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By Donna Voetee

February 8, 2007

In the short time we have been residents of Lockhart, one of the most beautiful things we have noticed about families here is the respect that children have for their parents and adults in general. Young people are courteous and well-mannered, and comport themselves with modesty and aplomb.

What a shock yesterday to learn that Gov. Perry has insulted these precious children by mandating a medical procedure that presumes the young girls of Texas to be sluts.

King Perry�s intrusive executive order bypassed the legislature and the proper means of enacting a new law. In a political move usually reserved for( tyrants and dictators, he has unilaterally decreed that all 11- and 12- year old girls shall submit to a controversial vaccine for sexually-transmitted cervical cancer, Gardasil. Since these children are minors and depending on their parents for their protection and well-being, essentially this is an edict for all parents to surrender their children to the state for medical experimentation.

As a Counselor of Natural Health, I oppose vaccines in principle. Vaccines cause an imbalance in humoral and cellular immunity, and violate the body�s God-given way of handling disease through the mucous membranes and white blood cells. With the possible exception of tetanus, no disease ever goes directly into the bloodstream�vaccines do. Vaccines contain toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, methyl mercury, MSG, foreign DNA from monkeys, rotten eggs, dogs, and yes, even lung tissue from aborted babies. Each dose of Gardasil (the full protocol requires three doses) contains 225 micrograms of aluminum, known to cause tangles of nerve fibers that can lead to Alzheimer�s disease. That�s 675 mcg aluminum just from one vaccine. Add this to the cumulative total from all the other shots, and maybe it becomes clear why the Center for Disease Control tells us that 30% of young people have chronic illness of some kind.

I also oppose any form of mixing the DNA of one species and splicing it into another. This is an abomination called genetic engineering, and is supplanting the mark of God on His creation (�after their kind�) with the mark of a technological, proud beast who thinks he can wage war on the Omnipotent One with impunity. Gardasil contains genetically engineered bacteria. GE bacteria in our food has caused an unprecedented rise in allergies, asthma, and other chronic disease in children. What in the world can we expect when these mutated concoctions are injected into the bloodstream of pre-adolescent children?

Prudence and common sense demand an answer before making decisions for little ones whose lives depend on us. There have already been 82 cases (read: children) of serious illness due to Gardasil since this past June reported to the Vaccine Events Reporting System. The FDA tells us that only 10% of all reactions are reported, so this means there could well be 800- 900 cases of injury. This is just short-term. Long-term consequences are immeasurable. Dr. John Martin of the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases has spent his life trying to undo the harm done by the SV40 virus from African green monkeys that was in polio vaccines given to children in the late 1950�s and early 60�s. Many of those children, mostly women in middle-age, now have autoimmune disorders like lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, and forms of mental illness heretofore unseen.

As a Constitutionist, I oppose any political trumping of the separation of powers. The Founding Fathers� brilliance of bequeathing our political system with checks and balances has never been equaled. Ben Franklin told us that they gave us a Republic, �if we can keep it.� Ambitious men like Perry should be immediately removed from office, as he has violated his oath to uphold the Constitution and our sacred heritage of rule by law.

As an American, I oppose any usurping of my inalienable rights to life and liberty. Vaccines have been used worldwide as devices of population control. In the early 1990�s in Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Philippines, women (not the men, who are presumed to be more careful not to encounter rusty nails) between 12 and 49 were given tetanus shots that contained the pregnancy hormone hCG. This means that the ladies would develop antibodies to the fetus when they conceived, and a �spontaneous� abortion would occur. Did these women receive full disclosure that they were submitting to sterilization when they got in line for �protection� from disease? The same good ol� boys in the United Nations who carried out this travesty are the same ones dictating policy for our government. How do we know that Gardasil is not the �tetanus shot� for American women?

As a Christian, I oppose being a victim on the altar of Pragmatism. This is the doctrine that all truth and concepts are defined by their practical consequences. Good and evil are arbitrary, because right and wrong are not constant absolutes but evolving with society. When our government does not defer to a sovereign, holy God who says that life is sacred, but to the dollars of Big Pharma, we are on a slippery slope indeed. We, our children, and all Americans become mere chattel to be used at the whim of spurious scientists and greedy politicians. Thus, the fact that Merck lost billions on the Vioxx scandal last year and is hungrily looking to appease stockholders should be weighed carefully.

As a mother, I am mad as hell. How dare anyone give any kind of unproven medication to my daughter or granddaughter that could have unknown repercussions? How dare they! Does the state have a womb? Would the state lay down its life for my child? Even nature itself cries out against this, as most sentient beings know better than to disturb a mother bear with cubs, or a lioness, or even a dumb dog with her pups. Are American mothers, yea, even Texian mothers, less caring than brute animals? I think not, and I believe�I hope�that this political regime is going to get a good dose of maternal righteous indignation from El Paso to Port Arthur and Brownsville to Perryton.

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Let�s not forget Texian dads and grandpas. What an insult to holy fatherhood to think that this wannabe monarch, a minion of cruel, greedy drug pushers, would presume that the men of this State would passively stand by while their daughters are medically mauled! There�s a road sign here in this great state that says it all for this Grandma, �Don�t Mess With Texas.�

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Donna Voetee and her husband have just left their native California and relocated to Texas where their children and grandchildren live. Donna believes that her son's encounter with aplastic anemia was due to a compromised immune system due to vaccines. Donna is a Counselor of Natural Health and the author of Supermarket Survival, a series of classes she will soon be teaching in Lockhart, Texas.

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Since these children are minors and depending on their parents for their protection and well-being, essentially this is an edict for all parents to surrender their children to the state for medical experimentation.