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By Roger Fredinburg
November 16, 2001

Once again the leftist media goons are aiming to blame the conservative ideology and those who adhere to patriotic principles for unexplained events such as the recent spat of anthrax mailings.

If you really put your mind to it, as astonishing as it may seem, the left has what they think is real ammunition. Liberal democrat Senate leader Tom Daschle is targeted as are those lovely media stars like Brokaw, Rather and Jennings.

It seems only obvious on the surface that these types of targets might even get a small amount of unspoken approval in the secret caverns of right wing political thought.

But, even someone with minimal intellect can rapidly put together the pieces that don't quite fit the puzzle and reach a more enlightened conclusion (unfortunately this trait is not normally associated with liberal thought).    

Looking at the right wing and the people normally aligned with so- called right wing agendas, it seems simple to exclude most from the jaded eye of contempt gazing accusingly down at them from that podium of lesser ideals.

It couldn't be the Rush Limbaugh faction from the right because they would most certainly have chosen targets like the headquarters of the National Organization of Women, or the offices of the Senator from New York, or our former president's new digs in downtown Harlem. I think we can safely exclude the Limbaugh branch of the right wing. None of their targets seem to be affected.

Could it be the Patrick J. Buchanan branch of the right wing?  What? No anthrax mailings to the head of Immigration and Naturalization? No mailings of death to the offices of the World Trade Organization?  No letters addressed to former trade representatives in the Department of Commerce?  Looks like we can safely count the Buchanan brigades out, if memory serves they prefer pitch forks anyway.

Maybe the John Birch Society? Again, the targets aren't right. No attacks on the offices of the Counsel on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission, and no assault on the A.C.L.U.  No mumbo-jumbo in the letters about a coming One World Order? OK, It seems we can safely count them out too.

Well, who then? The right wing underground militia type groups normally affiliated with the most extreme fringe of the far right?  Again the targets are all wrong. No letters to Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center, none to the Anti-Defamation League, none to Holocaust museums or Jewish Synagogues and none to the NAACP.
I think we can safely rule them out as well.

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing there was a war cry from the left. The target then was the extremist agenda of the newly seated congressional freshman class of 1994,  Newt Gingrich and the contract with America. It was the result of hate radio and the callousness of right wing rhetoric that was blamed for the tragic loss of innocent lives. It was the evil militia groups who were spun into the mainstream of conservatism as a guilt by association tool the left, mainly President Clinton, used to pound the living daylights out of what was the most progressive and productive time for conservatives in modern history.

For all intents and purposes the Oklahoma bombing was the unauthorized "Reichstag" of the Clinton administration which launched the Democrats and the politically correct socialist, New Age demagogues to never imagine heights of social and political power and served to completely bury the Republican party with all the momentum gathered in 1994 beneath the rubble of the doomed federal building.

Thanks to the arrogance of Bill Clinton and the lively scandals he created,  George W. Bush might never have been elected to the White House. I dare say that he almost didn't get there as we battled through the most difficult and dangerous presidential election in our history.

It would be a reasonable assertion, that were it not for the quagmire created by the recent attacks on our soil, the effort to steer America away from the dangers of leftist ideology and New Age demagoguery might never have had a chance. We might never again have seen the flag waving patriotic displays of national pride present in every U.S. City today.

So, as tragic as these acts were and are, as devastating as they have been to all Americans and as horrid and frightening the reality is, America in all her glory like the Phoenix is rising from the ashes for all the world to see.

The problem for the left is that unlike the aftermath of the Oklahoma bombing the leadership of America is moral, God-based and our leader, President Bush, is credible, easy to follow and his obvious decency appeals to all of us.

God is back in our public lives, schools and offices of government. Politicians are openly displaying their faith, and it's spreading like wildfire.

The left is clearly alarmed; all the gains are going, going, soon to be gone. Their only chance to survive is to somehow stop the momentum and demonize the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

If only they could create a public stir that would once again turn Americans against those evil God-fearing, flag waving, traditional values, conservative extremists.

If these anthrax attacks aren't part of the terrorist plan, then we ought to look at who has the most to gain from blaming the right for these events.

2001 - Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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