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By Tom Ambrose

February 8, 2008

When the people of the United States re-elected Bill Clinton to the U.S. presidency, many people saw that outcome to be the result of the pernicious immorality and retarded public-education standards that have infected America for the past 50 years. Perhaps we can similarly account for liberal John McCain's recent ascension to the upper ranks of the Republican Party. But why has Ron Paul, who obviously has broad grassroots support and financial backing - not to mention solid positions and a voting record that political conservatives have long sought in a Republican presidential candidate - been dissed by many so-called Christian, conservative leaders and pundits?

Examples? Pat Robertson supported Julie-Annie, while James Dobson reportedly still hasn't decided whom he wants to endorse (even though his state primary in Colorado just took place). Ann Coulter and other well-known GOP pundits have recently been supporting Flip-Flop Mitt, while action-hero Chuck Norris has propped up the Huckster - a slick, southern preacher masquerading as a conservative politician.

And then there's my former boss, Joseph Farah, who is notorious for flip-flopping on the 2004 presidential election. However, for the current election, he has now outdone himself. First, he backed Tom Tancredo (who later quit and then endorsed Romney), then he backed Duncan Hunter (who had even less of a chance than Tancredo) - all the while trashing Ron Paul - and then he belatedly and grudgingly endorsed Ron Paul, Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee all at the same time!

Sorry to say it, but I won't be surprised to hear of some of these people eventually supporting Obamination. Coulter is already asserting she will support Billary if McCain gets the Republican nod, and Dobson just won't bother voting if McCain is nominated. Nice to know these people have some scruples, eh?

Have these allegedly conservative leaders been smoking dope, or have they merely just lost their minds?

Ron Paul isn't perfect, but he's certainly got more brains and integrity than all of these so-called leaders combined. And no matter what you think about Ron Paul's views on the War on Terror, I have yet to hear anyone who really believes that McCain, Romney or Huckabee can be relied upon to end the massive, illegal rupture of our borders - in fact, just the opposite is true. But, Ron Paul clearly wouldn't let this nightmare continue if he was elected to be our next president.

Shouldn't our very highest priority in defending our nation against terrorism be to protect our own borders?

Honestly, folks, I think it is time to admit we have become a doomed nation of fools when even widely followed conservative leaders won't support a man like Ron Paul, but instead support every reprobate or wannabe who declares him or her self to be of presidential caliber.

What, then, are we to do?

Well, for one thing, monkeys would have to fly out of my butt before I would even consider voting for any of the current front-runners. Instead, I will be writing in Ron Paul's name on the November ballot since I cannot in good conscience vote for any of the other candidates. Who knows ... maybe if enough of us do this, a miracle will happen.

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Barring a miracle, brace yourselves and pray like you've never prayed before. Life in these United States is going to get exponentially more difficult in the years ahead. We are reaping what we have now sown. Blame it on the stupid people who had a chance to lead us out of this mess but arrogantly chose not to do so.

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Tom Ambrose is a former commentary editor of WorldNetDaily and reporter for the Business Times.











And then there's my former boss, Joseph Farah, who is notorious for flip-flopping on the 2004 presidential election. However, for the current election, he has now outdone himself.