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By Roger Fredinburg

February 1, 2012

There is nothing "fair" about government shaking down hard working producers in this economy and redistributing the fruits of their labor to the derelict class.

In 1991 I ran for County Commissioner in Jackson County Oregon. The central theme of my campaign, and our campaign slogan was "Stop the Legal Muggers."

Amazingly, but not unexpectedly, the local media refused to quote or repeat the slogan.

(I got 48% of the vote)

I warned against Goals 2000 education, environmentalist – activist influences and the power they were garnering over legislative bodies both locally and nationally. I further warned the Timber and natural resource industries to rise up or face the very real danger of being decimated, shut down, and out-sourced. (History proved me right and made me sort of a prophet - I have the audio from radio and TV appearances to back it up)

I urged people, Christians and pastors at the time to stand tall against the sodomy lobby and I warned that many would die from STD's (sexually transmitted disease) related to the homosexual lifestyle. I suggested that if the activists in the gay rights movement weren't subdued, soon they would be in our schools, churches and seeking marriage equality special rights and favorable public recognition. (More prophecy?)

This was the biggie issue, not because of its significance generally, but because the experiment is to determine if you are willing throw all knowledge and facts aside and accept a lie as the truth even though you know it's a lie to begin with.

That Orwellian victory over the minds of the American people on something as obvious as sexual sodomy, has empowered elite socialist power brokers with the knowledge that many folks are as easily conditioned as was Pavlov's dog and can be trained to respond to any command, totally ignoring the facts.

That power over multitudes of Americans was required before a commie takeover was possible. That conditioning or brainwashing of people to respond to "the bell" helps avoid insurrection, breaks a person's faith in logic, facts and known truths. Like a form of mass hypnosis. And it works, as you can see.

Now, some 20 years later, nearly 700,000 Americans are dead from HIV/Aids. (Is this the part where I say I told you so?). Yet, nobody in the power structure has the courage to publicly decry the fact that sodomy is a very dangerous public health hazard? Wow!

The same sexually deviant prevaricators in the sodomy lobby would have you believe that heterosexuals were partly responsible for the mayhem, Not so!

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website offers historical data and that data paints a gruesome picture of what statistically looks to me, like a conspiracy to intentionally infect heterosexuals by crossing over. Infected sodomites and male bisexuals were apparently hopeful that by infecting heterosexuals, Americans would not point to the gay lifestyle with proper indignation, and they were right.

The publics unwillingness to act on this threat might be compared to a scenario where someone walking through town with a loaded gun, randomly shooting into buildings and crowds, is ignored, even defended for their actions, the communities open acceptance of the carnage because somebody told them that the shooter was "Born that way" and can't control the behavior. It's absurd! What kind of stupidity has overtaken this once great land?

The HIV epidemic is a form of pre-meditated murder, a never ending terrorist attack of sorts, perpetrated against innocents, and it makes the attacks on 9-11 look like a fender bender by comparison. How sad and even more disheartening is how few Americans have the intellectual capacity to sort it all out in their own minds.

Even fewer are able to consider the on-going collateral damage from the HIV blood scare Thousands of accident and crime victims are forced to suffer, and bleed to death at the scene, because Police and 1st responders force them to bleed out waiting for trained medics. This kills hundreds, possibly thousands of folks every year. Somebody is responsible for these deaths and should be held to account.

From 1991 to 2004, as a radio host, I challenged my fellow citizens to get involved. I literally begged them to go to their churches and engage their pastors, to go to their school board meetings and city counsel meeting's.

I implored them to populate regularly, all government and public forums and demand to be heard. I asked them to scream at the top of their lungs the founding principles of this great country and to expose to those legal muggers where their constitutional boundaries are. Those boundaries are lawful orders, meant to keep the bureaucracy in check, to keep big government and anti American forces at bay. They all take an oath and affirm their commitment to the law, and then violate that oath with regularity, its treason.

Of course, as is obvious by now, very few listeners followed my advice.

I explained early on, and later as these very issues launched me into a successful national radio career, that we needed to rebuild America from the foundation up. I repeatedly asserted then and now, that by electing a Presidential candidate or achieving a republican controlled congress, we would do little or nothing to resolve the problems facing America. (I was right again!)

Moral decay, insane spending, idiotic fiscal and monetary policy and big government encroachment on personal liberty – these were the major forces of destruction facing us in1991 and continue to plague us now.


I warned America against NAFTA (The North American Fee Trade Agreement) and against other phony free trade policies that have proven to be even worse for our country and economy than I could have ever imagined back in 1993. (Newt Gingrich was a huge supporter of these loser programs).

I argued against the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1993 (Another Gingrich Plan). Passage of that legislation has led us into a system of family courts run by big government loving do-gooders who create little more than social chaos and confusion (and waste a lot of money).

Since I began shouting about this stuff on talk radio in 1991, millions of families have been destroyed. Parental rights abolished and far too many folks are sitting in prison for crimes they didn't actually commit because of a form of legal fraud called a plea bargain.

Ultimately, this folly led to the Patriot Act and finally, now, to an almighty, all powerful, Orwellian style big brother law, titled "The National Defense Authorization Act" or NDAA, which terminates our rights as American citizens to due process.

I am going to try ONE MORE TIME to get your attention America.

This race bating and class warfare garbage is absolute lunacy. It's being forcefully espoused by President Obama and his socialist surrogates across the land.

They are now driving a dangerous message forward, suggesting that people who work harder, work smarter, work longer and create wealth, jobs and opportunities for others are the enemy.

Because some are able to do better financially, Obama and his minions want the underachievers to believe that the entrepreneurs and the inventive folks in America are somehow cheating them out of their fair share. What a joke!

Now, the perception the media is trying to press forward, wrongly incites a growing population of non-taxpayers into hating those who actually do pay. Nearly 50% of the U.S. population pays no income tax at all. And the government and establishment media are turning the non-payers against the people who bust their butts to succeed.

The mantra from Obama and big media is that somehow, those productive in society OWE something to what I'll call the derelict class (DC's). It's a matter of fairness they say. It's simply a lie, but the DC's will accept it and their envy will ruin what little remains of the American dream.

It's actually called Distributive Justice; (Should be called re-distributive Justice – LOL)

See Wikipedia – …"Distributive justice in policy positions - Proponents of distributive justice links it to human rights:

Resources that are available to the society. This includes financial and market considerations.
Everyone in society will receive equitable access to basic health care needs.

Distributive justice theory argues that societies have a duty to individuals in need and that all individuals have duties to help others in need.

Many governments are known for dealing with issues of distributive justice, especially countries with ethnic tensions and geographically distinctive minorities. Post-apartheid South Africa is an example of a country that deals with issues of re-allocating resources with respect to the distributive justice framework.

Is this more evidence of Obama's Kenyan roots?

I described back in 1992 what I called then the "Derelict Class" (DC).

I described them as social misfits who spend their days getting their rocks off, visiting tattoo parlors, Piercing studio's or spending most of their time on this planet getting drunk and stoned or getting their 33rd girlfriend of the decade pregnant.

Fully expecting the taxpayers of course, to pick up the tab and raise their unsupported and unwanted bastard children.

Free from responsibility, they can keep on partying, until they destroy their own health at which point they can collect SSI disability and Medicaid benefits.

The female version of a DC, has come to understand multiple methods to game the system and use their reproductive prowess to rip off society.

These Derelicts are not needy, not poor and certainly not ENTITLED to my support, financially or otherwise. But the Obama's of the world think otherwise.

They act as accomplices, helping destroy ingenuity, productivity, initiative and drive.

The game is policed and enforced by hordes of overpaid and useless bureaucrats whom I kindly refer to as the "legal muggers."

Add to that, the morons who engage in promiscuous and dangerous behaviors, sexual or physical sodomy, I.V. drug use or bungee jumping, these clowns demand to receive but are not entitled to health care at my expense. Obama disagrees.

Neither are the people who eat 40 times their body mass in junk food every year, entitled to my support, nor are the simpletons who smoke, drink and do drugs.

President Obama and his ilk, never cease to amaze me with their lack of consideration or respect for those who strive to be healthy, hard working, moral and honest.

I will never understand how anyone can think that it's my duty or obligation to attend to the needs of a growing mass of parasites which have become so numerous that they might actually kill the host, and what's more frightening. They have a numerical edge in the next Presidential election.

I was tired of being mugged by the government on behalf of my neighbors back in 1991 at the tender age of 30, I saw it coming, and I am way more tired of it now.

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Several of my good friends pulled up and left, they went to Coast Rica and Panama… Are they right, is that the real answer? Leave here and let the cannibals have their way with the old USA?

We are either headed into bankruptcy, financial and political ruin and possible civil war or the American people will ultimately rise up, cut off the derelict class, fire all of the "legal Muggers" and get active to fix it from the ground up.

I won't hold my breath for the latter. Many folks I know are already stocked up, armed, trained and ready for the worst case scenario.

What about you?

� 2012 Roger Fredinburg - All Rights Reserved

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Roger Fredinburg is a national radio figure. He conducted a daily 3 hour syndicated radio talk show heard in hundreds of cities from coast to coast. He was syndicated by Talk Radio Network along side Art Bell and held on to more that 150 radio stations from 1993 until he left Radio America in 2004. He now owns an ad agency; and offers audio and video blogging at










We are either headed into bankruptcy, financial and political ruin and possible civil war or the American people will ultimately rise up, cut off the derelict class, fire all of the "legal Muggers" and get active to fix it from the ground up.