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By Paul Cappadona

January 24, 2009

When Mr. Obama takes office he will obdurately follow the dictates of the cartel that groomed and selected him. He is no ordinary choice for these turbulent years ahead. The elites found in him a cold, cruel, and hard hearted man, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, needed to implement their takeover and it will begin soon. Mr. Obama and the new government regime will do the biding of their masters which will be to manage as receivers of the bankrupt corporate USA. They will execute the terms necessary to bring the bankruptcy to complete foreclosure. We were living in the last days of our Democracy. That time is coming to an end; democracy has accomplished that which was conspired. Democracy was the spending vehicle that drove us into incomprehensible debt. Time has come for the next New Deal and Obama will be the pitch man. I always said that Communism is foreclosure where all assets are ceased by the State. The State is the bank’s management team controlling the foreclosed assets. You being a US person or US resident have been used for collateral for all corporate US debt. You will become human resource controlled by the State. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn said and I paraphrase, “by the time the west realizes what has happened it will be too late.”

You might be saying by now but I thought we had a Republic so let's see where that went. Long ago when the America Republic was free, most relied on God and His word for truth and justice. Self discipline and self reliance made America the home of the brave and land of the free.

Since our inception we have been incrementally led away by the offerings of corrupt men in high places. Their seemingly dainty plans tempted us away from the source of the Republics’ blessings. Little by little we were all led away captive.

In days gone by there was equality under the law, we tolerated no nobles, and our leaders were chosen from among the people. They were servants and not masters for we had a Master. But at last we are weak and corruption seems so strong.

The seeds of corruption took strong root through the use of private bank charters and grew into the passage of the greatest crime of modern time. This crime was the enactment of the very privately owned Federal Reserve Act of 1913. 16 years later with their newly “legalized” debt-based currency and the aggressive loaning of their easy credit led to the planned Great Depression. The crash obscured their takeover of the US stock market. The market did not lose real value it just changed hands by the use of debt-based funny money. Not only did the money gangsters take over the stock exchange but with the help of their man in the White House exchanged 85% of the people's Gold (real wealth) with paper notes. With international Banksters in control of the issuance of money and the need for money by business and government the Banksters usurped control. Big business and government relinquished control and policy making power public and private to behind the scene tyrants.

The time is at hand, the dominos have been set up, and Mr. Obama with his new team will soon be in place. This needs to be said again, America began as a Christian Republic. After the revolution and after the collapse of the Masonic Articles of Confederation (with another funny money scam) there was a compromise between the secret societies and the preachers of that day. That compromise was the United States Constitution which went into effect eleven years after the war for independence. Through flaws in the Constitutional Republic and the Banksters influence, the Nation was led into a depression. Here we find the first Obama, FDR, who used the manipulated economy to implement a New Deal for his masters. This new deal is called a Democracy.

It matters not if you are a Democrat or Republican; the Parties are the two hands of the same monster. Democracy was needed to “lawfully” spend us into slavery. The parties only use different methods of spending US into slavery. If the party in power was out of control we could just vote in the other party, but they would start spending in a different manner, but spend they must. The parties also offer reform when we cry out, and it can’t be said better than Alexander Solzhenitsyn“The name of 'reform' simply covers what is latently a process of theft of the national heritage.” It has always been just the same old song. We have been duped; oh yes the old divide and conquer, do you see it? This time the debt-based paper money of the Federal Reserve will not only be responsible for a deflationary collapse, as it was in the 1930s, but also the final elimination of freedom in the world today. Their hired servant Barrack Hussein Obama and his cohorts will head up the foreclosure and hand US over to the world Bankers.

We all owe someone an apology and when we figure out who He is, it should bring US to our knees. There is a saying that when good men do nothing evil prospers, but I say it should be when God’s people do nothing, evil prospers. If there is one thing this world teaches is that there are none good. No, not one.

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It matters not if you are a Democrat or Republican; the Parties are two hands of one monster. Democracy was needed to “lawfully” spend us into slavery.