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By Kelly McGinley
October 24, 2003

To Attorney General Bill Pryor, the 8 Justices, and to those who agree with them, the question needs to be asked: "If Not Now, When?" This country and congress have systematically sat by for the last 40 years while judges have subverted our Constitution. Talking with Senator Session's attorney and chief of staff, they stated that it is totally impossible to impeach a judge this day and time and they choose not to reign in their jurisdiction. So Attorney General Bill Pryor if not now, when? You laid your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Alabama and the U.S. Constitutions, not some unconstitutional mandate from an unelected judge who has over stepped his authority. What about the rulings from judges for the past 200 years? Why not obey them? Since there is confusion on the of the display of the 10 Commandments, most Alabamians want you to stick with the plain meaning in the 1st Amendment, especially since you swore to uphold it. The 1st Amendment starts off "Congress shall make NO law" (emphasis mine), and if there is no "law", what actually was Judge Myron Thompson ruling on? You know as well as I that the display of 10 Commandments is not an establishment of religion any more than you placing your hand on a bible during your swearing in ceremony. So Attorney General Pryor If Not Now, When?

The lawsuit Glassroth vs. Moore is not Glassroth vs. Alabama or Glassroth vs. Pryor or Glassroth vs. Houston plus 7 justices. So the only person required to remove the monument was Chief Justice Roy Moore by the lawsuit ruling. Judge Myron Thompson cannot then start giving orders to other state officials. Your moral duty was to stand by your oath to protect our bill of rights. Isn't that why governments are instituted? You, had no legal responsibility to remove the monument, nor did you take a stand for us, the 70% that voted Moore in to office to display the 10 Commandments. Your defense of "moral duty" and "bound by law" reminds me of the same defense the Nazis used during the Nuremberg Trials. As far as I can tell you and the 8 justices wanted that monument moved, while giving lip service to our freedoms. You should have waited for a lawsuit that had your name on it before you gave us this tripe of "moral duty". You have gone against your OATH to us plus denied God both of which are immoral.

Seventy percent of Alabamians voted Chief Justice Moore in to office to do just what he had been doing in his court room in Gadsden. He had defied a judge in Gadsden when told to quit praying and remove the 10 Commandments. We elected him to do the same as Chief Justice. We do not like having our election overturned by you, the 8 justices, Judge Thompson, or the JIC. You get your power from the governed and we have spoken. You just hope we are too ignorant to see what you are doing, pretending to need to obey a judge, even though you were not sued, and all the while giving lip service to our rights. Maybe I should have included you in my lawsuit against the 8 justices. During that election, I had an automated phone call from you. In my opinion, you were trying to convince the voters that Harold See was the 10 Commandment judge. It is funny how our politicians running for office claimed to support the Chief, and when the rubber hit the road they have hid behind "bound by law". Bill, what is the statute and code of that law?

So Pryor IF NOT NOW, WHEN? When a judge tells us it is OK to kill the unborn, or maybe when a judge tells us we need to pull all feeding tubes in America. What should we do when a judge bans our right to bear arms? Should we obey? Should we quit preaching God's word when a judge rules that it is "hate speech"? Should we sit idly by while it becomes illegal for the Boy Scouts to use public property for obeying God's Word? What happens when we can't say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore? Should we all obey? Are you telling me that I have to acknowledge homosexuality to be a viable marriage and allow them to be around my children, even if the Justices used international law to reach their decision? Are you telling us Alabamians that we should obey when a judge says we cannot hand out pencils in school because they say "Jesus loves the little children"? Is that what you are telling us? If not now, Mr. Pryor, when would it be morally right to disobey a judge? You say that you are a Christian, yet you denied God when you removed the monument. Is it moral to obey judges over God when it breaks God's law? Christ Jesus was crucified for disobeying the law, and so were most all His disciples killed for disobeying the law. We have a rich history for the past 2000 years of Christians drawing the line in the sand when officials tell us to disobey God. Look at Daniel; he was put in the lions den. The Lord Jesus said in Matthew 10:33 "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven". God also tells us in Proverbs 3, "In all our ways to acknowledge Him." Could it be this is the reason that Alabama's Constitution Preamble exhorts us to "Invoke the Favor of almighty God"?

So Bill If not NOW, WHEN? Article 1, section 1 of Alabama's constitution states that "All men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights". The Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Creator (John 1: 1-14). If we cannot acknowledge the God that gives us our rights, do we lose our rights? Aren't you supposed to protect the rights that the Creator gave us? Isn't that the moral thing to do? Since you and congress will not do your jobs in reigning in and impeaching these judges, we better do it now before it is too late. There is a great quote by Winston Churchill we all need to hear; "Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case; you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." So Bill IF NOT NOW, WHEN? If not here, where? If not us, who will stand?

Alabamians need to realize the eight justices and Bill Pryor did not have to by law remove the monument. Their names were not on this lawsuit. Bill Pryor says he did it to protect Alabama from a lawsuit, to save us money. Now I am not sure why Glassroth did not include Alabama or the eight justices in the lawsuit. For some reason, he only named Moore. It looks like a conspiracy to get rid of Moore more than the 10 Commandments and all our elected officials went along. As for me, I say "Remove the 8 plus Bill and Bob and keep the 10 Commandments".

I sure do not see other state officials running around removing the 10 Commandments to save their state from a lawsuit and neither should ours. So Bill Pryor, IF NOT NOW, WHEN? IF NOT HERE, WHERE? IF NOT US, WHO WILL STAND?

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Kelly McGinley is one of the 3 people who sued the 8 justices of the Alabama Supreme Court for removing the 10 Commandments. The case now sits at the 11th circuit court of appeals in Montgomery, Alabama.

Kelly's talk show "Re-Taking America" deals with the tough issues of today. She is a bulldog in issues concerning political, cultural and world events through a biblical world view. She believes she is called to expose the apostasy in the churches. She has a great web page You can e-mail her at or call her toll free @ 1-866-2-RETAKE











"Should we sit idly by while it becomes illegal for the Boy Scouts to use public property for obeying God's Word? What happens when we can't say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore? Should we all obey? Are you telling me that I have to acknowledge homosexuality to be a viable marriage and allow them to be around my children..."