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By Roger Fredinburg

January 5, 2002

While growing up in my small hometown I was exposed to a myriad of honest truths that served to define for me a deliberate understanding of patriotism, duty, honor, loyalty and an overall sense of self worth.

The lessons were learned from a variety of sources and the learning curve was gentle but constant. Always searching for life's answers, ever inquisitive and motivated by cultural dynamics which defy written explanation, I eventually matured into a decent, law-abiding, God-fearing man.

I have instilled as much of my wisdom as possible into my children, hoping that they will one day see America and the world from a similar perspective.

Passing on our wisdom, experiences and knowledge to those who follow us is the natural and proper way to ensure that time honored values, moral ideals, religious understandings and cultural realities will carry on.  Our traditions and customs define our heritage and that determines our individual legacy which are the footprints each of us leave behind. Fail to leave these footprintd and we fail to leave our predecessors a clear map to find their way home.

It seems to be instinct that guides us to want to search for our roots that somehow grounds us and helps each of us find our bearings. Like a compass, if we know in what direction we're headed and from where we came, life's path is easier to navigate.

Our father was constantly telling us that he wouldn't send us on a long journey without providing a map and the necessary training to use that map. His assertion went beyond the physical aspect of travel and incorporated the concept of being prepared to outline and predetermine not only your destination, but your destiny as well.

I grew up believing that every American shared a similar understanding of most things as relates to our obligations as free citizens of the most prosperous and productive country on earth. Boy, was I wrong.

The new reality is that as a result of multiple generations of Americans being dumbed down, lied to, coddled, babied and spoiled rotten we have created a cultural nightmare that would have caused our parents or grandparents to fall over dead with shame and regret if only they could have seen the future and where this so-called 'good life' would lead this nation. What kind of footprints are they leaving behind? What is the legacy of the average American family today?  

Few, if any, Americans under 30 years old can even begin to follow the trail home. Their lives and paths have been disrupted by promiscuity, divorce, out of wedlock pregnancies, births, abortions, sexual perversions, social depravity, drug abuse, alcoholism, cruelty and crime of all sorts, causing a general disconnect from reality. And so it goes that the greatest nation on earth has been defeated. But by whom? By what force of arms? By what enemy?

On September 11, 2001 America received a shocking wake-up call that has American soldiers chasing an elusive enemy across the globe in an effort to avenge the deaths of several thousand innocent people. Nothing, it seems, will detour us from rooting out the evil doers, as President Bush calls them. And all of this because the terrorist threat is a real danger to the civilized world.

I agree that a world free from the threat of terror is a noble objective and I fully support the effort to seek out and destroy the network of terrorists, wherever they hide. But we need to ask the basic question that is an even bigger threat to America -- Who is the enemy within? This question is deliberately overlooked by the flaccid leadership we have suffered for decades. And the feudal, near apoplectic American people who, like sheep, line up waiting to be fleeced and don't seem to notice the butcher waiting for them at the end of the line.

Every government official in this country, elected and appointed, takes an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. By simply mentioning the Constitution and the oath, 80% of you will stop here, discount my rantings as right wing extremist babble and be be it.

Our founder's interpretation of a domestic enemy was simple. Anyone who actively sought to erode the values and principles which established the foundation of our republic, and any person committed to perverting the meanings, or adversely effecting the inalienable rights of any other citizen, or anyone who sided with or aided our known enemies was in fact the enemy and a traitor, and they were imprisoned or put to death.

In my opinion, any American who threatens our traditions and customs, and  seeks to reshape our culture into some socialistic global politically correct anti-culture are our enemies. And further, I believe we need to pass laws that deal out severe penalties to anyone who threatens our way of life. In short, we must identify and destroy internal, domestic enemies at once.  And if our government refuses to pass appropriate legislation, it becomes our solemn duty to take security matters into our hands.

Whether it be an anti-American university academic rotting away the limited brain power of our youth with Marxist drivel, or a school teacher, principal or the entire public school system. If they threaten to change our country in a way that lowers our community standards for moral decency, patriotism, historical knowledge and understanding, or in any way attempt to erode the basic tenants of what is obviously our culture, they must be identified, branded as traitors and delt with accordingly.

Be it a government official, elected or appointed or any bureaucrat, intentionally promoting legislation or government action that might harm or cause pain and suffering to any God-fearing, law abiding American, the law should allow a method whereby common citizens, by petition or decree, could establish the criteria for exposing and punishing the enemy, or eliminating the domestic threat.

First we should set standards based on established historical data to identify our true cultural identity, then methodically destroy any person, group or force bent on lowering these standards. Any attempt to alter the culture in any way that diminishes or lessens the moral underpinnings of the country, as envisioned by our founders, should be opposed by using any and all means available.

Academics who preach Marxist ideals, Communists, Socialists, corrupt or renegade government employees or officials, politicians who lie, judges who defy the spirit of the law by making their own laws from the bench, drug dealers who poison our children with chemicals, environmental extremists who threaten entire industries, destroy families and whole communities, the agents of government who let it happen, perverts who assail the innocence of our children with their filthy abstract lifestyles, and parents who refuse to accept responsibility for raising good, decent, law-abiding kids. In general, people who attempt to avoid life's responsibilities, preferring instead to live as parasites, leaches, dopers, drunks, gamblers, liars, thieves, thugs and crooks. These and many other enemies must be eliminated soon or America will collapse from the weight of Godless stupidity.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do is an age old adage with deep meanings. We are the new Rome. Our prosperity has led us into the vipers pit. We are decadent, perverse, sexually entranced, selfish and egotistical to the point of bringing about our own destruction.

Sure terrorist groups see our despicable and debased culture. It's no wonder they call us the Great Satan. Clearly to those of us who believe in God and Satan,  it's obvious that America is under a demonic attack and the demons are winning the war.  

It's time to cast out these demons and stand up against the sickos, wackos and the useless eaters. It's time to rediscover what being an American is all about, then kick ass, clean up the mess and get straight with our Creator before He decides to set us straight.

So I'm asking Americans to  pull up their pants, cross their legs, flush the dope and the booze, toss the dice and the cards in the trash, make up with their parents, spouse and kids, stand up straight, throw out the perverts, the liars, the users and the thieves, read up on your country's history and let the enemies of this country, foreign and domestic, know that you've had enough.  Tell the world you're mad as hell and you're not going to take it anymore.

From now on seek out and destroy the enemy and never let them get a leg up on you again.

Imagine if someone had stopped Madeline Murry O'Hare before she managed to drag God through the courts and get Him expelled from our schools.

Just think what might have been if the plaintiffs in the Roe V. Wade case had somehow been stopped by force, or whatever means before the case made it to the courts.

What if Jim and Sarah Brady hadn't found support and sympathy for their anti-gun cause, but were labeled as un-American traitors by the public instead.

Imagine what might have happened if extreme environmentalism was given the same cold shoulder as the Ku Klux Klan or the Arian Nation.

In each of us there is the power-of-one to turn the tables on every entity who seeks to destroy the America established by our founding fathers. You know what the truth is. You know that there is a right and wrong. You know that there are absolutes. You know that this moral relativism sweeping the country, combined with a bizarre anti-American concept of political correctness and multi-culturalism, is wrecking the America you love.

The question is : Do you have the guts to get off your behind and fight back?

When was the last time you attended a school board meeting? A county commissioner's meeting? A city counsel meeting?  Hello?

When you build a house you do so from the ground up, not from the roof-cap down. It's imperative that if you want to save the country you need to start by getting control of the corrupt-o-crats first in your hometown, then the state and ultimately the nation.

I plead with you now, take the opportunity of increased awareness we enjoy at this current time in history and capitalize on it. People are experiencing patriotism, many for the very first time, and they are wide open to be recruited to the cause of restoring America to her previous state of luster. Don't allow this gift to pass. Become active, aggressive and engage. The time is now, your country needs you, go out there and show them your stuff.

Leave your footprints that others can follow home when they get lost somewhere in the future. Make it solid, deep, easy to track footprints.  It will become your legacy, your immortality, your lasting impression, your most important contribution to your country. Let's make some tracks!


2002 - Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved



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