest and open about his intentions?

Many will argue that Republicans are friends of the pro-life movement and for that reason alone we should cast our vote for Romney. Perhaps, but ask yourself this, does the Republican party truly have any intentions of ever ending abortion? “What” you say? Please think about this. If abortion ended tomorrow, the Republicans would stand to loose close to half of their voting base. And then what? Poof . . no more Republican Party. I don't think so Tim.

But Republicans/Conservatives are more fiscally responsible, right? Do you really think that George Bush was a fiscal conservative? How about our sovereignty? Do the words Posse Comitatus mean anything to you? And how about those Republican Supreme Court justices, Kennedy and Roberts? With friends like that who needs Democrats?

The bottom line is that both candidates ( parties) are drilling holes in a sinking ship. Admittedly one is drilling larger holes than the other, but BOTH are still drilling holes. America can ill afford to wait another generation and the time to act is NOW while some of our younger generation still have a fighting chance at the truth and those of us who have learned our lessons are still able to carry on the battle.

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Many of us refuse to waste our vote and tell God that we don't believe that He is in control and that his righteousness will not prevail. As John Adams said, “duty is mine . . . the results are God’s.“ We refuse to invite the unrighteous into our tent, or as God would say ” be unequally yoked.” Man’s version of that is “if you sleep with a dog, don't be surprised if you get fleas.”

If the Republicans want the Christian vote in November, then they need to make the right “choice” in August at their convention; and that choice is not Mitt Romney. There are better, much better options in America. There are more qualified and more “Christian” candidates available. Make the correct choice now and you will have our vote. Then Karl Rove and other Republicans party hacks will have to hold their noses just like they expect us to do and vote for our "lessor of the evils."

� 2012 - JR Harrison - All Rights Reserved

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JR Harrison is an Ohio businessman, parent, veteran and founding member of Minutemen United - a group of Christian men who share the love, hope and truth of Jesus Christ regardless of the consequences. Minutemen believe that unless the church -lead by the pastors - is present where the "battle rages" in America were going to lose this great nation. In the 10 plus years The Minutemen have been in existence they have stood with Judge Roy Moore in Alabama (Ten Commandments judge) , carried water to Terry Schiavo in Florida as well as were first responders in sending aide and personnel to support Hurricane Katrina victims. You can recognize the Minutemen by their red, white and blue Cross Caps because they are the ones that have left their prayer closets and are now in the battle.








But Republicans Conservatives are more fiscally responsible, right? Do you really think that George Bush was a fiscal conservative? How about our sovereignty? Do the words Posse Comitatus mean anything to you?